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JP: Bigbang 2010 - hobo

folie à deux: Epilogue

What an interesting story! Jared sitting outside his apartment every day. The dynamics of their interactions after Jensen came back to NYC and dragged him into his apartment were fascinating. Desire, betrayed anger, and the need for vengeance in Jensen. Desire, guilt, and that hopeless need to make amends from Jared.

And yay for happy, fucntional polyamory for Matt, Tom, and Erica!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm really glad the dynamics of the story and the boys (and the threesome ;p) appealed to you. cheers hon :)

I loved this. Different from everything I've read.

Really? Thank you so so much!! :) So glad you enjoyed reading this. Thanks for reviewing :)

Just freakin gorgeous! Kept me on the edge of my seat pretty much the entire time (altho I had a pretty good feeling Matt and Tom were ending up together!). Really lovely depiction of the boys - angsty but with a good resolution. Rich and vibrant characters. Just a great read.
Thank you!

Thank YOU hon for reading and reviewing! :) Really glad you enjoyed this story and the characters. cheers :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much for coming back to comment hon. Glad you liked!

wow. just.. wow. every time I read a story of yours, honey, I'm blown away. you always drag me right into the world you've created and I find myself glued to my computer screen until I finish. ;D

now about the story itself, I love how you started with Matt and his relationship problems with Jensen because of Jensen's obsession with his latest model. not that I can blame him, of course. Jared is definitely a man of beauty ;D as soon as "Tristan" was eager to get out of the apartment, and then even more eager for Jensen not to go back for his wallet I knew something was wrong. poor Jensen =(

Jared spending all his time outside of Jensen's apartment building after he came back broke my heart, and I also have to say that I may have squeed a little at Jim Beaver being the doorman ;D

when Jensen got Jared to model for him again, and then the semi-angry sex they first shared was completely delicious and well deserved ;D yay sexual tension! xD I also think that it was completely fitting for Jared to keep asking Jensen if he was going to kick him out, given the fact that he knew why he was modeling again and considering what happened to Jensen because of Jared, it's understandable that he would be expected to be thrown out on his ass.

Jared's background story about his abuse hurt my heart, but his and Jensen's slow romance healed the hurt and then melted my heart in all sorts of lovely ways. ;D

thank goodness there weren't any bullets in that gun, btw! I was at the edge of my seat with that part ;D and how fitting that Jared's step father ended up being the one to help keep Jared out of jail, thanks to Jensen's wonderful phone call ;)

I'm extremely happy and satisfied with the ending too, with Matt and Tom appreciating Jensen's painting. ;)

wow that was a long review xD but to wrap it all up, you are wonderful, honey! you're one of my favorite authors and I totally love you ;D I'll also be adding this to my memories. *g*

Hey you! Thank you so so SO VERY much for your kind words sweetheart!! :) You're probably being wayyyyy too kind but I obviously am not complaining hehe *smishes* :) I'm so glad and relieved that you enjoyed this! Thanks also for letting me know everything you liked about this fic. It sure was a bitch to write I can tell you that ;)
Hope you're well hon!! *Hugs*

Breathtakingly beautiful in all its angst, flaws and unconventionality.

Thank you!! So glad you enjoyed reading this hon.

wow. Just WOW. I loved every second of this. Intriguing and addictive, I couldn't stop reading. What an interesting premise and an excellent story. 5 stars!

Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing :) 5 stars really? *grins happily* So glad you enjoyed this! Thanks again!!

Such a wonderful read, thank you for sharing it.

Thank you so so much sweetie. I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Just getting my way around to finally reading this years bigbang.
And I love this so frikking much. Wonderful story-telling, awesome story-writing
I love your characterizations and how everyone remained true to their character throughout
*smishes the fic*

Thank you so much hon!!! I'm still doing the bigbang rounds myself so I do understand :) So glad you enjoyed reading this story and that the characterizations worked for you. cheers :)

This was a fascinating read. Deeply moving and yet not overly emotional. Jensen's roller coaster of emotions are very believable and poor Jared, punishing himself like that. The happy ending was such a relief.

Thank you for a lovely read. :)

Oh thank YOU so very much for reading and reviewing! I'm really glad you enjoyed this :)

Finally finished your story and I did love it, although there were some points I wasn't so happy with.

