Cyndra Rae (cyndrarae) wrote,
Cyndra Rae

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Too arsed to think of a subject

"Stomach-turningly bad." Yeah. Someone in SPN fandom really really hates me. Whatever. Bite me.

PS: Under 140 characters, cool! And I thought I'd never be the micro-blogging kind. Not planning to tweet yet tho, no. Hard to write bad!fic on Twitter you see. *stretches and yawns*

PPS: How can I still be jetlagged? It's day 5 stateside plus I never get jetlagged. Imma go get me some flavorlicious Irish creme organic coffee. Wow I sound so DC already ;) Just in my head, of course. Didn't actually say it out loud. People laugh.
Tags: rant, rant: anon hating

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