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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JP: *facepalm*

A very supernatural ranting (with spoilers)

"Molding the minds of tomorrow, who knew?"

YOU knew, that's who, you idiot. Who do you think raised YOU? That's what Dean should have told Sam. It's what he should have told him last week too in response to all the baby drama. And to all of Sam's irreverent 'huh!' comments about Dean's fathering of Ben. Isn't anyone else surprised and outraged by how blatantly SPN writers seem to have discarded the very fundamental premise of family and brotherhood that S1-S2 were based on? *sighs*. Whatever. I'm waiting. Tapping fingers and wincing with disappointment, but still tuning in every week. And still waiting.

PS: Is this even the real him? What if the real Sam never actually came back? Heck I'd maybe even prefer that because this guy.. whoever this is.. just isn't doing it for me. You can keep him shirtless all episode long for all I care. I miss Sammy, I want him back :(

PPS: Assuming this really is the real Sam, whatever acting directions Jared's been given don't seem to.. well.. I feel like he should be layering his performance a little more. Like maybe if he demonstrated slight hints of something that once was, some sort of conflict instead of this calculated calmness, I think it would add a gradual and more believable progression to his character development (if they have one planned at all, that is). I think its desperately needed because right now, it's falling really flat for me. Sorry. I absolutely adore Jared, guys, you know I do. And I don't think it is Jared's fault at all. But.. like I said, I'm still waiting to feel the love again.

PPPS: Big LOLZ for the Dinozzo flashback!! "He's right behind me, isn't he?" Ha ha. I so still love Dinozzo :D:D

PPPPS (Yeah yeah I know, sue me:p): Totally with Dean on the silver lining! Anyone else glad to see the big dumb Impala-wannabe gone? *grins*

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15 years! That's fantastic sweetie, congratulations! :) Sounds like you have a lovely family with a lot of interesting years to look forward to! :)

Me.. my marriage ended after 6 years recently, got in and out of a bad rebound relationship and am now on my own taking a well-deserved break in Washington DC for a temporary work assignment heh. Oh well...

Am hoping to get some time to write while I'm here but so far hasn't happened yet. Hey how about you start another spanking challenge hon? :) We got so many great stories the last time, and we need the fanfic seeing as the show isn't doing anything to appease our cravings? :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your marraige ending, and the bad rebound relationship. Hopefully you're having a good time in DC. :)

You know what, I am going to do another spanking challenge, but not just for SPN. Please stop by my LJ or website, and see if there is one you would like to take! I'd love to see something new and spanky from you. :)

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