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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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SPN: Sam's eyelashes

To sign up or not to sign up..

Reasons to sign up
1. 4th bigbang in a row - not a bad record to have
2. Haven't written in so long - may help unblock muse
3. bottom!Sam/Jared minority faction - need to contribute :-p

Reasons to not sign up
1. Not that into SPN/J2 fandom these days (Dinozzo on my mind 24-7)
2. RL sucks. Don't have time, possibly none at all in April-May
3. bottom!Sam/Jared minority faction - low readership
4. Mean anon people
5. Writer's block - serious possibility of having to forfeit


EDIT: I didn't sign up after all. Couldn't have managed it. But hey, there's always next year, right? *nods eagerly* :) Sorry guys.

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Another reason to sign up:

4. To get back into SPN/J2 fandom - pronto!!!

Make sure its J2 though as I don't read wincest :D

I'm sorry I have no idea who dinozzo is :)))


Hehe.. yeah, well there is that! :) I have only written J2 bigbangs so far so I guess.. I should stick to that if I write at all hehe.. still not sure *sighs*. And oh, this is very special agent Anthony Dinozzo from NCIS - I'm in love! (Again) ;)

I think you should do it!!! Sign up :D

I agree he is kinda cute, but so are these - cute and hot :))))



Marsha sidebar

Marsha sidebar

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