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NCIS: Tony squee

As if I needed more reasons to love MW...

All his jackassery as Tony Dinozzo fools nobody. He's such a humble, beautiful person, both inside and out...

Happy Being the Second Banana

On childhood..
"Everyone assumes that I must've played football or was a college athlete. I wasn't a jock in school, and by the 10th grade, when I was in boarding school I was carrying water buckets for the girls' hockey team. I was the kid with long hair and glasses and acne trying to learn how to play guitar and piano in the music center. I was not an athlete past the age of 13 or 14 when they start throwing the ball really fast."

On his insecurities.. *melts*
"I thought people thought I was stupid. I always thought I had to try and impress people and be really smart because I was always insecure about not finishing school. My father and mother are both very smart people and I always felt I was a little short of the mark. So I would compensate with a character like Logan Cale. He's wearing glasses, he's in a wheelchair, he's a computer genius. He's very far away from who I am, but I really wanted to play roles where I'd be taken seriously."

On starting his acting career on the Cosby Show..
"I believe they cut my lines. I wasn't very good at saying them. It threw me into the fire. I had no idea what I was doing. I had done a couple of plays, but I was a clueless boob. Cosby allowed me to have something on my resume that was real and then the producers of Guiding Light let me play a preppy killer just the following month. Suddenly I had two gigs on my résumé that made me look like a real actor, although I was far from it."

On Jessica Alba..
"I remember very strongly the inevitable feeling I had about Jessica when we were doing Dark Angel because it was like I was the Millennium Falcon being sucked into the tractor beam."

On being the no.2 guy..
"My son said to me once, 'When are you going to be 'the guy'? You're always the guy next to the girl or the guy next to the guy. The weird thing about my career at this point, by and large, is I've perfected the No. 2 slot. I've had a No. 2 next to my name on call sheets for so long I'm pretty loosey-goosey about the whole thing."

On life.. *melts again*
"I feel very centered and grounded and happy, as corny as all that is. So when I look forward now, I don't have the anxiety. There's a lot of other stuff going on in the planet than what I want to do in terms of films and television."

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That's a lovely interview!

As you can see, Michael Weatherly is my latest celebrity crush, and man am I crushing! ;)

He's a beautiful man, inside and out *_*

Oh My God isn't he!?!?! His humility just makes me love him so much much more!! :)

I'm so glad you got into NCIS!

Hehe.. me too hon :) NCIS is my feel-good fandom. Nothing can bring me down here no matter what! :D Well, maybe some things can.. like the possibility that the show might be over soon *sniffs* but hey at least it'll go out making me smile and we'll always have all the Tony-centric fanfic hehe ;) So glad you're here too!! You're probably the only one I know in NCIS! :) *hugs*

You don't have to worry about that. The show's not going anywhere for AT LEAST a year. I would say even longer. It's CBS' best rated drama and the only scripted show on the US TV to break 20 mil. viewers. CBS won't cancel it anytime soon.

*knocks on wood* I hope you're right! I just keep thinking back to the rumors I once heard about Mark Harmon leaving, I think that was a couple years ago? Do you know anything about that? I don't think the show will survive without Gibbs :(

He had some problems with Bellisario, the exec of the show, a few years back. Bellisario wanted to micro-manage everything which led to 16 hour long filming days on regular basis. Harmon basically put his foot down and said either he goes or I do. And Bellisario was replaced by Shane Brennan. The same thing happened last year with Brennan who was suddenly managing both NCIS and NCIS:LA and Brennan had to heel :P Mark Harmon said many times that he was enjoying himself immensely filming the show and he had no intention going anywhere. They film the show in LA, so he can go home to his wife and kids every night. He's really content.

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