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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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MW: Logan closeup

I can't stop staring at this...

Other than the sheer hotness of the sarong, the sexy little glimpse of skin, and the unintentional innocence of a peacefully sleeping man who forgot to take off his reading glasses, think I'm really just very bloody jealous...  

Source: Tweeted by Michael himself here. And while you're there, also check out the adorable tweets he made about Jensen and Supernatural. God I love this man *sighs*.

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Oh My................... This is lovely ! Thank you for sharing!

I know right? :) I'm not getting any work done today.. *sighs*

These guys of ours can be so distracting !

I know right?! Folks on Twitter, including me, are going stir crazy trying to figure/guess what he's reading :)

Did you see the other pic-the shirtless one? They put up a link over at gibbs_dinozzo, don't know if you're a member.

Yes I am and I did! That's cute too but there's something about this one I like a whole lot more... I dunno, maybe it's the sarong :)

It's the little bit of belly showing, makes you want to poke him. :D

That too :) And see those long elegant fingers? Gawd... such a beautiful, beautiful man.. *hyperventilates*

And he has more of a scruffy look going on with the stubble in the sarong one. &hearts I agree that little gap in the shirt is very tempting ;)


The scruff is very reminiscent of his Dark Angel S2 days.. wonder how old the pic is. I like him with and without the scruff so its all good :D

Michael Weatherly. He plays Tony DiNozzo on the show NCIS.

I can't believe I didn't recognize him! :)

I loved what he said about Jensen, that he kills it on Supernatural. That was so sweet. And it's great to know that he actually knows the show!

And what a lovely picture... *_*

Agree! NCIS draws in 20mn people a week, SPN draws maybe 2mn on a good day.. so the fact that he not only follows SPN but also tweets about it is truly amazing :)

(Deleted comment)
Hey sweetie :) I'm alright, how are you doing? Yes, he's a very sweet and generous man - highly misunderstood by a lot of Jensen fans.

*hugs and kisses*

I couldn't find the shirtless one PLEASE give me a link! PLEASE
And this one is just giving alll sorts of plot bunnies,,, cute little vacation bunnies!!

Well, hello there... Isn't he a bit delicious!

Actually the first thing I wondered after seeing this - apart from the initial drool over the tummy - was who took the photo? Usually people don't get that relaxed in front of just anyone.

Sending hugs your way for making my evening with the pretty picture. ;)

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