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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JP: I Dunno

Uh... why're you leaving?

Three people de-friended me in the past 24 hours. And that's fine obviously, whatever, but it's the timing that's making me think. They did it right after I posted my NCIS bigbang epic! Come on it's not THAT bad?!?! *pouts* ;p

On a slightly more serious note, I am hypothesizing that most folks who added me did it to follow the SPN stories I write/wrote? So I suppose I owe y'all a little explanation... not leaving any of my current fandoms guys, including SPN. Just adding a couple of new ones, that's all.
Apologies if my multiple posts (including this one!) have been spamming your f-lists recently. And obviously I completely understand if you still want to de-friend or whatever - please just don't do it on the assumption that I've quit the SPN fandom. That's never gonna happen :)

I don't know...maybe they were randomly hitting a button? I know I accidentally de-friended someone before...who knows...


Glad to hear you are not leaving any fandoms...I am still holding out for that witches story...the covenant story...I would honestly fall at your feet and whorship you if you can find the muse and time to finish it. LOL...

And your NCIS story is now on my list of things to read...


Hey sweetheart!!! *hugs* I know it's been awhile, but I'm about to quit my current job and start another one in a couple of months and thanks to that some time has opened up for me to get back to my fandoms :) And yes, the Covenant series is definitely on top of my list of todos.

God there is so much stuff you wrote too that I haven't still caught up with!! How are you doing hon?

♥ I still love you.

And I still love you hon! *hugs*... been so long hasn't it? :) But I'm really really glad I still have access to your LJ.

So glad you're not leaving SPN :D :D That's the only fandom I'm in - or want to be in!

Sorry you've been de-friended, that must be depressing.

Big hugs from me :)))


Me leave SPN? Never!!!! :) And I'm not depressed for being de-friended per se hon, it's just the timing of it makes me feel uncomfortable. They probably got like 23 post notifications from me and got sick of me becos of it hehe, or they really really hate NCIS? Or they thought I have quit SPN. I could only do something about the third option so decided to make this post heh..

Glad I still have you around!!! :) *hugs you back tightly*


Haven't been around much of late, but I did see you'd posted the NCIS fic - made me envious that I'm not into that fandom enough to read it cos I love your writing. Re-read Of Hot Showers and Female Intuitions, the other week (been ill with shingles and seem to have spent the majority of the time making myself feel better with fanfic!!!) which is still one of my faves of yours.

Glad to hear you aren't going anywhere!!! :)

Hey you!!

Sorry to hear you've been ill hon - how're you feeling now? Hey, if Hot showers does the trick and helps you distract yourself I think its more than done its job and I'm glad for it :)

Of course I'm not going anywhere! Just signed up for spnreversebigbang hehe.... this is the artwork I'll be writing a story for: http://pics.livejournal.com/spnreversemod/pic/0004sbzb/g57

I love the domesticity of this piece, and am hoping to write a completely angst-free story around it. What do you think hon? :)

Aw, I still wuvs you! And I don't know about a lot of people, but I definitely do not just friend people who have good fictions. I gotta get to know them, and if I like THEM, THEN I'll friend em'. I think you're awesome, so I'd never leave ya, even if you completely deleted Supernatural from your journal and never spoke of it again. XD I actually thought it was funny, when I signed on and seen 'cyndrarae has posted a new entry' over and over and over and over and...over. *cracks up*

*hugs you tight and never lets go* :) Thank you so much hon!!! I am still sorry about the relentless spamming *sheepish* :D And I admit there are other fandoms that seem to inspire me to write more than SPN does at the moment, but hell I'm never leaving SPN period :D

It was actually pretty WTF to see your epic posting this morning--my morning, in any case--but I don't think prolific writing is a good motive to defriend someone :P
Anyway, I'm not really into the NCSI fandom and I'm hardly around theses parts lately, but it's good to see that you're around and writing ;)

Hey you! Sorry for the spamming *sheepish* And um, thanks for the compliment? ;-p
NCIS is my newest fandom, I'm so completely hooked to it, it's incredible!

So where have you been these days? Haven't seen you around much lately...

