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NCIS: Tony and Gibbs bringin sexy back

Of rallies and marathons..

1. LOVE the NCIS marathon on TV today. It's easy to see why it became the #1 drama on American television. I used to watch it on and off before but was never as hooked (on to Tony Dinozzo) as I am now. Michael Weatherly really is cute. Even when he's chubby and douchey :) (Anyone else see similarities in his and Jensen's mannerisms?) And Tim DeKay was on one of the episodes rerun today! Him and Mark Harmon in one frame - jeez, hotness overload. Have to say, older men? Not really my type, least not anymore. I was a different person 15 years ago, and going older was pretty much the only option since most boys at that age as you all know are stupid immature jocks ;p Of course one could argue that going 16 years older to myself was probably going way too far but, to quote Ducky, I digress. What I was saying is, older men aren't my usual thing but with these two, making an exception is not such a travesty at all. *fans self* ;)

2. Ahem so while my beloved tivo (best invention evvverrr!!) recorded the NCIS marathon, I and a bunch of friends successfully traversed the mayhem and chaos that was DC today to get to the rally to restore sanity at Capitol Hill. Never attended an actual rally before, and how much fun was that huh!?! :) We pushed our way into a metro line packed to capacity, then climbed up a water fountain in front of.. uhh, fuck I forgot, some museum to get a not so great but reasonable view of the stage. I saw John Legend! And Ozzie! *squeals* :) I also saw people show up in the hundreds of thousands, many of them holding funny, witty and relevant signs.. sarcasm being the theme of the day and they got it. Kudos to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for pulling this off and for proving that not everyone in this part of the world has turned into an irrational scaredy fanatic. A good recap can be read here (if you haven't already).. this article even picked up my favorite quote of the day by Jon Stewart:

Stewart cited the importance of distinguishing between "real racists and Tea Partiers, or real bigots and Juan Williams or Rick Sanchez," because failing to do so "is an insult, not only to those people but to the racists themselves, who have put in the exhausting effort it takes to hate."

Well-said. If I was American and if Jon Stewart ran for President, I'd vote for him :)

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Michael Weatherly said that he had problems keeping his weight. Even his mom called him, seeing him on TV, and told him that he should lose a few pounds XD The poor thing. Sometimes, you can see him bounce back and forth with his weight even between episodes. I still prefer him to Sean Murray, McGee, who has lost so much weight lately that he looks anorexic and sick. It's kinda icky.

Aww, poor thing is right :) He does look even chubbier in the new season but I adore him still! Every time he comes on-screen he makes me smile.

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