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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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IS: Flying kiss

Ian Somerhalder question for TVD followers?

I'm havin so much trouble describing Damon in words! Especially the sinisterly (is that even a word?) adorable expressions on Ian's face. I so love it when he widens his eyes to stress on words or when he's being sarcastic. But what do you call that thing he does which is like half a scowl or half a smirk or something? Like when he squints and half his face kinda scrunches up, just the one cheek, and just for a second? Maybe I'm just drawing a complete and total blank so any help would be truly appreciated!! One word... all I need is the one word.

Ooh and if you're interested, here's my collection of Ian's photos I started back when he was on Lost.. clickie

Thanks much! :)

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You're very welcome sweetie :) And yeah don't worry about the word.. its probably just like.. a sneer only with like half a face.. ugh that sounds so lame but whatever hehe.. never mind :D

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