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1. Folks who've been to the Luray caverns will know what I'm on about. Was fortunate to get a chance to see the caverns yesterday and.. WOAH. Never seen natural rock formations so breathtakingly beautiful before. Especially loved the Dream Lake.. a shallow body of water so clear you don't even see it's there the first time you look at it. There is something so pristine and calming about it. Highly recommended by yours truly if you haven't been already. Sadly they restrict each tour to an hour only, which I guess is understandable. I wouldn't come out of there for weeks if it were up to me heh.

2. Minor update on life - my official stint Stateside is finally coming to an end. I fly home the day after Christmas, which works well enough for me, seeing how my sis here is the only real family I've left I'd want to spend it with. I do feel ready to go back and resume normal operating conditions though. Vacations can't / shouldn't last forever. Plus I really miss Jaredina :) That's the first thing I'll do after recovering from the inevitable jetlag - take her out for a long spin about the countryside, give us both a chance to stretch our manual transmissions heh.

3. So.. as expected, Very Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo continues to be the focal point for all my fannish obsessions these days. The man, the actor, the character - they're both so bloody fascinating I only regret not discovering him sooner. Anyway, you guys ever feel like reading a REALLY well-written and intensely authentic BDSM slash fic set in the NCIS universe (Gibbs/Tony) you should absolutely check out Two Masters by Xanthe. Xanthe is hugely, and I mean HUGELY talented. The bdsm scenes are deliciously descriptive and she (at least I think she's a she) doesn't hold back at all. But it's not pwp or gratuitous in any way. This story is extremely emotion-driven and even heartrending in places. Sadly all good things come to an end, and even though it may be considered super-long (~200K) feels nowhere near enough heh. So there's my fic rec for the month. I honestly haven't been keeping up with SPN these days. But if you know of any good fics you've read lately I'd love to get your recs.

4. Anybody else glad to have Sammy's soul back? I so am! Jeez it should be easier to watch the show now. OOC does not belong in canon IMHO, that should just be us fans' privilege hehe ;)

Hope you're all having a good one! :)
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