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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup


... is gonna be a bitch to wait for..

Ah, first loves.

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(Deleted comment)
Hey you :) *smishes back* I'm doing alright... keeping busy which is always good hehe. What you upto these days? Find a new place yet?

Jimmy looks absolutely edible (yummy) but alas - this isn't the film for me. I would bite my nails down to the quick and have to close my eyes during the scarey bits. Yep, now you know - I am indeed a great bit wuss! Let me know how it ends will ya?

Doesn't he? :) I know this could be just as scary/hard/depressing to watch as the original but I'm gonna do it anyway - and possibly come back and re-energize myself with writing some Alexander Skarsgard/Jimmy Marsden slash hehe. Will definitely let you know, sweetie :)

How are ya?!?! *hugs* :)

Daaaaaaaaaaamn...Alex Skarsgard as the evil guy...*is already drooling* But James Marsden as the 'good' guy? Oh boy...*fans herself*

Hey cmon now.. Jimmy has always been the perfect good guy!! :) And think of all the slashy possibilities here huh? *winks* :)

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