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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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SPN: Sam's eyelashes

To sign up or not to sign up..

Reasons to sign up
1. 4th bigbang in a row - not a bad record to have
2. Haven't written in so long - may help unblock muse
3. bottom!Sam/Jared minority faction - need to contribute :-p

Reasons to not sign up
1. Not that into SPN/J2 fandom these days (Dinozzo on my mind 24-7)
2. RL sucks. Don't have time, possibly none at all in April-May
3. bottom!Sam/Jared minority faction - low readership
4. Mean anon people
5. Writer's block - serious possibility of having to forfeit


EDIT: I didn't sign up after all. Couldn't have managed it. But hey, there's always next year, right? *nods eagerly* :) Sorry guys.

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I'm ALL FOR bottom Jared. =( I guess your reasons for NOT signing up are valid though, but couldn't you sign up and try, even if you fail due to writer's block or not enough time in the end?

Sorry about the RL suckage, but I still hope you'll decide to participate this year as well. Then again I'm just selfish and want to read good, bottom Sam/Jared fanfic! ;-) *innocent castile look* ;-)

Btw looking at your header: what did you think of the last two White Collar eps?

Hey you! Sorry for being late in responding to this hon. Turns out I didn't sign up after all. Way things are right now, I wouldn't have managed it anyway *sighs*. Oh well, there is always next year yeah? :)

I LOVED the new White Collar episodes!!! The introduction of Adler opens up new slashy opportunities and of course I love how they're starting to explore Neal's past. What did you think?

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