I suspect probably the flood of posts where to blame, it was a little o.O But that's what the scroll button is for. Just a tip for future posting of multi-chapters like that: I backdate all except the first post that way they won't appear on people's flists but they'll see the initial post, which works if you link the chapters to the next one. :) I can't for the life of me remember Werth and it's driving me nuts. lol.


Edited at 2011-10-01 10:16 am (UTC)

Backdate! Alright, will do next time. Thanks for the tip hon. And really sorry for the spamming!

There is a link to Damon's wikia page and also the episode recap page for 5x10 in references. It's the first bullet on that page. Damon showed up in 2 other episodes briefly after that too. He's this hot and huge hunk of a guy with the sexy smile :D:D Um, hope that helps?

Hi there. Popping in to say "HELLO". Saw your NCIS posts last night but haven't had time to read anything (was cleaning, cooking, having visitors, sleeping off bottle of wine). Will be taking a look at your story definitely as I'm a long-time fan of NCIS although I don't bother to read any fanfic from it. Maybe your writing will change all that.
Nice to see you're still writing Supernatural fic - didn't think you'd stopped - but you know it's a certain other fandom that I'd rather you wrote more in. Ah well - can't force the creative juices. Huggles you anyway. ;)

Hey you :) It's great that you follow NCIS too!! I would love for you to read and give me some feedback? I very recently started both watching the show and reading the fanfic and God... I'm obsessed :D Especially with Tony DiNozzo hehe..

but you know it's a certain other fandom that I'd rather you wrote more in.
Um, sorry sweetie, do you mean X-Men? *sheepish*

And sorry for the spamming!!

I haven't written any SPN in well over a year. I think some people left my journal when they realized there was nothing new coming from me. And, that is fine. I have several LJ friends that are around for me regardless of what I write or don't write.

My opinion when something like that happens is this: Good Riddance

Make yourself happy, write what appeals to you. It is your journal after all. :)

Thank you! You're right there are several LJ friends that I appreciate are around regardless of the fandom I play in or choose not to play in, and regardless of how often we talk even! To be honest I'm not that bothered anymore. But I did want to make it clear to folks that I'm not quitting SPN and also apologize for spamming their f-lists hehe..

PS: belated Happy Birthday hon :)

There's just no explaining people--pttth on them!

I've never quite understood folks defriending others when one finds a new fandom. Presumably there's more to their friendship than just a set of characters? I dunno. M'planning on sticking around here until you toss me out, so. ;)

Hey you!

Presumably there's more to their friendship than just a set of characters?
Exactly! Right? *shakes head*

Ack I'm over it, I'm just glad the people I consider friends (*hugs you tight*) as well as the folks I've spoken to and connected with are still around :)

Not really an NCIS fan, like never watched an ep, but I might give it a try in the future, just to be able to read your story! ;-)

Btw I moved to the UK, so maybe we could meet up for that planned coffee one day, when I'm down in London? ;-)

Haha no hon you don't need to do that :D But if you do end up watching NCIS some day, trust me you won't regret it. Tony DiNozzo is the most unique and the most memorable character on TV these days, IMHO ;)

Cool! Where in UK exactly? Let me know whenever you're in London and if I'm in London too heh (I travel a lot *rolls eyes*) then we should do something :)

That would make one wonder, wouldn't it? And if it was the reason, that's simply ridiculous! By the way... hi there *waves*

Ack I'm over it. Whatever :D Hi to you too hon! *waves back* :)

It might have been the wall of, oh, wow, my flist page is all one story? :P And hah, I started following you for that X-Men fic way back when. But regardless, it's good to see you writing, whatever the fandom! :D

Hey there! Thanks for sticking around even tho I haven't written any X-Men in such a long time heh *sheepish* :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you!!! I guess you mean the NCIS bigbang yeah?

I actually stalk you for your X-Men fic....:D

But your exploring new fandoms helps me really...I started watching White Collar after seeing you gush over it.

So write in whatever fandom YOU want, cause that's the only way to get the creative juices flowing!

Yayyyy for you still being here!! :) And I do intend to get back to my Xmen WIPs I swear I really do! :)