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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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NCIS: Tony orgasmic look

Meme: Fuckit list


My Fuckit List:
1. Jimmy Marsden
2. Michael Weatherly
3. Jensen Ackles
4. Matt Damon
5. Guy in southwest corner office who is openly gay but oh. so. HOT.
6. Kaká (Brazilian soccer mid-fielder)
7. Italian soccer team (anyone. everyone. what?)

Your turn :D

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I've heard of the good quality of the show, but I haven't watched it yet. Pushing Daisies owned my sould for a while, especially Lee Pace. But now it's back to Big Bang Theory for a while, but also Love Bites, seems like a cute and quirky show.

Are you keeping up with White Collar btw? I've stopped watching the new season...really couldn't watch anymore, although I might catch up at a later date.

Oh one member of the fuckit list: Alexander Skarsgard. ;-)

I am still watching White Collar, yes. It's still lots of fun, still very smartly written, Matt Bomer is still easily the hottest man on the planet... only I feel like the writers are being held back, or are too afraid to push the envelope, you know what I mean? Besides, there happens to be nothing else on TV these days anyway heh.

So you a True Blood fan, huh? I never got around to it, for some reason *shrugs*. Maybe if I can get my hands on the S1 DVD and watch it all in one go, I might get hooked..

*lol* Indeed a lot of shows are on hiatus, so there would be White Collar. I will catch up on it eventually, but at the moment I've decided that I'll use my time for something different, lots to prepare and such.

Oh you bet I am! Also read most of the books and am smitten with Mr Northman from Scandinavia. You should really give the show a try, it's pretty brilliant!

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