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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Black Friday yayy..

Not that I ever get any shopping done. I'm too lazy for things like that heh. So.. three people defriended me in the past 4 hours. Anything I should know about people? :)

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Defriended you?! In 4 hours?! I think Black Friday just makes people grumpy. ;P I got up to go shopping at 4:30 this morning. I almost fricken got trampled, but I got everything I wanted. ;D

For a second I wondered if that horrible anon comm was back. They didn't like me back there you see ;p Anyhoo, doesn't matter.

You actually made it and got everything you wanted?? That's awesome! :) I made it to Tangers in New York for a couple of hours and got some great stuff half-off, and it was late evening so I didn't get trampled by the crowds either hehe.

Ah well, screw those guys then, that just means there's more of you for us. *wicked cackle* Yup, my main thing I wanted was a big $500 tv that was only $198, and MAN those things were goin fast! XD I actually like Black Friday shoppin, I think it's exciting, but then again, I live in a small town, and I definitely understand it's not so fun and downright dangerous in places like..New York. *grimaces* You're a brave individual..even if you went late. XD

y main thing I wanted was a big $500 tv that was only $198, and MAN those things were goin fast!

WOAH. That would be totally worth going through the insanity!!! Congratulations hon :)

Well, Long Island to be more precise, that's where my sister lives. Not as scary as the city, but definitely not to be taken lightly either hehe ;)

I'm not sure I could be paid to go shopping on Black Friday. I hate going shopping at a normal time. Add that to massive amounts of people going absolutely batshit and being rude? Yep, NOT my scene. :)

So with you hon! Altho I did let my sister persuade me to check out a factory outlet area in Long Island and it wasn't all that bad. Mostly 'cause it was late evening and most of the frantic shoppers had already exhausted themselves by the time hehe..

I hate shopping at the best of times let alone when it's manic with people hoping for a bargain.

As for de-friending . . . their loss. x

:D I'm not a big fan of shopping myself but.. ah hell who am i kidding. I love clothes! :) And so does my sis so we ended up going for a couple hours anyway hehe.

Yeah I'm not bothered by the defriending. I was just curious if there was something going on making ppl want to defriend me all of a sudden hehe ;) For a second i wondered if that horrible anon comm was back 'cause you know they weren't exactly fans of me over there hehe...

I'm sorry you got defriended. *hugs*

Hehe.. I don't care hon. It's not the defriending that bothers me. I just was curious as to the odd frequency of it. Getting up first thing this morning and I see I got defriended not once, not twice, 3 times hehe.. just weird. But I'm over it now. Whatever.

Hope you're doing well hon! *hugs*

The defrienders obviously have poor taste ;)

I will have to agree!! ;p Thank you sweetie!! :)

I'm so with you on the no shopping on insanity Friday. I don't even stick my head out the door it I can help it. I hate crowds and rude people, so me and stores is a big nono on sales days like these.

As for the defriending, don't take it personally. A lot of people have this day off and they tend to do some house (or in this case) computer cleaning. A lot of people friend someone mainly to read their fics, when their interest changes (the reader or the author) people tend to befriend people. So no worries, it's really of a case of "it's not you, it's me" sort of thing :-).

Heh so with you on avoiding insanity Friday!! I'm not a big fan of crowds as it is. Altho I did end up going to a couple of outlet stores but that was late evening and by that time the crowds had thinned out considerably, thank God.

Oh no hon, I never take defriending personally :) I have to admit I've been expecting it in fact since I haven't been writing in my usual fandoms for awhile now. I was just curious as to the timing of it. 3 defriendings in such a short span of time is a first for me hehe. Anyhoo.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :)

You too! And I'm glad you don't take it personally. :-) Happy hunting!!!

As much as you guys don't like to shop Black Friday, it could be worse you could have to work in the store like I do! I had to work from 8 last night to 6 this morning, and have to go back and work at 10 tonight!

Awww.. so sorry hon. That doesn't sound like fun at all! You have to start work at 10pm tonight? The shops don't stay open all night long do they?

Wal-mart is 24/7! It hadn't been an hour into Black Friday (midnight) I already had customers bitting my head off! So pleas do me a favor. When you go out shopping, just remember the holiday maddness might be insane for you; but even more so for the ones who work in the store!

:D Noted hon. Hope you got some time off after the insanity ended!

(Deleted comment)
Hey you!! :) Yeah don't bother with the defriending hon. You will always have the people who really truly care about you. They're not going anywhere and that includes me :D:D *smishes*

3 people defriend you? Huh? What's their problem? Never mind them. It's their lost, really.

Don't know them, don't care. So long as people I adore and admire stick around - like you!! :) *hugs* How're you doing hon?

Yup, it's their lost. Really.

Me? Busy as a bee. *grins*

How are you?

Super busy myself! My time in the US is coming to an end and I will be going back (to London) after Christmas. So making the most of the next 2 weeks hehe. Read about you judging stories written by your colleagues.. that should be fun huh, since you've been reading fanfic for so long :)

Oh, being a judge for that event was really fun! :D
We had to pick the most favorite story. I'd love to do that again one day.

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