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TW: Jackson shirtless

Fic: Plaything for Monsters

Title: Plaything for Monsters
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one in the Teen Wolf franchise. Not for profit, just for fun.
Rating: Hard R | Mature
Warnings: violence, physical and sexual abuse, underage, non-con
Summary: The kanima seeks a master. But it’d have to be really stupid to expect its master to be any less of a monster than itself.
Pairing: can be read as pre-slash Scott/Jackson, non-con (Gerard/Jackson, Peter/Jackson)
Author Notes: Spoilers for S2. AU after episode 210 (Fury). And once again I've gone for a less than popular character and less than wanted slash pairing. Le sigh. Whatever - I like Jackson like I do all bad boys. Would love to know what you thought.
Word Count: 2700

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It would be really interesting to see how that change would happen. Scott is such a thoroughly good, cuddly puppy that it would take something major like harm to Allison or Melissa or maaaybe Stiles to even start him down something. ...I think. It would be interesting if it was just the power though. If it could be made believable.

I think the hint you gave here though was just the right amount to intrigue.

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