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MW: Logan closeup

Do you use RL as inspiration for your FF?

I can think of a couple things that I {consciously} wrote up into my stories, other than the occasional sex snippet heh ;-) Like the scene in the J2 fic "Love story of Inanimate Objects" where a lost-in-thought Kyra steps on a burning cigarette stub, barefoot.. I did that once. Hurt like hell :D The incident in the X-Men series "In the beginning" where Scott is throwing up stretched out across Logan's lap and naughty Logan uses the opportunity to feel the poor boy up - okay its a little funny now but back when I was a teenager and still new to booze, I sure didn't appreciate getting groped in the middle of a barf-attack heh. Hm, what else.. the SPN story Webster was written for my very dear friend Vince who'd been forced to give away his cat (also called Webster) after discovering he was allergic :( I loved the Renaissance Mayflower hotel in DC so much I decided to set Shipwrecked (J2) in there. In "Won't let Texas get in the way", the neat little trick Harley does, grabbing beer out of an icebox - a dog I once knew could do that. *sighs*

Yeah.. immortalized some of my most memorable memories in fanfiction, I have. Apologies for channeling Yoda. I'd really love to hear some of your real-life inspirations?

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I think that is soo cool, that you have incorportated real life to your fanfiction.. though am sorry you got groped while barfing... :) I dont write fanfic :( not too much of an imagination I guesss, and now I have to go read : "I wont let Texas get in the way"... cuase i forgot how much i loved that story so now i have to go an remind mysef :P that and the little princess is alseep for once without screaming for hours so that means......... FF READING NIGHT... YEYEYYEYEYEY... ITS the little things that make me happy :P

Hehe :) I'm so glad you enjoy reading my stories sweetie. And now I'm thinking of blowing off work tomorrow (yep, was planning to work weekend, gah!) and do nothing but catch up on some FF reading myself :) Any new stuff you could recommend?

Oh Yes... i just finished reading a story called This Hell we've made by http://bewaretheides15.livejournal.com/ .... its got an xmen sort of twist to it.. but we our beloved Jared and jenses.. I enjoyed it so much I made a pdf... Let me know if you want me to email it to you.. I hope you enjoy it...

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