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SPN: Ugh fandom

Just venting..

Every fandom has its troublemakers, its wankers, its self-righteously vindicative pot-stirrers if that's a word. And I'm so sick of running out of one wank-riddled fandom into another only to feel disappointed and itch to move on again. Why the hell do I let these things get to me? Actually, something weird is going on with me lately - I get upset more easily, am overly (and I mean OVERLY) emotional, I cry at the drop of a hat in like every second movie and for every third bloody X-Factor contestant but that's... ugh, for another rant.

Back to wankers -  first SPN and now NCIS. There's this apparently well-known well-established writer but every time she posts something non-fanficcy, it's negative and elitist and extremely one-dimensional. Her posts always polarize the fandom into two halves who end up barking at each other (albeit a bit more politically correctly than SPN to be honest). First she did it on one of the LJ comms bashing a fellow comm member (a comm she does NOT moderate but felt obliged to exercise her freedom of speech to curtail someone else's, and on everyone's behalf might I add!!). Now she's gone ahead and kicked off another character-bashing chain over at a yahoo group under the pretense of defending another character, Tony. Some of the things people say against this character, Ziva, are borderline racist and once again very juvenile and one-dimensional. It's very stinkingly reminiscent of how so many SPN fans hate any and all female interests on the show just to support the guys. If I'm a Ziva fan, apparently I am not welcome on any of the Gibbs/Tony slash comms - it's either-or. Why the hell can I not have both?!?

And here I was thinking maybe the NCIS fandom is an older demographic, and will be more mature than SPN - not true on both counts.

Where the hell does one go to escape shit like this? Is it even possible to escape it? Escaping my escapism - huh, sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it. Wish I could just like flick a switch and not give a damn anymore because a fandom without wankers surely does not exist anywhere in human society. Ack. Someone wise (I forget who) once said - passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.  

Yeah I'm done now.

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Word, luv. I had the same experience with the XMFC fandom. I pulled back from SPN and all other fandoms and thought, hey, X-Men are established, the fans should be more open minded. Hah! Whatever you say, you step on someone's toes and you get crap thrown at you that you absolutely didn't mean with your words. I became so afraid to say anything at all lest I would be accused of being an f-ing whatever-ist, that I had to leave that fandom too.

So, I just stay the heck away from any and every fandom at all, I squee or pout in my LJ alone. Because I'm incredibly sensitive, even over-sensitive when it comes to stuff like that, I admit that. I have no idea what's going on with people lately, it seems like they WANT to fight and bitch and bash each other. It's sad.

Ah, X-Men was my first fandom. It seems that XMFC has revived it to a great extent, which unfortunately means the wank is also back with a vengeance. I remember how the elitists in that fandom would pride themselves for staying true to the books and comics, and think of the movie fans such as myself as somewhat second-class denizens *rolls eyes*

Do you feel the wanking has gone up too? It really is sad, almost a reflection of maybe the growing sadness or frustration in people's own lives? Dunno... staying away is the best we can do hon.

I'm multi fandom and multi shipper...if thers a ship I don't likr I don't read it. So I really don't get peoples need to bash the way they do.
I like ziva in the show. I don't see why people think you need to hate her to like Gibbs/Tony or hate any other female character in a show to like a slash pairing.

I'm sorry all the wank is making it hard for you to enjoy fandom, I guess when given the anonumity the internet provides some people just use it as an chance to be dicks with out any RL backlash

well written rant though, I mainlt swear at my screen when I see wank comms lol

I like Ziva too! AND I'm a slasher, but I don't understand this mentality of hating the females just because you're a slasher.

well written rant though, I mainly swear at my screen when I see wank comms lol

Haha! Yep, swearing works too. Rolling eyes or banging head on desk not so much, only gives you a headache heh :)

That sucks. :( I have to say I don't think you can escape this kind of crap. Every fandom I've been around seems to have it's share of mean/intolorent people in them. Sooooo... I guess that's not very helpful. LOL Unless it helps to know that there are some of us out there that agree with you, and would prefer a fandom that wasn't full of juvenile wankers.

Oh, and I like Ziva too. I like all the characters on NCIS. :) I don't see why I should have to choose only a couple to like.

