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NCIS: Tony head back laughing

Dear Yuletide 2010 - Thank/Damn you jasmasson ;)

So I followed jasmasson's lead and signed up for yuletide 2010. I don't know how I will make time for this but, now that I've committed, I guess I will! And hopefully someone will write me my small fandom fic in exchange :) So here's my wishlist for Yuletide 2010:

Request 1: Charmed
Leo and Piper and/or big brother Wyatt have to deal with a spoilt rotten or extremely rebellious problem child Chris Halliwell. Use of domestic discipline (spanking) but not abuse. Also, maybe a character study into why Chris behaves the way he does would be fantastic! (No slash)

Request 2: Dark Angel
Must absolutely be Logan-centric. Post-S2. Max, Alec and Zack - all X5s are in love with the only human left in their midst (Terminal City). Bonus points for h/c and Logan back in the wheelchair!

Request 3: Vampire Diaries
Massive Damon-whumping and lots of h/c that follows it :) (Incest okay but must be bottom!Damon in sex scenes if any)

For those who aren't quite familiar with yuletide - its basically an annual fic challenge for the smaller fandoms, the really minuscule ones. Yeah I was surprised to see Charmed in that list myself, but I suppose it is a dying fandom now. Vampire Diaries also hasn't picked up as much but let's wait and see.. and Dark Angel is just.. *sighs* OMG that's just part of my ongoing obsession with Michael Weatherly and every character he's ever played. I am crushing on that man so massively right now it HURTS just to think about him, in a good way ;) *fans self* And honestly that is all I really wanted from Yuletide but they won't let me post three requests of the same fandom so.. oh well.. here's hoping!!! :)

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(Deleted comment)
:D Thanks hon *smishes* I'm excited - haven't been writing fanfic so much and this sort of forces me to do it so.. yayy :D:D

They dropped one of my fandoms this year-a fandom that's not exactly boiling over with activity. D:

I hope you get fics you like!

Aww.. which one was that? Its strange they would drop something altogether, I mean they have the strangest stuff listed still, films and bands I've never even heard of *raises one eyebrow*

Vorkosigan Saga, based on a series of military science fiction books. It's just active enough it squeaked over the limit, apparently. They're talking about holding a Winterfest thing of their own, so they get some fics.


Yes to all of them! I'm not sure which one I find the prospect of more exciting--two or three.


:D I know right! I'll be happy to read any of these three of course, but I'm thinking if no.2 doesn't get written then I'll write it myself hehe. And as for no.3 - well my own yuletide assignment is also in the same fandom so.. I could probably self-serve there as well ;)

Mwahahahaha! (Mine is an evil laugh.)

I'm so glad you're in! *squishes*

How's your assignment? Feeling confident?

You're evil period! :) *smishes back*
I have a good match and some good ideas for the assignment. Now all I need to do is find some time to actually sit down and write it hehe ;) How about you?

Um - not going great. Apparently, just because I enjoy READING gen in this fandom, doesn't mean I can WRITE it! I shouldn't have ticked the gen box, because all of my bunnies want them to bang each other like a screen door in a hurricane! ;)

Hopefully some gen inspiration will come to me!!!!

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