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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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WC: Neal with a gun

Stuck in my head

Thanks to the supremely fantastic summer finale of White Collar... course this is an awesome score by itself. Totally addictive!!

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White Collar finale was amazing. Score is so good!

Totally kicks ass!!!! :) And yeah OMG Neal was so intense in this episode, I loved it!

He really was and Matt Bomer showed it so well. The episode was so well done (they all are though!).

The song's so awesome, isn't it? I loved the scores in the summer finale! The music added so much - from the moment Neal walked through that metal detector, it was... \o/

It's absolutely perfect and especially for that stunt scene Matt did! He did the whole thing by himself didn't he? *dies* There is simply no way this guy could get any more awesome! :D

Thanks for this! Loved the song in the episode & really enjoyed watching the video.

You're very welcome hon :) Can't wait for White Collar to return!!

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