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TVD fic: Exorcising the Ghost of Giuseppe Salvatore (PG)

Title: Exorcising the Ghost of Giuseppe Salvatore
Summary: Stefan invokes the past to help Damon overcome his nightmares. That’s right. Monsters have their demons too.
Rating: PG (Gen)
Verse: TVD tv series. Set sometime after S2 premiere, no spoilers for anything except S2E01. Stefan’s 1st person POV.
Author Notes: I couldn’t find any information about their mother anywhere, so ended up inventing most of it. Creative license please? :) Also, for someone who’s lived for a hundred and fifty years, I would imagine their language to be an unintentional mix of 19th century formality in parts and contemporary American in others. It’s deliberate, and personally I’m comfortable with the way it is. FYI, I don't write first person POV often but I've decided not to be scared of it anymore. Constructive feedback is much loved!
Word Count: 3630



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Can't read it yet, since I haven't caught up with the second season yet. =( But will do so, as soon as I've caught up!!!

Sure hon! You don't actually need to know anything about S2 to read this, but read whenever you want to :)

Great story! I really enjoyed reading this!

Thank you sweetie :) Glad you liked!

This was so unbelievably sweet!! Love the backstory you created for mama Salvatore, and the reasoning behind their father's disapproval of/relative harshness towards Damon :( wish they'd come up with something like this on the show, it would certainly mitigate my dislike for Giuseppe (although, on second though, I don't think anything can truly mitigate my dislike for a man who shot his own sons lol *cringes*) great stuff :)

Thank you so much!! So glad you enjoyed this take on the Salvatores' backstory. And I completely agree, I couldn't forgive Giuseppe either. cheers :)

Hooray for a Vampire Diaries fic. :) Poor Damon being tourtured about his father not liking him. :( I love how Stefan keeps tentatively trying to talk to him about his nightmares. I loved this line:
Damon huffed. “What can you possibly say that I don’t already know? I get it. I have daddy issues.” His eyebrows spiked up at the last two words cynically. He looked miserable.

And I kind of love the idea that Damon lookes like his mom. At least it gives him an answer for 'why' even if it's not a particularly forgivable reason, it's still a reason. I loved Stefan telling Damon stories of there mother in the end. Nice to see them bonding. :) Thanks so much for the story!

Hey you :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Glad you liked this story.. I just wanted to write something completely centered on Damon, and I started this with the clear intention of writing some good old h/c slash. But alas, this thing turned out to have a mind of its own hehe... thanks again hon! *hugs*

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