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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JP: *facepalm*

A very supernatural ranting (with spoilers)

"Molding the minds of tomorrow, who knew?"

YOU knew, that's who, you idiot. Who do you think raised YOU? That's what Dean should have told Sam. It's what he should have told him last week too in response to all the baby drama. And to all of Sam's irreverent 'huh!' comments about Dean's fathering of Ben. Isn't anyone else surprised and outraged by how blatantly SPN writers seem to have discarded the very fundamental premise of family and brotherhood that S1-S2 were based on? *sighs*. Whatever. I'm waiting. Tapping fingers and wincing with disappointment, but still tuning in every week. And still waiting.

PS: Is this even the real him? What if the real Sam never actually came back? Heck I'd maybe even prefer that because this guy.. whoever this is.. just isn't doing it for me. You can keep him shirtless all episode long for all I care. I miss Sammy, I want him back :(

PPS: Assuming this really is the real Sam, whatever acting directions Jared's been given don't seem to.. well.. I feel like he should be layering his performance a little more. Like maybe if he demonstrated slight hints of something that once was, some sort of conflict instead of this calculated calmness, I think it would add a gradual and more believable progression to his character development (if they have one planned at all, that is). I think its desperately needed because right now, it's falling really flat for me. Sorry. I absolutely adore Jared, guys, you know I do. And I don't think it is Jared's fault at all. But.. like I said, I'm still waiting to feel the love again.

PPPS: Big LOLZ for the Dinozzo flashback!! "He's right behind me, isn't he?" Ha ha. I so still love Dinozzo :D:D

PPPPS (Yeah yeah I know, sue me:p): Totally with Dean on the silver lining! Anyone else glad to see the big dumb Impala-wannabe gone? *grins*

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May I? lol I was checking into your lj to see if you had any new fics(cox I loved ur BB) and saw the review.
*facepalm* I think it's my day for self-torture cox it's killing me to see so many "BAD" Sam reviews.

I hope you don't mind me saying this, but to me Dean's awkwardness with baby and Sam's comments about Ben seem valid.
Like someone else said, babies usually grow out of diapers what? maybe in 1-2 years??? Dean would have been 6 years old by then. Somehow it's hard for me to imagine a 6 year old Dean changing baby Sammy's diapers and cleaning him. Maybe he did help, I don't doubt that, and also fed him baby bottles.....that's why he prolly remembers that there was a baby rash butt cream which was necessary and stuff.
And also in that Shtriga? episode, we see that Dean is actually resentful of having to take care of his baby brother and he left to play in an arcade game and forgot to come home early thinking Sam was safe. He was around 9 years old in that episode I think. And then we had AVSC in which Dean gives Sammy the last of the cornflake(I forgot the name >.<). Dean had actually told Sam they had run out of it cox he wanted to eat it himself, but when Sam asked he couldn't deny his li'll brother even if he dint want to give it. I'm not by any means sayig Dean hates his bro or vice-versa.
This looks and sounded more to me like they were more brothers in their young age than parent-son.
Plus I don't think John became a hardened hunter right after Mary's death, I believe it was more like a gradual process. And even then....he would probably be learning the ropes and all about the supernatural entities when Sam was diaper age.
Just What I think k..........And please don't hate my poor Sammy *puppy eyes*
I'm feeling pretty miserable after seeing so many ppl bash on Sam and not understanding him :(

thenyxie's review says what I want to say, but she words it much better.

Oh no no no sweetie don't get me wrong. I absolutely still love Sam! Sometimes he might be the only reason why I watch the show anymore, trust me. But I have to say, and this is entirely a personal opinion and you're entitled to completely disagree, that the show writers never do him any justice. I mean I know Dean is the more popular brother and Jensen the more popular actor, but it does not justify the lack of character development for Sam/Jared. So yeah, that's my peeve - I don't know if there is an actual plan for Sam. And so far, this abrupt coldness in him is just so .. I am just not liking it. It is entirely unlike the Sammy we were first introduced to and I miss that very very much.

As for Dean's relationship with Sam, I do believe he had a great role to play in raising Sam. Sure he was a kid himself, but look at the giant responsibility he took upon himself. He stayed with Sam and looked after him, he sacrificed his share of food for Sam (I believe the Shritga episode is just one instance - he might have even gone hungry on other occasions), he used to crawl into Sam's crib to protect him, he stole gifts just so Sam could have a good Christmas.. its totally unfair to expect adult-like maturity and selflessness from a kid but in his own teen ways he was more there for Sam than John was. And that's what I meant. I wasn't even referring to the diaper changes so much, I only meant the protective sentiment. Dean has ALWAYS been good with kids, and its obvious to me that its because he had so much practice with taking care of Sam. Its unfair to Dean that this version of Sam doesn't remember it.

Anyway. this is just my opinion hon. You are totally justified to ignore it if you don't agree :)

*meeep* Did you say anything after you said you still love Sam?? :DD

kk that sentence alone just lifted my mood lol

I agree with you on the first para. Sam's character development is left more to fanons imagination than it is shown in canon.
But then again, I kinda do think this Sam is still Sam, just more shut-down. I mean he's always been the more goal-focused of the two, and without Dean we've seen him go down this same road twice. In mystery spot and before Ruby came back, he was pulling himself away from humanity, even so far as to lose contact with Bobby. This time he had a year to do it and he succeeded all too well.
I know in canon Sam has been portrayed to have more empathy with the victims, but when it came to personal feelings/emotions I've always noticed him to be more closed-off. Dean broke faster than him and wanted to talk despite the Dean-cho protesting ^_^

As for the 2nd para lets just leave it at what you said. A diff of opinion. Though I do want to say that I too agree that Dean played an imp role in raising Sam, we just differ on just how big of a role that was :)

and thnx for the reply lol though I totally dint expect you to answer some random comment from some random fan

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