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Mutant X: Blues (B/J) - 4: My family, my Sanctuary

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~The Washington Marriott.~

Adam was relieved to see the evening at the Hilton wrap up peacefully and Eckhart left with his goons in tow without getting the meeting he’d wanted with the president of HGP. Despite his notoriety, Adam Kane was still an extremely respected name in the genetic circles and he realised it was never too late to rekindle old friendships. Adam gave in to the youngsters’ demands to stay on another day as vacation and they checked into the Mariott that very night. Jesse did not want to stay on, but seeing how excited everyone was, he didn’t argue.

Brennan wondered why Jesse seemed so out of it. He had disappeared by himself from the party and when Brennan caught him later on the comlink, he’d mumbled something about feeling claustrophobic.
“I didn’t know you were claustrophobic?”
And Jesse had snapped.
“Yeah well there are a lot of things you don’t know about me Brennan.”
Silence. Jesse sighed.
“I’m sorry. It… comes and goes, really.”

Back in their own hotel suite, he looked drawn but refused to discuss it.
After about an hour of standing at the balcony staring off in utter silence, Brennan decided Jesse’d had enough space… and enough of the capital skyline to last a lifetime.
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
Jesse let himself be engulfed in a comforting hug and buried his face in Brennan’s neck. Couldn’t look into his eyes while he lied now could he.
“I’m fine really, just a little tired that’s all.”

Brennan held him, vaguely comparing him to a spooked horse. He slipped a hand under Jesse’s t-shirt from behind and rubbed the length of his spine. It amazed Jesse how his boyfriend’s hands were always so warm… they felt big and plush and wonderful as they slowly but surely drained out the tension from his body. The younger man leaned heavily into Brennan’s chest. Few minutes passed before he raised his head so his lips were within kissing distance of Brennan’s… inviting the older man to take the next step. They nuzzled noses until Brennan tilted his head and pressed his lips to Jesse’s with excruciating gentleness. Jesse sighed.

The memories could wait… forever if Jesse could help it. He needed nothing but this… this quiet assurance of Brennan’s eyes… the ever dependable strength of his arms to rest in.
~ And to forget… ~
The kiss progressed from gentle to insistent to passionate and unstoppable. Brennan made amply clear his intentions to go much… much further and while Jesse was pliant at first, he grew more and more responsive as night turned to dawn.

By next morning, he was himself despite Brennan having given him plenty reason to be *really* exhausted.
“Thanks.” he murmured softly, as he turned in their king-sized bed to face a slowly rousing Brennan. The older man squinted his eyes open and stretched out.
“For what?”
~For being here, for being you… for putting up with me… ~
Jesse shrugged.
Brennan looked him over, and smiled. He pulled Jesse into his patented bear-sized embrace once again and let him rest entirely on top of his own frame, chest to chest. He knew Jesse was no child… but times like these when Jesse would get this… heart-breaking look in his eyes…like he wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words to. Made Brennan feel extremely protective of him. Men understand each other that way… they know times like these, talking can be the most difficult thing to do in the world. Brennan knew what Jesse needed because that’s exactly what he would need too. He’d wait.
“You’re welcome.”


Every time I think of you
I feel a shot right through like a bolt of blue
It's no problem of mine but it's a problem I find
Living a life that I can't leave behind…

During the day Shalimar dragged the foursome out to Mazza Gallerie where the girls proceeded to do what they did and enjoyed best… shopping. Even Emma managed to lose herself among the glittering window displays. The guys saw their chance to escape and grabbed it.

Roaming around the mall, Jesse teasingly suggested maybe they should hold hands. Brennan blushed and looked around to see if someone heard him. Jesse chuckled and walked slightly apart from his partner. Mildly stung but he brushed it away fiercely.
~Childish really, Kilmartin.~

Brennan stopped at a window display outside a men’s store. Jesse noticed he was walking alone and turned to see what had caught Brennan’s attention.
Jesse chuckled. “Don’t you think it’s a bit… *Victorian*… for you?”
Brennan frowned at him and then looked back at the display, head tilted to one side as if that would help him see what Jesse saw but clearly he didn’t. Then again, Jesse did possess the better sense of fashion. He shrugged.
“You’d look great in that.”
An unexpected compliment. Jesse glowed, he hadn’t realised Brennan was envisaging it for Jesse, and not himself. Then again, he wouldn’t mind wearing it at all.
“Hey I look great in everything.”
Brennan smiled at him, nodding. “Come on.”
“What? Why?”
“Consider it your last year’s birthday present, one I missed.”
“You missed twenty two birthdays of mine are you gonna gift me something for every one of them?”
“Don’t push it.”
Jesse laughed as he let Brennan grab his elbow and pull him into the store.


Friday night and the hotel suites turned into suffocating stasis pods they all wanted to escape. Adam was earlier gifted precious tickets to the Opera he badly wanted to use… apparently he had a thing for ‘A Steetcar Named Desire’, an American classic recently returned to the Washington National Opera. Shalimar decided to give him company, and between her and Adam they dragged Emma along. The remaining two men excused themselves for a night on the town. Well Jesse did, Brennan just… hid in his room until they were gone.