I know hon.. part of me thinks it's not right to just sit back and watch these mean/intolerant people ruin a perfectly good fandom for the rest of us. The other part is afraid to jump in and find myself stooping to their level which would be just.. ugh.

Oh, and I like Ziva too. I like all the characters on NCIS. :) I don't see why I should have to choose only a couple to like.

Exactly! I think she is one of the strongest and well-written female characters on TV today.

How you doing hon? Long time! :)

Ditto. I love all the characters on NCIS, it wouldn't be NCIS without them! And while I don't necessarily ship anyone I can still read fics with different pairings. The same with SPN, though I am a hardcore backer of my OTP (J2 and Sam&Dean FTW) I can see why fans would ship with with others and if I don't necessarily like it I DON'T READ IT. Hey, look at that. Simple. WHY CAN'T PEOPLE BE SIMPLE?

:D I know right? Live and let live people! And even if they do end up reading something not to their own tastes, they shouldn't forget everyone has a right to express their own tastes in different ways. I really don't get this cookie-cutter mentality.

(Deleted comment)
Hey.. you're not in SPN anymore?? I left for awhile too but I guess the new season sort of pulled me back in again. *shrugs*

You know you're so right.. I have no interest in clicking on anything this very prolific writer in NCIS has written because I'm so put off by the kind of person (I think) she is.

I don't think you can escape the wanks. From what I heard, the wank in LOTR during its heydeys was pretty horrendous as well.

I'm into a couple of new shows now but I try to avoid the fandoms per se even though at times I'm dying to discuss a few things.


Hi you! Long time! I know I've been AWOL too so I'm one to talk heh :) How've you been?

OMG yeah! LOTR, Harry Potter, SPN - they've all had their dark ages when it comes to wank. I've never been that active personally or vociferous in general. But it's still painful to watch friends getting attacked, sometimes myself getting attacked for no particular reason and people in general being jackasses to each other, you know? *shrugs*

Hi you! *hugs* Just got on LJ for the first time in a while and saw your gift - thank you so much! And I popped by to say hi and saw this, and it's old now, but of course I still have something to say. ;)

Fandom is wank. No matter where you go, there's always someone stirring up trouble. Life is wank - just ask the people at my new job.

But as for the character bashing, that is a huuuuuuuge pet peeve of mine. Because many of my favorite characters are, like Ziva, women (who threaten slash fans), minorities (who threaten white men unless they're being eroticized), or "new" characters who everyone resents for a season. (I may be guilty of resenting new characters sometimes too. But I usually have the good sense to keep my mouth shut. In public anyway.)

I'm sorry people are sucking. It seems like fandom has gotten hard for me since SPN - or maybe it's that life is getting in the way, I'm not sure. I find new shows that I love, but the fandom is either nonexistent, or not as easy to slip into and find people I connect with.

Anyway, TL;DR but I wanted to let you know that you're lovely and make sure you did have my gmail address - best way to reach me these days! ♥

There you are!! How've you been sweetheart? :) *hugs tightly*

Totally get life coming in the way, in fact that's the way I think it should be, probably. You're also right about fandom getting harder and harder honey, I feel the same way. Maybe its time to consider the fact that changing fandoms isn't working anymore because fandom itself isn't working for us anymore? *shrugs* I dunno - still wanna read and write fanfiction, I think..

So tell me what's new with you love? I saw your latest post - so will you not be using LJ anymore at all? I do have your gmail ID and hope you have mine? I usually suck at keeping in touch but pls do know you can always find me here and on gmail whenever you need, okay? :) *hugs*

*smishes* I'm busy, but mostly good! I've had the past two days off work so I'm finally breathing a little again. (And so what do I do with that free time? Finish my applications? Um, no. I signed up for Yuletide. Fail. I fail at quitting fanfiction, even if I've largely succeeded at quitting fandom.)

In that vein - although I had *planned* on not using LJ at all anymore, I seem to have suddenly started posting about Yuletide at That Other Account You May Remember, so if you wanted to friend me there, by all means, go ahead. But right now I'm keeping it as separate from this account as possible. Because, ummm, I don't want many people there. (You've seen me do this before. :P) But I can't promise how well I'll keep up with it either. We'll see. :P

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