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TVD: Damon sick with vervain

The Vampire Diaries fic: Unloved (PG-13)

Title: Unloved
Summary: There’s something unlovable about Damon Salvatore, and he knows it. Post-201, so definitely spoilery.
Warnings: mentions of violence, pre-slash
Author Notes: Deliberate shifting of POVs in the end and invented words where you spot them.
Word Count: 1934


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I love Vampire Diaries! :) I was happy to see you'd written something for it. Personally I think Elena and Katherine are idiots. Damon is the one I would pick every time. :)

I thought you did a great job of showing how much Damon suffered in those few moments when he found out that both Katherine AND Elana picked Stefan. I thought starting it with their mother dying, and only having eyes for Stefan was excellent. And ending it with Stefan suffering as well was great. This was a wonderful line for both brothers: "Unloved by the one you love."

I hope you write more!

Hey you!! Glad to see a familiar face in this fandom! :) And thank you so so much for reading and liking this hon. Damon is definitely so broken inside... I just HAD to write this down.

I do hope to write more too!! This was me testing the fandom waters, let's see :) Thanks again hon *hugs*

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