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Fic: To Love.. (X-Men)

Summary: Jean POV. She is drunk, she is depressed and she is angry… and she’s about to take it out on someone.
Warnings: Spanking and Slash.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All X-Men people belong to Marvel and 20th Century Fox. Nothing’s mine here except the convoluted plot. Not for money, only for fun… kind of fun the X-Men movies will never provide.
Author's Notes: This is how I see Jean Grey, I don’t think she can hear everyone’s feelings and emotions all the time. Its only so with Scott because they have been together for the longest time in which they have kind of forged a mental link of sorts. But to listen to other people, she would have to actually make an effort the way she did with Logan in the first movie. Of course with time I would assume, she would unintentionally, start picking up on vibes from people she has been in close contact with.
I’ve also assumed that when Scott came to the mansion, he wasn’t entirely blind. So Jean has seen his eyes before they completely mutated. And they’re blue:) Also, he looks younger to Jean in the movies, and I’m gonna run with that. Maybe 5-6 years.


Tags: fandom: xmen, fic: xmen: to love..

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