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Wrong at the top of my Voice: References

Corporal Punishment (S05E10): This is the first time we met Corporal Damon Werth, and he appeared later in two other episodes.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: This classic needs no introduction. Audrey Hepburn starred as the slightly neurotic and talkative Holly Golightly, George Peppard as the quiet but hopelessly in love writer, Paul Varjak. It was written by the infamous Truman Capote.

Livorno Naval Academy: It’s the Italian military academy situated in the port city of Livorno.

- Level One: Fun restaurant in Dupont Circle. It still does disco brunches I believe.

- U-Street Music hall: My American friends used to call U-hall in short, not sure if that’s the common terminology. But it’s a great place so if you’re ever in DC…

- DH45: The Daewoo DH45 Mark II pistol is real, but very little information is available about it online.

- Korean naval base: Yes there is still a US navy base in South Korea.

- Ssang-Yong-Pa: This mafia outfit was an actual gang, oldest of the top three mob families in South Korea. They are known to mysteriously appear and disappear, and no one is really sure if they exist anymore.

- Ivymount School, Rockville MD: The school is real and highly respected.  Their tagline is ‘exceptional programs for exceptional students’. But all other details described in the story about their voluntary programs are fictitious.

- My Darling Clementine: Classic Western from 1946. Another Wyatt Earp movie, but I imagine Tony would be a huge Wyatt Earp fan, he might even liken Earp to Gibbs.

- Robinson R44: Two-bladed single-engine light helicopter. An assault rifle if correctly aimed can definitely do some serious damage. 

- Danubio: is an actual soccer club in Uruguay. The Jardines del Hipódromo is their home stadium. But all other details about the club and its players are fictitious.

- Hebrew words: ‘yakiri’ means darling (male), ‘leazazel’ is, I believe, hell. ‘Ah-brookh’ is like ‘Damn it!’ but more so.

- Uruguayan Spanish words: ‘dale’ is like ‘come on!’, ‘ni a palos’ is like ‘no frikkin way’ and ‘cheque, por favor’ is ‘check please’. 

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