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J2 RPS fic: And if I never see a sunrise again (that’d be A-OK) - II

<< Part 1

Dean W: See you're... you're new Sam, right, Lance Armstrong.
Sam W: Biking.
Dean W: And I'm still me, okay? All right, so, you might see things different now, call it a runner's high or some crap, but that doesn't mean that something's going on with me, okay?
Sam W: Yeah, okay.
Dean W: No, don't say, "yeah, okay," like, "yeah, okay."
Sam W: Yeah, okay.
-- Shut up Dr. Phil (Season Seven)

Jensen wakes one bright Saturday morning, rolls over, and finds the bed empty. His first instinct, even now is to frown, before he remembers and smirks.

Seven years ago, the first thing he’d have craved after waking up would be a cigarette. Now he craves something (someone) else. And it’s strong enough to get him promptly out of bed, no groaning and grunting in accompaniment.

He pulls on his t-shirt with boxers and ambles into the bathroom yawning. Ten minutes later, he climbs down the stairs. Sadie trots over and meets him at the last stair. He scratches her head and she follows him into the kitchen where his favorite sight awaits him.

Jared, in just his sweatpants, fresh out of a shower after his workout, is multi-tasking. He’s just put out food for Harley and Sadie and shelving the bags of grub away, while also whisking eggs for a breakfast omelet just the way Jensen likes it. Lunch is always out or on location and cooking dinner is Jensen’s thing. Jared’s just in charge of breakfast.

That’s about all he can do anyway, besides ordering takeout.

“Morning, sleepyhead!” he calls out with a wide, incredible grin, as always.

“Tone it the hell down, Seacrest,” Jensen grunts back with an annoyed huff, as always, and goes to pour himself a mug of strong, freshly brewed coffee.

Jared laughs, “So I figured out the perfect going away celebration for Misha. Wanna hear?”

“He’s taking a break, Jay, not moving to Mongolia forever.”

“Stop,” Jared glares at him, “I know you’re going to miss him the most and I also know you hate big emotional goodbyes, so this is the perfect thing, I promise. All you gotta do is show up, no excuses.”

Jensen doesn’t bother to reply, or even try to deny how much he’s grown to love Misha over the years. Instead he keeps busy watching his lover from behind. The thin layer of his sweats clings to all the right curves and corners of Jared’s luscious ass, leaving very little to the imagination. The sinewy muscles in his back move sexily to the beat of the whisk in his capable hands.

The hair is his favorite shade of auburn yet, and it’s longer and wavier, hiding a gorgeous slender neck that’s begging to be touched right the hell now.

Jensen obliges it.

Jared doesn’t jump anymore. He simply relaxes into the arms that hug him from behind, leaning back against Jensen trustingly even as he continues to blabber on about Misha’s going away thingie, to which Jensen is barely listening.

He has a lot of experience with goodbyes, more than he wanted, really. First Michael, then Tom and Jaime six months ago… yeah, his strategy for goodbyes is really simple – he just doesn’t think about it until the very last minute.

“God, you’re hot,” Jensen whispers, kissing the back of his neck and rubbing Jared’s tummy purposely.

Jared laughs as two very adept fingertips tickle his navel, even as he tilts his head to let Jensen’s mouth get to the rest of his throat. “So do you wanna golf or quad-bike?”

Jensen dips his hands inside his lover’s sweatpants and fondles him, “I just wanna you right now.”

Jared smirks and pulls away deftly to go back to his omelet, “You know the rules, Jensen.”

“Jeez,” Jensen sighs and stalks off to the backdoor. He pushes it open and whistles loud and sharp – his very own signal that always gets Sadie and Harley’s attention.

“Come on guys, daddies need some alone time in the kitchen today. Go on now.”

Sadie just grunts again, very much used to their antics by now and trots away majestically. Harley feigns innocence (ignorance, whatever – he’s crafty that way), wags his tail like he’s expecting Jensen to come out with him and play.

Jensen rolls his eyes and shoves at him gently to get him out of the door, “Later, big guy. Come on, I’m dying here!”

Jared chuckles and pours some milk into his bowl of whisked eggs. The very next moment he’s gasping when Jensen re-attaches his teeth to the crook of Jared’s neck. He takes the bowl and whisk out of Jared’s hands and pushes it as far out of their reach as possible.

“So what do you think?” Jared carries on with the one-sided conversation, only mildly protesting being bent over the kitchen counter, Jensen’s hands sliding his pants down to his ankles.

“Uh-huh, whatever you say, darling,”

“So that’s a yes, then? No pretending you forgot we had this conversation tomorrow?”

“Uh, sure. Yes to what, exactly?” Jensen blurts as he pulls out a tube of lube from its usual spot, the top shelf, and readies himself.

Jared whines, “Jensen! Whistler? Tomorrow morning? Golfing? Quad-biking? Lunch at that Mediterranean place Vicky loves in the village? Whatever happened to when Jared talks, Jensen always listens, no matter what?!?”

Jensen groans, partly with the ongoing pleasure of sinking into Jared and partly with the pained realization that Jared is going to make him wake up early tomorrow to go this stupid ski resort two hours away from Vancouver.

“Oh come on, baby, what’s wrong with hitting up a couple of bars in the evening? You know how much he loves beer pong.” he does his sultry Dean-voice, pulling out and thrusting back into Jared as the other man braces himself against the sharp tendrils of pleasure gripping his insides.

One hand comes around to grip Jared’s erection in an attempt to distract him… well, to get him to focus on the sex for one, and to help him remember the merits of sleeping in and fucking like bunnies all day instead of hiking in the mountains or whatever other strenuous activity he’s currently trying to talk Jensen into.

