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TVD: Damon sick with vervain

The Vampire Diaries fic: Unloved (PG-13)

Title: Unloved
Summary: There’s something unlovable about Damon Salvatore, and he knows it. Post-201, so definitely spoilery.
Warnings: mentions of violence, pre-slash
Author Notes: Deliberate shifting of POVs in the end and invented words where you spot them.
Word Count: 1934


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*squees in delight*

oh, how I missed you <3

Yes I'm here :D Couldn't resist it any longer, not after that smashing 201 episode!! :) Glad to see a familiar face!!! *smishes* :)


I really enjoyed reading this because I feel like it captures the idea that Damon has literally looked for love and acceptance in all the difficult,, murky places. Damon doesn't recognize the obvious. Good job in capturing this.

Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you liked my take on Damon's psyche :) I love that character... he's so deliciously evil and so broken inside..

I love Vampire Diaries! :) I was happy to see you'd written something for it. Personally I think Elena and Katherine are idiots. Damon is the one I would pick every time. :)

I thought you did a great job of showing how much Damon suffered in those few moments when he found out that both Katherine AND Elana picked Stefan. I thought starting it with their mother dying, and only having eyes for Stefan was excellent. And ending it with Stefan suffering as well was great. This was a wonderful line for both brothers: "Unloved by the one you love."

I hope you write more!

Hey you!! Glad to see a familiar face in this fandom! :) And thank you so so much for reading and liking this hon. Damon is definitely so broken inside... I just HAD to write this down.

I do hope to write more too!! This was me testing the fandom waters, let's see :) Thanks again hon *hugs*

Woot! Poor Damon, everybody's favorite whipping boy. Nice work!

Thank you so much! I do adore Damon, beautifully broken as he is heh.

This is simply terrific. Such a wonderful concept, and a great spin on things with Elena.

Just brilliant, adding this to my fic rec list for sure. ♥

(P.S. Stay in this fandom and write more of this greatness please?)

Thank you so much hon!! So glad you enjoyed this :) I do hope to stay in this fandom and write more stuff too *fingers crossed* Been getting wary of flamers and nonnies in my current fandom and hoping TVD will not turn out like that..

Amazing!! Poor Damon, I had a feeling this whole "it's always been Stefan" may have gone even further back than Katherine (I could see from the flashbacks that their father obviously favored Stefan) :( I think the season 2 premiere really hit home with how rejected Damon feels and you captured that here brilliantly :) I actually really loved the shifting POVs at the end and your creativity with words; and I really do hope to read more TVD fics from you!!

Thank you so much!!! So glad you liked this story hon. I had to put in a disclaimer for the shifting POVs and invented words for the nitpickers you know ;) Wanted to start in this new fandom on a reasonably good note hehe. I do hope to stick around and write more! Thanks so much again, really needed the motivation!! :)

Absolutely AWESOME story!!!! I totally loved it!!

Thank you so much!! And hey you friended me!! Friending you right back - my first new friend in TVD yayy!! :) *hugs*

I love, love, love this so much! Is this suppose to be FANON? Why does it feel so much like CANON??? I still don't know why Katherine choose to release the Salvatore brothers, but I guess she realizes that she'll never have Stefan. You really caught Damon's pain brilliantly and his sheer obliviousness to how much Stefan loves him. Thank you! I hope you will write more!

Thank you very much!! :D Katherine chose to let them go because, I guess, she really did mean it when she said she loved Stefan. And because Stefan loves Damon so she couldn't hurt him either. *shrugs* That's my logic hehe :D

So glad you enjoyed this and found this believable hon. I hope to write more too :)

Oh, this is great. This is totally how I see Damon; I always thought Damon's inferiority complex went deeper than just Katherine and Elena. LOVE his relationship with Stefan; to me, Stefan always seemed like the one person who does love Damon.

Thank you!! Yes I agree, his complex is more deep-seeded than we see on the show. I think he is the way he is because he's been lonely for such a long time. And maybe Stefan is just inherently a stronger person because he could live through the isolation. But Damon's psyche just devolved the longer he was left alone. *shrugs* It's why my heart really goes out to him, I wish Stefan would just for once let him know he does care about him. Okay and that's the end of my rambling hehe ;)

Thanks again hon.

(Deleted comment)
Never too late hon :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, glad you enjoyed this!

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