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NCIS: Tony head back laughing

Dear Yuletide 2010 - Thank/Damn you jasmasson ;)

So I followed jasmasson's lead and signed up for yuletide 2010. I don't know how I will make time for this but, now that I've committed, I guess I will! And hopefully someone will write me my small fandom fic in exchange :) So here's my wishlist for Yuletide 2010:

Request 1: Charmed
Leo and Piper and/or big brother Wyatt have to deal with a spoilt rotten or extremely rebellious problem child Chris Halliwell. Use of domestic discipline (spanking) but not abuse. Also, maybe a character study into why Chris behaves the way he does would be fantastic! (No slash)

Request 2: Dark Angel
Must absolutely be Logan-centric. Post-S2. Max, Alec and Zack - all X5s are in love with the only human left in their midst (Terminal City). Bonus points for h/c and Logan back in the wheelchair!

Request 3: Vampire Diaries
Massive Damon-whumping and lots of h/c that follows it :) (Incest okay but must be bottom!Damon in sex scenes if any)

For those who aren't quite familiar with yuletide - its basically an annual fic challenge for the smaller fandoms, the really minuscule ones. Yeah I was surprised to see Charmed in that list myself, but I suppose it is a dying fandom now. Vampire Diaries also hasn't picked up as much but let's wait and see.. and Dark Angel is just.. *sighs* OMG that's just part of my ongoing obsession with Michael Weatherly and every character he's ever played. I am crushing on that man so massively right now it HURTS just to think about him, in a good way ;) *fans self* And honestly that is all I really wanted from Yuletide but they won't let me post three requests of the same fandom so.. oh well.. here's hoping!!! :)

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Um - not going great. Apparently, just because I enjoy READING gen in this fandom, doesn't mean I can WRITE it! I shouldn't have ticked the gen box, because all of my bunnies want them to bang each other like a screen door in a hurricane! ;)

Hopefully some gen inspiration will come to me!!!!

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