One of the main points is your characterization of Matt. First of all I totally have to thank you for making me want to get to know this fandom and since then I've watched all the eps so far and I'm absolutely in love with the show, even though there are some points I'm not okay with like the season finale for example...okay, long sentence sorry!
So uhm...he didn't seem as selfassured as I had him in mind. As I said, don't know the fandom yet and am only judging by Neal's character, but that kinda didn't fit like the way you described him in the fic. Although a threesome...yumm! :DDD

As for Dean...so he falls in love, then gets robbed, then takes Jared in, but still has some petty thoughts at the beginning and tortures him a bit by being out on the streets longer than Jared is comfortable with? I don't know...it seemed a bit strange, although I wouldn't know how to act in such a situation.
Oh and the smoking irked me a bit, but then again I'm not a smoker, so that might be a factor.

But apart from these two things I really liked the story, the way you built up their getting to know each other process and how to trust each other again. I also loved how Jensen used Jared's stepdad to cover up everything for him. Loved the reference to how fate is like a hand of cards, I think it was the second chapter, but couldn't comment directly.

I would really like to see a sequel, where we get to read some more details about Matt's life and how J2 are doing in Paris! On the whole great job again!

Thanks for coming back to read hon. Um.. I guess you're partly right about Neal Caffrey being overly self-assured (I have my theories but that's for another day) but sweetie this is RPS. I don't know Matt Bomer (the actor) enough to write an accurate characterization of him and even if I did, this is RPS so I would have changed it anyway.

I guess not every story clicks with everyone and if I wasn't able to explain what was going through Jensen's head then I blew it and that's on me heh. Oh well. *shrugs*

I was planning to write a couple of timestamps but RL got away from me. Hopefully I'll come back to it sometime soon.

GAH! I stated this at um, 11:30(ish) I think, and am just now done! And wow does not eve begin to cover it.

How do you do this? Get me so completely enraptured with the story you tell that I lose all sense of time. There are not words to describe how completely in love I am. I think I might even like this one more than Inanimate Objects! I have said this once and I'll say it again, every time you write one of your big bangs, you always seem re reinvent yourself as a writer, and it is always for the better.

Okay, I think I can stop gushing now :D <3

How was your year my dove? I've missed you like crazy!

Hey you! :) Thanks so much for coming back to read this hon. And I'm glad you liked it!! Thank you for the kind words, you always know how to make my sucky days a thousand times better hon.. how do YOU do this! :D *smishes*

So how've you been hon? As you can see, fandom is really low on my priorities of late *sighs*. But how about you? How's school?

What a crazy journey! No bullets...you almost gave me a heart attack. My heart breaks for all that Jared went through, but I'm so grateful Jensen was there for him.

Thanks for your time on this.

Thank you Wendy!! I didn't think anyone was still reading this heh. Glad you came back :) And all the best for the next round! :)

Very unique story.
I don't know, I really liked it, it was a delightful read, yet I find it kind of depressing (probably it's just me).
I feel so sorry for Matt! He was in love, in a long, serious relationship and then he had to face the fact that he was getting a brush off for a guy whom his beloved had only just met. And if that wasn't depressing enough, then Matt learns that said beloved easily choses this almost stranger who caused him serious harm and nearly got him killed (not by an accident) over Matt. I would have a fatal break down.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Yeah I don't like to write the usual stuff for bigbangs, what's the point if its usual right hehe. This bunny was bugging me for a long time so I had to get it out. Matt did get the short end of the stick in the beginning but I'd like to think everything happened for a very good reason - he found Tom and Erica who love him absolutely and selflessly, as opposed to Jensen who didn't. Never said the J2s were perfect in this story, no matter what fangirls like to believe ;)

great story, I had to print part of it to read on the train cause my battery is fried and I couldn't wait that long to know how it goes on :D

it was good to see matt for once, I really like him and he's a nice addition to the usual suspects :)

really well done, thanks a lot for sharing :)

Thank YOU!! Yep I love Matt too and couldn't get the idea of Matt and Jensen out of my head around this time last year so, well, I wrote 'em :D Thanks for reviewing hon :)