“Ah, Jen… you – ah! – always do this… ah!! AAH!! F-fuck… okay, ah, let’s talk af-ahhh! Afterwards…”

“Thank you!” Damn the mouth on the kid.

Jensen puts his other hand in the small of his lover’s back and presses him into the counter, not letting him push back into some of his shallower thrusts. He can be a tease that way. Jared moans and mewls and curses to high heaven, all his attention finally focused solely on the cock inside his ass.

Atta boy, Jensen smirks. Now if he could just get Jared to change his mind and plan something simpler and shorter… like drinks.

He thinks he’ll succeed when, after several minutes of fervent pounding, Jared rolls his head back and closes his eyes. His mouth falls open around a shamelessly wanton moan as he comes all over Jensen’s hand. Jensen finds his own release inside his lover with a loud grunt of his own, and they ride through their intertwined climaxes together.

They stay that way forever, still conjoined and leaning over the kitchen counter, in no mood to separate just yet. They are panting, Jared is speechless for once, and Jensen is hell-bent on kissing whatever he can reach on Jared’s neck and face.


“Mm-hmm,” Jared mumbles, before he starts pitching again. “So… gotta start early to beat the traffic.”

Jensen groans, pulling out but as gently and carefully as always, “Seriously, Jay, what the hell’s wrong with the Shark Club? Come on, you know I ain’t a morning person…”

“That’s a cop-out. How long since you needed an alarm clock to get out of bed on time?”

“That’s because you keep nagging at me until I do!”

Jared laughs and turns around, pulls Jensen closer to himself by his t-shirt. “Don’t worry, I’ll wake you up on time tomorrow too.”

“I really, really wish you didn’t…”

Jared steps out of the sweatpants pooled around his bare feet, kicks them aside, and presses his naked self against Jensen… chest to ankle. Long arms slither under Jensen’s armpits until fingers bury themselves in the back of his short, dark-blond hair.

“Are you sure about that?” Jared whispers, doing his own version of a sultry Sam-voice as he leans in to capture Jensen’s mouth. Hazel eyes twinkling with mirth and the knowledge that they've already won; they always win.

Jensen sighs helplessly into the kiss even as he shakes his head.

“What time do you wanna leave?”

*** THE END***

Writing after a long time in this fandom *bites lip*. Do let me know what you think?

*Happy sigh* I've been craving happy j2 schmoop for days.

I've had a silly grin on my face near enough from the start, that just kept getting wider and wider.

I really loved the ways that Jensen described Jared throughout ('one with the unruly chestnut hair falling into sparkling hazel eyes being my favourite), you could feel the love he felt for his boy. :)

I've missed your j2/spn stories so much and have re-read so many fics you've written, so it's really nice to get something new.

Hope you are well. x

Thank you so much sweetie! :) You're way too kind to me, really.

I signed up for a couple of challenges just to force myself back into writing. Got a bunch of plots unwritten or incomplete lying around and I'd really like to get them done and out - I'm a little OCD like that heh *sheepish* ;)

So glad you enjoyed this!! I've been super busy, but okay mostly. How about you hon? Hope you're well too! *hugs*

Aaaaaaaaaaawww what a sweet story, really, really liked it! =)

Thank you so much sweetheart :) So glad you enjoyed it!

And how've you been? *Hugs*

This is my favourite kind of fic. You made my day. Lovely!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing :) Glad you liked!

So, so, so glad to see you writing again! :D

And you did MARVELOUS. So schmoopy and cute and funny and the dialogue and characterizations were just amazing.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing! ♥

Thank YOU so much hon!! I'm so relieved.. coming from you I guess it must be okay :) It's been awhile and I've been super nervous so.. whew yeah :) cheers!!

Oh, that was lovely. I've woken too early on a Saturday morning after a night out and can't get back to sleep. And what do I find lurking inside my laptop but a surprise fic from an old friend. A satisfying build up to a happy ending, not a bit of real angst in sight, a nice dash of schmoop, blend well and pour. Yummy!

Thank you sweetheart!!!! *smishes* :) I decided to not do angst for a change hehe.. glad you enjoyed it!! :)

Oh, I really liked this one! Just what I needed today, cute, funny, schmoopy and a tiny bit of angsting. :) *sighs happily* Thank you.

So happy you liked it!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting hon :)

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed this :)

Fan-tastic. :D I liked that Jen didn't just adore Misha from the get-go, & the way you actually had them *talk* about getting together when they were still at the bar. It somehow struck me as funny. ;) S'never an easy road with these two, is it, but you made it a fun ride :)

Missed your writing! You should do more of it! Lots & lots! :D

Hey you!! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing this hon. It's been so long since I wrote in SPN I was very nervous heh :)

Yeah that talk in the bar was sort of a culmination of all their subtextual flirting and unspoken feelings they've harbored for each other in the past four years.

Awww, I'm trying to get back to writing yeah.. let's see :) Thank you so so much!!! *smishes*

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much sweetheart!! :) I know its been awhile since I wrote J2 so was quite nervous heh. But it felt good to be able to write again. And so happy you liked it :)
Hope you're doing well sweetie!! *hugs and kisses*

Thank you for reading and commenting!! :)

I think that was just wonderful!!!!

Loved this. Fic was great; even though I wanted to slap Jensen few times i still loved him all along.

Haha.. c'mon hon he's just grumpy in the mornings :) Thanks for reading!!

Edited at 2011-12-07 07:53 am (UTC)

Loved this! Funny, schmoopy, a little bit of angst...perfect!

Thank you so much hon!! Glad you enjoyed this :)


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