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J2 RPS fic: The one with the Beanstalk (4/?)

A/N: Sorry for the delay. Still very much cracky and unrealistic and, oh right, PORN!!!

Time moved a little differently in this world. For one, there were more hours in a day, and each hour was longer as well.

Jared slept for merely two hours by this plane’s clock, but nearly a whole night’s worth earth time. When he woke up, he found himself still cocooned within the thick white towel and surrounded by what looked like… a round, golden, gilded cage.

The last few words Jensen had whispered to him returned to him with a vengeance, sending Jared into a state of delayed panic.

“You’re mine now, little one. And you’re not going anywhere.”

He struggled to free himself of the towel but to no avail. Instead the swing he rested upon started to sway. It made a soft creaking noise that caught his master’s… the giant’s attention.

Jensen had been lying in his bed reading a book, when he heard the minor commotion in Jared’s cage. His eyes brightened and he got up, discarding the book to one side.

“You’re awake! Did you have a good rest?”

Jared loudly harrumphed in annoyance, still struggling with the towel.

“A little grumpy after a nap, are we?”

“Ugh! Just… get me out of this cage!”

Jensen shook his head in amusement but did as Jared asked. He opened the door and lifted the human out of there, before carrying him to the bed and placing him on top of a soft white pillow.

“This towel, it is chafing me, if you could please…”

“Of course,” Jensen unwrapped the fabric until Jared was naked and exposed to the giant’s eyes again. Blushing, Jared dragged, with effort, an end of the towel over to cover his lap, ever so glad to be able to move about on his own again.


“That I would surely be, once you let me return to my world,” Jared blurted quickly, before he lost his nerve.

Jensen frowned. “You’re my pet now, Jared. You cannot leave.”

“You cannot just keep someone captive against their will! It-it says so in the Constitution – I have, uh, what are those dang things called – rights! Civil rights!”

Jensen made a reluctantly resolute face, “My sweetest pet, obviously we do not answer to your Constitution here. And as far as the law of this land goes, may I remind you – you trespassed into Valhalla. The moment you climbed that unauthorized ladder to come into our world, you renounced all your rights granted to you by your mortal world.”

“What? I-I… but no one told me…” Jared wished he could find that old hag and wring her conniving, treacherous neck.

Jensen shook his head again. “Come now, little one. Surely you don’t want to leave me. Not after all the things I bought just for you. Here, take a look!”

Jensen dragged a box out from beside the bed and placed it next to the pillow where Jared could see. There was a thick comfortable mattress just for Jared, with soft cotton bed sheets and sheer silk curtains to offer him a semblance of privacy, what looked like a set of gold-plated crockery – a bowl full of red grapes the size of cantaloupes back on Earth, and cups to hold water and ale.

“All of this to make your stay as comfortable as possible. And if there is anything else you require, my pet, just say the word and it shall be arranged.”

Jensen looked so eager, so hopeful… Jared sighed and shook his head. “No, I cannot submit to this sub-human treatment, Jensen. I’m afraid the only acceptable solution is for me to return to Earth and… and for you to escort me safely and honorably to my… my ladder immediately.”

Jensen sighed, and it was quite a sigh. It blew Jared’s hair into his face, and left no doubt that the gentle giant was clearly upset by Jared’s declaration. Then suddenly his big eyes sparkled, like he’d been hit by a stroke of genius.

“I knew I was forgetting something! Don’t you fret, my little one. I know what you need.”

Jared frowned, unsure as to Jensen’s intentions. He watched the giant reach into a drawer built into his bedside table and pull a small box out of it. Back in his world, the box would be large enough to say, carry, a pistol or a set of large cigars. He wondered what Jensen was keeping there, and craned to get a look.

“Here, pet, I know I should have taken care of you right after the bath. But it’s not too late yet.”

Jared was still frowning in utter confusion when Jensen reached for him, and turned him over to lie on his stomach right on top of the pillow. Then he pulled the towel aside, baring him completely to Jensen’s eyes.

“Jensen!! What are you doing?”

“Pleasuring you, of course! I’m sorry I should have understood, my pet, Socrates mentioned several times that it is hard for humans to ask for what they need.”

Out of the corner of one eye, Jared spotted what looked like… a bulbous roll of cotton attached to a rather flexible piece of green… plant stem?

“We call them cotton swabs here, apparently they haven’t been invented in your world yet. But look at that, they’re just the right size for you, pet!”

“R-right size? Wh-what do you mean? Where are you going to put that thing?”

“In the rosewood oil first, of course! Settle down now, little one.”

Jared tried to turn but Jensen had one hand belted across his waist, holding him down easily against the pillow. He squirmed and kicked his legs as he watched Jensen pick one of them damned sticks and dip the rounded tip into a large bottle of sweet scented oil.

“Oh no, no no, Jensen… don’t…” Jared struggled as best as he could against a giant five times his size.

He was starting to get an inkling of what Jensen intended to do, even though he still couldn’t quite believe this was happening to him yet. He’d heard about men doing such things to other men but had never felt the urge to indulge in such depravities himself. Christ, it was supposed to be a mortal sin! Was it not?

