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J2 RPS fic: And if I never see a sunrise again (that’d be A-OK) - I

Title: And if I never see a sunrise again (that’d be A-OK)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Seven years is a long time. People change, boys grow into men, strangers become friends, friends become lovers, and even the non-cuddly emotionally unavailable types become - well, a whole lot more 'spoony' than they'd like to admit. Everything changes but Jensen's visceral reaction to waking up because damn these mornings, they’re still the bitches.
Fandom/Genre: RPS, AU-ish, still actors on SPN.
Pairing(s) : J2, Jensen/Danneel, Jared/Sandy
Warnings: fluff, m/m graphic slash, rimming, what might seem character bashing in the beginning but really isn’t.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. Completely fictitious, not for profit, just for fun.
Author Notes: Written for spn_reversebang. Thanks amindaya for your lovely prompt (2034) - hope you like this attempt to complement your gorgeous artwork! Story timeline is not consistent with the real events they’ve been inspired by. Please consider this as AU. Thank you imogen_lily, deezy_y, novakev for the fantastic beta!
Word Count: 11,000
Prompt and Artwork: Masterpost

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Tags: challenge: spn_reversebang, fandom: supernatural, fic: j2rps: and if i never see a sunrise

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