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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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Avngr: Angst!Loki from Thor

Right, with that out of the way...

SO with my adventures in San Francisco drawn to a close, another bullet added to my growing list of life-altering mistakes, I move on to greener pastures aka Washington DC.. professionally speaking, and return to older pastures aka fandom - personally speaking. I love DC... by far the most global, transient and cosmopolitan city I've known after London. Sure I can think of a thousand other places I'd rather be, like Venice, or Goa, or Hogwarts, but this will do for now. 

Things I hope to get back to while I'm here...

1. Not dating. I am renouncing relationships period, embracing the sisterhood of eternal singleness and sparing myself the heart ache. Why have we done this to ourselves, created a superfluous cultural standard, forced everyone to live up to it, then make them feel like there's something wrong with them if they cannot? That's it. I'm done subscribing to this ridiculousness. Men suck. And not in a good way.
2. Writing. I'm like that horrible ungrateful 2am friend that calls only when I'm in need, of writing, and then forget all about it when everything's hunky dory out there in the real world. I'm despicable I know. Let's see if I can change that. Let's see if I can make men suck in a good way for a change, hehe. *headdesk* The problem is I'm getting a little sick of trying to Americanize my obviously not American English (at least in my head I can sense the difference very strongly), and maybe I just need to find genres and situations that allow me to write the way I want. Writing about American 30 somethings brought up in Texas and living in California is definitely not the right situation, for instance.  
3. X-Men. It's always been my go-to comfort!fandom - at least that's one thing I've stayed true to. Hunters and Special Agents and Avengers will come and go, but my OTP is and always will be Logan/Scott. And I know there are hardly any takers left but that doesn't matter anymore.
4. Reading. I haven't kept up with any reading whatsoever - not books, not fanfiction, nothing. Tumblr is partly to blame - changed all my guilty pleasures from literal to visual. But no more. I'm getting back to the things that I used to do, things that made me happy and appreciate my own company before I tried morphing myself into a bloody Stepford Wife.
5. Friends! Anyone still around? I won't be surprised if not. LJ's been kinda slow right, and its natural for folks to get on with their respective lives. But if you're still here I'd love to catch up.

New obsessions...

1. Loki - Anyone else on the Avengers bandwagon yet? I'm starting to fixate on Loki - you know me, its always the tortured younger brother that gets me heh. 
2. Teen Wolf - this seems to me like the only good thing on TV these days. The writing isn't as tight as TVD but I love all the characters and the music. What say you?
3. Robin Hobb - someone had a 'yard sale' (is that what it's called when a tenant moves out out an apartment?) and I bought a dozen paperbacks for like 2 dollars - I'm starting to really like this sci-fi/fantasy genre. 

Okay that's enough ranting for today. Hope everyone's doing well and having the best time of their lives, with more yet to come! :)

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Sorry to hear about your guy...you're right, men totally suck. When I tell my mom I'd rather not get married she looks at me like I'm crazy. *Sigh* I wish 'the finding someone to spend your life with' bullshit didn't exist. Not that I'm against it, but only few really get lucky in that they find someone good for them but for most it really doesn't work out. Wow, that's depressing.

Hope DC works out for you, it is a lovely city, very metropolitan though not as exotic compared to other places.

X-Men!!!! *Breaks out pom-poms* There will always be takers for Scott/Logan and more so it written by you :) Let the Scott/Logan OTP be your tub of Ben and Jerry's. It's definitely mine!

Loki seems a fan fav. I've always preferred older sibling angst but Thor doesn't seem to have any! I do love Steve, though. Steve's my favorite, I just adore him. Teen Wolf! You're into TW! Yay! I liked Scott/Stiles and Scott/Derek at first glimpse but I switched to Stiles/Derek soon. There are no takers for anything else. Mainly because these two are awesome together and the Scott/Allison pairing does have some chemistry(which is very surprising). And the villains are totally awesome. I have an unhealthy crush on Peter, he is one awesome dude. I would love to know your take on him.

Anyway, lots of luck and hugs.

Hey there!! I am so so sorry - not sure why I didn't get a notification for this comment. How are you!?! Long time!

With you on the marriage thing. Well, to be honest I tried it and it was great but it didn't work out and have been on a downward spiral since. And i have accepted the fact that 'happily ever after' doesn't mean the same thing for everyone but its everyone else around me that keeps trying to change my mind about it and its just..argh, its ridiculous you know?

Anyway. X-Men yeah.. I've been trying to write this one piece that just keeps getting longer and convoluted and I so don't want to post another WIP I might end up being forced to abandon *sighs*.

I LOOOOOOVE Loki :D I just do :D And you know Steve/Loki makes a great pair - its like order and chaos, discipline and mischief, the perfect soldier with the perfect brat - its awesome! :)

With Teen Wolf, I've taken to Scott/Jackson for probably the same reason as with Steve/Loki. I do have an unhealthy obsession with trying to reform bad boys, God. Sterek is adorable too.

Okay I'll stop rambling now. Hope you're doing well hon!!

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