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NCIS: Ziva kisses Tony

Tired and uninspired.

1. Letter to a whiny young Democrat
Good read. Even for non-Americans, this commentary on the fickleness of the voting youth is true everywhere in general.

2. So all speculations about my recent singleness and on-again-off-again-disillusionment with SPN aside, here are my thoughts on NCIS.. this effin show effin rocks! Michael Weatherly is adorable to a fault, I never realized how refreshing this lack of angst could be, and the best part is, there's 8 years worth of fanfic, 80% of which is centered around Tony Dinozzo! I mean, come on! How am I supposed to effin resist! :D Doesn't mean I'll start writing NCIS fic anytime soon tho. It's like with Harry Potter. I read voraciously, but there are so many great authors out there already doing such a great job that I feel no need, or no void to try and fill with my own stories. Which is what I do with SPN.

3. And talking about writing.. actually, that's all I seem to be able to do these days. just TALK about it, think about it, hope to get some done but never actually doing any. *sighs*. Regardless of fandom, I just don't seem to want to write anymore. Dunno what's wrong, I just feel completely tapped out, uninspired, and of late more than content to read NCIS and HP fics instead. Not good. Am open to suggestions if anyone has any.

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About NCIS and fanfic: Beware, girl, beware! 75% of them are duds. Painful duds. There's a lot of fanfiction but ouch, most of it is written by smitten high school girls, really *cringes* My advice? Read stuff people rec you, it's safer that way.

Thanks for the tip! Isn't that kind of true for all fandoms though? ;) But you're right.. I'll start with the rec lists. Do you have any hon, perchance? ;)

I have a few here. Hope you'll like them :)

Yayy, thank you so much hon!! :) *hugs*

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