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NCIS Fic: Surface Burns (PG, Gen, 1/2)

Title: Surface Burns
: Coda/Missing scene for Dagger (S6E09) – after Agent Lee throws a cup of steaming hot coffee on Tony and ruins the operation, Tony returns to the bullpen but stays unusually agitated. The team tries to figure out why.
Rating: PG, Gen
Pairings: None. Very, very slight hints of Tiva, Gibbs-DiNozzo father-son dynamic in second chapter.
Word Count: 1028
Author Notes: I was aiming for a drabble but as you can see, I failed miserably. Omnipresent POV, not beta’d. First NCIS fic ever. Please be kind!


Ziva twirled a pencil in her hands as she watched her partner from across the bullpen. Tony was typing, one of those times when he couldn’t be bothered to pretend he didn’t know how to.

“You’re worked up.”

Tony was clearly still pissed after his little accident earlier that morning in which they lost their lead and he ended up with a chest-full of scalding hot beverage.

“It’s just this case, murdering mole in our midst and all,” he replied dismissively.

Ziva didn’t buy it. They’d had tougher cases, more personal cases, but she’d never seen Tony this agitated. He kept fidgeting more than usual. And he refused to meet her eyes, which was really unusual.

“Are you not talking to me?” She asked, abrupt and to-the-point as always.

Tony paused mid-keystroke and frowned at her. “Do I have reason not to?”

“You know, after what happened day before with the war game. Me going coastal for no reason,” she mumbled, still a little embarrassed.

“Postal,” Tony corrected and went back to his report. “And no, you’re not getting off that easy, Zee-vah. I’m still talking, I’ll always be talking, I will not ever stop talking. And that is, in fact, your punishment - me talking. See how nicely it works out?”

Ziva stood up and ambled over to Tony’s desk, squinting hard when he still wouldn’t look up at her. “That is the problem, Tony. You are not talking my ears off, for a change.”

Tony huffed. “I’m trying to work? For a change? Boss has me re-doing last week’s report, now of all times for crying out loud.”

It was one of Gibbs’ time-out tasks that he assigned when he thought one of his agents was getting too close to a case. And Gibbs was right: first being kept in the dark about Domino, and now getting repeatedly played by Agent Lee… Tony was evidently running out of patience.

Ziva bit her lip and wondered if there might be a third thing, something she could actually try and fix. “Something’s not right.”

Tony started to roll his eyes and open his mouth with a biting comeback that might have started with a “Duh!” and ended with a “Mrs. Obvious”, when Ziva twisted his chair around to face her and away from his monitor.

“What the-?” He hadn’t yet come to terms with the chair-pulling when Ziva grabbed his shirt, pulled the ends out of his pants and lifted the fabric up to bare his stomach and chest.

“Jeezuz! Ziva!?!”

Ziva ignored him and knelt before him, wincing sympathetically at the dark red soreness on Tony’s torso. “That must sting, Tony,” she whispered, touching the skin delicately.

“Ow! Yeah, if you poke at it.” Tony tried to get up but Ziva wouldn’t let him, holding him down with just one hand strategically planted on top of his thigh.

“You should let Ducky look at it.”

Tony squirmed under her gentle ministrations until Abby trotted in on her four-inch platforms. “Let Ducky look at wha- oh wow! Someone forgot to use sunscreen…”

“Lee threw steaming hot coffee at him,” Ziva explained.

“That bitch!” And before Tony could react, she was crouching down next to Ziva and examining his belly too.

“Seriously?!?” He tried to pull his shirt down only to be stopped by Abby smacking his hand away.

“Come on, ladies, this is really unnecessary…” Tony glared away passers-by gawking at the trio and their strange antics, even as he struggled to hold still and pretend it really didn’t hurt.

“I have moisturizer down in the lab, let’s take him there.”

“Okay, but shouldn’t we wash him with some cold water first?”

“I am right here!” Tony mewled and threw his head back, only to spot McGee entering the squad area. “Probie! Get these wenches off my stomach, will ya?”

McGee sized up the scene immediately and smirked at Tony’s predicament. “I would think you’d enjoy all this special attention, Tony.”

“Not this time, McGee,” Abby looked up at Tim and explained matter-of-factly. “He only exaggerates his injuries when they don’t hurt.”

“So it does hurt, then?” For once Ziva asked him a direct question. The genuine concern in her voice seemed to make Tony acutely uncomfortable. He managed to kick hard enough to get his chair out of her grip and stood up, pulling the shirt back in place to make himself decent again.

“Thank God Lee didn’t dump her coffee on my butt or you two would be bending me over my desk just to satisfy your curio–”

“Who’s bending you over your desk, DiNozzo?”

Gibbs! The girls stopped giggling and McGee stopped smirking. Tony sighed, relieved that now that the boss-man was here, at least the fussing would end. Together they watched Gibbs stride up to his own desk without bothering to glance at either of them.

Then instinctively, as if on cue, three people spoke up at once.

“Tony’s hiding an injury!”

Tony scowled at Tim, hard. “Et tu, Brutus?”

Gibbs paused, and slowly turned towards them, one eyebrow raised.

Tony shook his head. “It’s just a surface burn, boss.”

“Then why are you all standing here discussing it and WASTING. MY. TIME?!?!”

Gibbs’ voice got progressively louder and angrier with every word. By the time he got to the end, McGee and Ziva were back at their desks, and Tony was in his seat typing away furiously. Abby just stood there, biting a smile back, studying Gibbs. He fixed her with his special Abby-glare.

“Abby, you got something for me?”

“No, but Ducky does.”

“Okay.” He grabbed his coffee mug and stood up. “With me, DiNozzo.”

“On your six, boss!” Tony stood up promptly and went after Gibbs towards the elevator. He started tucking his shirt back into his pants as he ran.

“Don’t bother,” Gibbs called without turning back. Tony looked up, his question dying on his parted lips when the answer occurred to him a half-second later. He sighed and turned to glower at Abby and Ziva who was, by this time, standing next to her forensic scientist friend again. Together they coyly waved him good-bye.

“Nicely done, Abs.”

Abby smiled back.


Part 2 here..

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