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Every fandom has its troublemakers, its wankers, its self-righteously vindicative pot-stirrers if that's a word. And I'm so sick of running out of one wank-riddled fandom into another only to feel disappointed and itch to move on again. Why the hell do I let these things get to me? Actually, something weird is going on with me lately - I get upset more easily, am overly (and I mean OVERLY) emotional, I cry at the drop of a hat in like every second movie and for every third bloody X-Factor contestant but that's... ugh, for another rant.

Back to wankers -  first SPN and now NCIS. There's this apparently well-known well-established writer but every time she posts something non-fanficcy, it's negative and elitist and extremely one-dimensional. Her posts always polarize the fandom into two halves who end up barking at each other (albeit a bit more politically correctly than SPN to be honest). First she did it on one of the LJ comms bashing a fellow comm member (a comm she does NOT moderate but felt obliged to exercise her freedom of speech to curtail someone else's, and on everyone's behalf might I add!!). Now she's gone ahead and kicked off another character-bashing chain over at a yahoo group under the pretense of defending another character, Tony. Some of the things people say against this character, Ziva, are borderline racist and once again very juvenile and one-dimensional. It's very stinkingly reminiscent of how so many SPN fans hate any and all female interests on the show just to support the guys. If I'm a Ziva fan, apparently I am not welcome on any of the Gibbs/Tony slash comms - it's either-or. Why the hell can I not have both?!?

And here I was thinking maybe the NCIS fandom is an older demographic, and will be more mature than SPN - not true on both counts.

Where the hell does one go to escape shit like this? Is it even possible to escape it? Escaping my escapism - huh, sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it. Wish I could just like flick a switch and not give a damn anymore because a fandom without wankers surely does not exist anywhere in human society. Ack. Someone wise (I forget who) once said - passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.  

Yeah I'm done now.
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