“I have prepared many a pet in my day for Socrates, so you need not be concerned about my experience,” Jensen chattered away like he was just talking about, oh, the weather.

Jared’s legs were spread and his butt cheeks were pulled apart, and held that way by Jensen’s left hand. His right hand held the swab which he now brought down to gently circle the rim of Jared’s orifice.

“Ah! Ah, no, stop! You mustn’t do-ooo-oh oh, Go-ohh!”

“Are you in pain, my pet?”

Jared actually paused to give it a thought. And truthfully, it did hurt a little, but it wasn’t an unbearable pain; just a strange, discomfited ache that grew and grew as the intrusive object firmly bore through his anus, forcing it open like it’d never been open before.

“Uhm, pain isn’t the w-word I’d use, exactly, nooo…”

“Then, shush!”

Jensen circled the opening several times, allowing the oil to gently seep inwards on its own. Jared wriggled with all his might but to no avail. He didn’t appreciate his current state of indecent exposure and helplessness at all. And he definitely he did not approve of how his traitorous body was responding to the hitherto strange and forbidden sensations.

Jensen gently pushed the tip in, making Jared moan and squirm louder. “Oh! Oh God! Oh dear Christ! Oh!”

“There, there, almost there, my pet. Have patience…”

Jared could only bury his moans in the fabric of the pillow, punch it with his tight fists as Jensen kept his word and slowly but firmly slid the bulging head of the swab into Jared’s orifice. Once the largest part of it was through, Jensen stilled and Jared mewled, unaccustomed to the feeling of being so utterly and completely stuffed. He was suddenly overcome by a need for… for action, and movement, for the swab to be either all out or all in, preferably the latter though he wasn’t ready to admit that.

“There we go, just lie back and relax, little one. We’ll have you serviced so thoroughly like you’ve been serviced never before.”

Serviced? Jared wanted to laugh out loud. This Socrates must surely have had a way with words.

And ‘never before’ was absolutely right. The giant made gentle cooing sounds as he stroked Jared’s head and fingered the soles of his feet. And then he started to pull that offensive thing out of Jared, only to push it right back again. In the span of a few earthly seconds, Jared oscillated from disappointment to relief to shock to outright pleasure and back again. And then the giant did it again, and again, and again.

“Christ! Jens- ah! God! What s-sorcery is – oh! Oh! OH!”

Before long, Jared found himself not caring that he was having impure feelings and bodily reactions in the presence of one who was not his betrothed. He no longer cared that he was being penetrated with an atrocious instrument of delightful humiliation and pleasurable torture. Instead his mind (and body) reveled in the thrilling discovery of why men indulged in such ‘depravities’ to begin with – because it was fantastically, mind-blowingly, gut-wrenchingly amazing, that’s why!

Naturally his own arousal had come alive again, and was rutting absently but passionately into the pillow on which it rested, as the giant fucked his willing anus generously, leisurely and slowly, like he had nowhere else to be.

“You like it, pet, don’t you? It’s not too hard, is it?”

Jared mumbled, his words garbled by the pillow caught between his teeth.

“What was that, pet?”

“Harder! Please!”

Jensen’s chuckle reverberated through the room, making Jared shudder and smile at the same time. The swab dipped into his ass a tad more ferociously, rocking him forward on the pillow. Jensen gripped him around the waist more securely to keep him in place, making each new thrust count more thoroughly. Jared moaned and groaned, louder each time, until he could not hold back anymore.

“I-ah – I’m afraid… Jen-sen… I-ah! Ah! Am ab-about to s-soil y-yo – oh God! Oh! Oh God! Your pillow!!!”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“NO!! No, no, no…”

Jensen smirked, “Then fret not, little one. I have you.”

Another few seconds later, Jared felt the muscles of his stomach clench tighter than they ever had with Victoria. He closed his eyes and screamed, praying silently that his very soul not be ejected out through his heavily engorged, hardly penitent appendage.

He must have lost consciousness for a while, because when he opened his eyes next, he was lying on his back. He was still naked but someone had graciously cleaned him, someone who now lay beside him on the gigantic bed.

Jared looked up into Jensen’s face with a great amount of anxiousness, even as he felt a strangely inebriated pull at both the corners of his lips. Jensen was grinning as well. If Jared wasn’t mistaken, he seemed to be celebrating an accomplishment of some kind.

“Did you enjoy that, my pet?”

Jared found himself smiling wider in response, even as he was mildly horrified at himself for it.

“Good. No more talk of the underworld then, alright, my sweet? You’re mine, now and forever.”

Jared should have stopped smiling at that, really he should have. He should have opened his eyes and mouth and protested, willed his boneless limbs to move and carry him far, far away from this sacrilegious entrapment. Christ, he should have done something! Instead he just found himself leaning his head into the giant’s hand and nuzzling it like a cat.

“Good boy, you deserve a little reward for this, don’t you, my pet?”

The giant didn’t wait for a response, not that he would have received one. He casually turned Jared over onto his stomach again, and reached for another cotton swab.


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