For the nth time, Brennan looked at his tall, well-built self in the mirror and fussed. The black jeans were Jesse’s favorite, snug at all the right places. The blue denim shirt was kind of fading and alongwith the jeans and leather boots, not what you’d call standard clubbing attire but it hardly mattered. Men like Brennan needn’t bother with dressing up for going out… not with that face and that body.
Picked up the black duster he just had to don with everything, and why not. There was something about Brennan in black that made Jesse tingle from head to toe, and Brennan knew it.

Nor was he entirely oblivious to the fact that he *was* acting ridiculously. It wasn’t like him to be prudish but he was only human… er mutant. Brennan was at a transient stage of latent homosexuality where he’d just found peace with himself… not with rest of his world. Brennan knew Jesse was kinda disappointed, but tonight he wanted to fix that to some extent. Tonight, he wanted to show Jesse the time of his life. Struck a pose… stood with both hands folded into pistols pointed at his own reflection. They would go clubbing and drinking, then come back have wild sex right into Monday. And for dinner they could get takeouts. Jesse loved those little Chinese boxes.

He heard the trio leave from the neighboring suite singing their goodbyes to Jesse. Soon as they were gone, he slipped out of his suite and into where Jesse was. Checked his reflection in the silverware… then went looking for Jesse.
Jesse stood with his back to Brennan, on one leg… other one propped up, knee resting on Shalimar’s vanity dresser. His head bent, the blonde of his hair shone in flattering lights above… curled up at the base of a pale white neck exposed to Brennan’s hungry eyes.

Every time I see you falling
I get down on my knees and pray
waiting for that final moment
You'll say the words that I can't say…

Jesse wore the *birthday* present – light, steel blue… brushed silk shirt that clung to his lean, lithe torso… lazily tucked in snug black velvet trousers hanging deviously low on his narrow waist. Very subtle creped frills ran down in two neat lines on each side of his chest, on the edges of a deep V neck… and on the short sleeves encircling his slender but toned biceps. The whole effect was that of… perfect delicateness, elegance almost of a feminine kind… the best kind.
Brennan’s eyes traced his lover’s body from his waist to the subtle curves of his butt… down the skinny thighs, knobby knees and legs encased in black velvet… ending in shiny black Italian shoes.
Jesse was the ultimate anti-Brennan. And Brennan could do nothing but stare and sigh. He’d never seen Jesse, hell he’d never seen *anyone* look so exquisite his whole life.

Jesse was intently studying something in his hand, oblivious to Brennan admiring him from behind. Quietly he strode over and surprised Jesse by wrapping his arms around his waist… kissed the back of his neck that so insistently implored to him.

“What’s that?”
Jesse held out the sleek gold-cased eyeliner up. Brennan lifted his head he’d been resting on Jesse’s shoulder and gazed into anxious sea eyes in the mirror. A moment of confusion before understanding donned. And Jesse smiled shyly.
“Its blue…”
Will go with the shirt. Brennan so loved that smile… bent and kissed him ever so softly on his lips, wrapping himself tighter around Jesse.
“Put it on.”
“Y-You wont mind?”
Brennan knew why Jesse thought he would but didn’t bother to defend himself. If Jesse wanted something, Brennan was determined not to let his own hesitation come in the way, not tonight. They kissed again, and again. Then again.
“I love it already.”
“You’re just saying that…”
Still wrapped around his lover from behind, Brennan began a trail of kisses from the side of Jesse’s forehead down to his neck and shoulder, hands stroking flanks sensually. Jesse closed his eyes and gripped at the pencil with both hands, head dropping back to rest on Brennan’s chest.

“You don’t really need it though…”
Jesse blushed.
“I just… you know…” laughed nervously.
“Do you know how to use it?”
Jesse couldn’t help but smile at the honestly naïve question. Nodded.
“Go ahead then.”
Jesse contemplated, then sighed and kept the pencil down. Brennan paused his ministrations and looked at him in the mirror.

“Nah. Some other time.”
“Are you sure?”
Jesse nodded, didn’t intend to put Brennan in an awkward position. They’d been passing off as friends out for a drink everytime they went out for six weeks now. Jesse shook his head and chuckled dismissively.
“That was easy, I thought you’d freak out on me or something.”
“No more freaking… I’m done freaking.”
And Brennan went back to nibbling Jesse’s ear. Jesse sighed, he was getting breathless rapidly.
“You’re… you’re something… Kilmartin.”
Jesse snickered, yeah that was supposed to be a compliment. And they kissed again. Brennan caressed his partner through the brushed silk, bothering the two nubs on his flat chest. Jesse gasped and closed his eyes.
“I think you’re still craving for a woman Mulwray.”
Brennan swung both ways, another reason for Jesse’s insecurities that he kept well-hidden.

Brennan dipped his head to blow into the hollow of Jesse’s soft neck and gently dug into his ribs making him squirm. He knew Jesse was referring to the gift he was making him wear tonight.
“Admit it, you love it as much as I do, if not more.”
“I just happen to be *gorgeous* enough to carry it off, doesn’t mean I’ll jump every time you feel like dressing… me up… up in… in…”
Bren paused the erotic stroking and instead digged him in the ribs again, harder this time and Jesse yelped.
“Ow no tickling!”
Course he loved it, but Brennan didn’t need to know that. Then again, Brennan already knew.

Every time I see you falling
I get down on my knees and pray
waiting for that final moment
You'll say the words that I can't say…


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