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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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Exp: Never say what you wanna hear

Too arsed to think of a subject

"Stomach-turningly bad." Yeah. Someone in SPN fandom really really hates me. Whatever. Bite me.

PS: Under 140 characters, cool! And I thought I'd never be the micro-blogging kind. Not planning to tweet yet tho, no. Hard to write bad!fic on Twitter you see. *stretches and yawns*

PPS: How can I still be jetlagged? It's day 5 stateside plus I never get jetlagged. Imma go get me some flavorlicious Irish creme organic coffee. Wow I sound so DC already ;) Just in my head, of course. Didn't actually say it out loud. People laugh.

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I'm sorry you're so tired, that Irish coffee sounds just what you need :))

I can't believe how horrible some people can be!!! I get so cross when people say things like that!

I love you :))


And I love YOU Jennygeee!!! *hugs you tight and never lets go* Sometimes I think there might be some merit to being a misanthrope after all hehe ;) Nah I'm totally kidding! :) Hope you're well sweetheart!!

I wanted to make a comment about what that person should go and do to themselves but I'm afraid Jared's tongue stopped me in my tracks again!!! I'm too easily distracted by all thing Padalecki!

I hope you enjoyed your coffee. :) x

Heh why bother hon. Jared's tongue is infinitely more worthy of your time and attention any bloody day!! :D:D *smishes*

Ha! I was once told that reading my fic was like watching a train-wreck X) Welcome aboard the Flamed ship!

Hehe... think I wanna jump ship. Like, literally, am raring to get out of this fandom completely and I see it happening soon. Hey good luck with your whitecollar bb! So looking forward to it! :)

:D Thanks hon. Before I settled on "bite me" as my official and final response I contemplated "Screw you, I'm from London" which honestly doesn't count for much stateside ;) or "Screw you, I'm a size 4 what are you?" which would have been super-mean. Oh and also "Screw yourself, no really, do us all a favor and go screw yourself" :D:D But then I got bored heh. Just because I have a legal right to be hurtful doesn't mean I should be. *sighs* Oh well.

(Deleted comment)
I love you too hon *hugs*. You keep me grounded and hopeful that I don't suck hehe :) How are you doing sweetie?

LOL. Too bad you can't send them a link to a fic that actually *is* bad - it might actually kill them. ;) That comment is laughable - everyone knows you're awesome. *hugs you* :)

Ooooh, coffee sounds good. And you're in the states? Welcome! *waves cross-country* :) Hope you're good! :)

Ack forget about it hon. I am well past caring by now.

Yep I'm in DC and I love everything about it so far :) Thanks for the welcome sweetie, and I hope you're doing well too!! *hugs*

I'm so sorry! Some people are so mean, I think they're jealous because they can't write and if they can they're too damn chicken to put their stuff out there. I haven't read your fic, but I have it on my list of 'to read'.

What bothers me is if you don't like a fic, move along, there are plenty more.

Thanks sweetie. And yeah, screw 'em :) I'm still writing no matter how bad it is hehe.

PS: I love your icon!

(Deleted comment)
LOLZ! Yeah I like the highway idea way way more :D:D Hi to you too! And how're you doing? :)

(Deleted comment)
*hugs* Ignore the haters. Have fun stateside!

Ha, the only badfic I've really read is some of the Mikey'verse. That one is so terrible that it enters the land of hysterically funny. Anything else I click away before I get too far in.

I have such a hankering for WC fic with badass!Neal. I can't believe I'm like the only one that thinks there's more to his past with guns than it seems. Srsly, undercover assassin!Neal was hot like a thousand burning suns. And it looked like he knew what to do with that gun and it's accessories. So goddamnit, where's all the action!Neal saves Peter fic? :| I want Peter to be all OMGWUT O.O

Heh thanks sweetie! Neal can definitely be a badass with a vulnerable core. I can't wait to hear more about his backstory myself :)

maybe you are tired because you got so much stuff to think about? enjoy dc! been ages since i was there... :)

Heh.. yeah that is definitely a possibility. Thanks hon. DC totally rocks so far!!

*hugs* I'm sorry someone said that to you.

Yeah well, whatever heh. It feels like just the one cowardly person clearly incapable of direct confrontation. Whatever. I can't keep everyone happy and I won't try. Haters will hate and all that you know.

*hugs back* I love your icon! That is Jeremy right? I'm so sad abt what happened to him in the S2 premiere.

*blinks* Really? WTF? I have to say, that really just sounds like a personal vendetta. ...Congrats, you must be doing something right.

And welcome to my time zone! ;) It's the best place to be television-wise. (Well, no, it's not. Central is, because things are an hour earlier for little old ladies like me, but hey. Close enough.)

Heh.. thanks, I think? :)

I am definitely psyched to be here! TV is only one of the many things I totally enjoy about DC. Altho I am getting a little old for the U street party scene already. Yeah you and me both hon hehe ;p

Hope you're well!

Okay....what is up with people..... You want me to kick their butts... I will kick their buttssss....... Is this on your big bang stoRy.... Because seriously there are some really bad stories in this years Big Bang and there is no need for negative words... People write for fun, to share them with others... you have to be an idiot to be reading a story if you dont like it, no one is putting a gung to their heads.. You dont like, you skip and move on to something else.

I am sorry, I dont mean to rant but you write some of the best stories... and I hate to hear that someone is bad mouthing your work... are you sure you dont want me to beat them???? :P.....
Have fun in DC.

Hehe no hon. This was a general comment made about me on one of those anon comms *sighs*. I'm hoping astrangerfate is right and its just personal vendetta. Then I really really don't give a shit. Whatever.

Thanks so so much sweetie. I don't know if I could carry on without you guys, you know that right? *hugs*

...WHO said THAT about WHAT? I mean, seriously, I know how you write, and I know what you write, and - I am so speechless right now, JEEZ O-o

Hey you!!! Where have you been sweetheart?? :)

Some anonymous person has taken a special liking to me but they're too cowardly to confess in person heh. *shrugs*

Oh I missed you hon. *hugs* How've you been?

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