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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JA: Stubble and shades

Director Ackles for the win!!

SERIOUSLY THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! Best SPN episode in like EVER!!!! :) So brilliantly funny and excellent use of music and OMG Bobby and Rufus, and Sam getting thrown all over the place. *guffaws* And how sweet that Jensen got his dad Alan Ackles to do the newscaster voiceover and OMG they went INTERNATIONAL!! Acknowledgment finally of life beyond the US of A!! Kidding ;) Demons crossing over to this side of the pond - only natural the Winchesters would reciprocate hehe. Ooh and Smallville was great too!! Terrific television and God do I love my Tivo. No complaints whatsoever!! Absolute ABSOLUTE Awesomeness!!!
Okay I'm done now :D *replays* :D

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Ding dong, wouldn't have realized it was Jensen directing the ep...should have paid attentioned to the credits, my bad. But it was a very GOOD episode, the best of this season so far. I liked the focus on Bobby, I liked the Crossroads King return and I LOVED the boys going international and Sam making jokes about Dean's white knuckeled flight of nine hours. :DDD
So yeah, really loved this ep, especially the woodchipper scene and how the lovely neighbour wasn't so lovely after that. :D

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