Cyndra Rae (cyndrarae) wrote,
Cyndra Rae

Of gummed shoes and missed trains

OMG I had the craziest, weirdest night last night, it was TOTALLY awesome!!
I'm lying... it wasn't. It was completely ordinary, 100% normal, with a regular side of boring. My one and only moment of mild amusement snuck up on me in the middle of a minor temper tantrum actually, when I was least expecting it.

Anyone at the Clarendon metro station yesterday evening, say around 6.30pm? If you were, remember that idiot in dark blue jeans and a loose-turtlenecked snow leopard print blouse you saw climbing down the platform to pick up a metal studded black flat shoe from the train tracks? *raises hand* That was me.

So this is what happened: I left work and went down to the Rosslyn metro station to catch the Blue line to Pentagon City like I do every weekday. But the train schedule display was all fucked up plus I had my nose buried deep in Salman Rushdie's The Moor's Last Sigh and ended up boarding the Orange line by mistake. And so engrossed was I, I didn't realize I was on the wrong train until two stops later. Don't ask. When I finally did get it, I jumped off at Clarendon station, ran down to the other platform to catch a train in the opposite direction back to Rosslyn and somewhere along the way I stepped onto a gigantic piece of Gelusil-pink gum.

So there I was, extremely annoyed with myself, mad at the chump who'd spit his/her gum out in a public place and even madder at myself for not watching where I was going. And I couldn't walk right or stand 'cause my foot would get stuck to the spot and I had to get it off right away except I was carrying two bags (my over-sized tote and my laptop) and a trench coat, and I couldn't make it too obvious what I was doing 'cause it was embarrassing and there was this cute guy on the platform standing ten yards away, of course, and he'd just smiled at me like five seconds ago so...

Long story short, I lost my temper and ended up jerking my foot so hard the gummed shoe flew off, sailed across the platform and landed below... in the.. trench thingie.. next to the tracks. I think I must have huffed, really long and hard like I usually do, and that's when it hit me, that insane (but not really) fit of laughter out of just nowhere. I put my stuff down, stepped out of the other shoe, ignored the cutie who was by this time gawking at me like I'd lost my mind and knelt at the edge of the platform to try to get to the shoe with one hand. Except I'm not tall (or long?) enough and so had to get down into that crawl space, grabbed the shoe then hopped right back. Didn't take me more than half a minute and yes I did check - no train was due on those tracks for 9 minutes at least (the display is never off by that much, usually just 2-3 minutes tops) Anyway, I boarded the right train this time, grabbed a seat and dug out my iPod. Knew there was a reason why Bad Day At Black Rock is one of only four SPN episodes I carry around with me everywhere I go. Reminds me why I adore Sammy Winchester so much, and nothing he does (or doesn't do) will ever make me stop adoring him as much as I do.

Weird you say, this obsession for a fictional guy? Not at all. It's what keeps me going on days like these.. you know the completely ordinary ones, 100% normal, with a regular side of boring.
Tags: rant, rant: dc, rant: sammy winchester, rant: watching where i go or not

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