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NCIS Bigbang 2011 Masterpost: Wrong at the top of my voice

Title: Wrong at the Top of my Voice
: DiNozzo has always looked up to Gibbs as a father figure. But after the Frog debacle and a year full of lies and deception, Tony realizes the grave error he’s made all these years – he never asked if Gibbs wanted the job in the first place. Enter disgraced marine Damon Werth, the man who couldn’t be more Gibbs-Junior if he tried. And it’s like Tony is eleven again, teetering on the edge of abandonment, fighting to hold on even though he knows he’ll lose again. Except 'abandoned' isn't all that Tony is feeling. How screwed up must he be to feel both jealous of and attracted to one guy at the same time? AU set after S5E10 (Corporal Punishment)
Character/Pairings: Gibbs-DiNozzo father-son, Werth/DiNozzo romance, and team.
Rating: NC-17
Genre: m/m slash, hurt/comfort, angst, romance, Tony-centric, case-fic
Warnings: Graphic sex, language, violence and medical inaccuracies, possibly. Spoilers for major episodes up to and including episode S5E12.
Word Count: ~80k
Disclaimer: All characters belong to the NCIS franchise, Bellisario Productions and CBS.
Author Notes: I’ve very recently started writing in NCIS so apologies if I’m stepping on any proverbial fandom toes with this. I just had a huge craving to read Damon/Tony which I didn’t find enough of, and am hoping you guys would give this a try too. Some creative liberties – Tony is 33 not 37. Damon’s background is slightly re-invented. Quotes in the beginning of each chapter are from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. More author notes and references at the end including a refresher for S5E10.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Libi (singer_s_lament), Shaleen (shalooney) and Wendy (finlaure) for their patient and thorough beta work. And to sunryder who chose my story and created beautiful artwork to complement it. Thanks also to NCIS bigbang organizer colacube. This bunny had been bouncing around in my head for a year but I wouldn’t have pushed myself to write it without the discipline of this challenge.
** EDIT: Shiny new poster by shalooney because she's just awesome like that :) Thanks hon!


Prologue  || 1  || 2  || 3  || 4  || 5  || 6  || 7  || 8  || 9  || 10  || 11  || 12  || 13  || 14  || 15  || 16  || 17  || 18  || 19  || 20  || 21  || Epilogue  


Feedback would be very deeply appreciated!
Tags: challenge: bigbang, fandom: ncis, fic: ncis: wrong at the top of my voice

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