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Dark Angel Bigbang: Fixations (Alec/Logan) - Masterpost

Title: Fixations
: NC-17
Pairing: Alec/Logan (implied Bling/Logan and Max/Logan)
Summary: Post-S2, Terminal City is surrounded. Their access to the outside is cut off, nobody can move in or out without putting the tenuous truce at risk. And if the ceasefire breaks, transgenics will not have enough resources to defend against the combined might of the army, NSA, and SeattlePD. So Logan decides to pay a visit to an eccentric old, ridiculously rich uncle to try and get some much-needed funds. Max sends Alec to escort Logan as his bodyguard slash therapist slash driver. Piece of cake, right? Wrong. Histories come up, and feelings and obsessions… and things get more complicated than either man could have ever expected.
Disclaimer: I own nothing from the Dark Angel franchise. Not for profit, just for fun.
Author Notes: Written for darkangel_bb bigbang challenge. Thank you diva0789, shalooney, and whogate for your brilliant beta skills!
Word Count: 18k+

Part One   |   Part Two   |   Part Three   |   AO3

Gorgeous gorgeous art by the lovely slinkymilinky - here.
Tags: challenge: bigbang, fandom: dark angel, fic: da: fixations

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