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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JP: Bigbang 2010 - hobo

folie à deux: Epilogue

Love it! Wonderfully dark characters struggling through...

Exactly! I hope not too dark tho hehe. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :)

This was hypnotizing, I kept letting the definition of the title get to me, wondering where the apparent psychosis would creep in, waiting for it to just hit me in the face, and when I finally got to the climax I had to keep reading lines over and over - I wanted so badly to hurry through it that I kept misreading! Such a fantastic, involving story. I didn't see a lot of it coming, it kept me on the edge of my seat and I LOVED it. Thank you so much for sharing, what an amazing tale!

Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing! :) Yep the title took some time to explain I guess.. everyone kept Jensen he was mad. He kept telling himself he was losing his mind over Jared hehe.. and Jared himself wasn't exactly a picture of sanity either. So.. there :D Hehe... they were mad for each other :D:D Aargh, lame I know... whatever :D:D I like it! :D:D

cheers again hon. So glad you enjoyed reading this!

This was an truly gripping and emotional story and I loved every bit of it! For a moment there when Jared accidentally pulled the trigger I was really scared that he died, and then you switched the story to Matt & Tom - and I loved that insight btw - but I freaked out even more about Jared & Jensen...so you can't imagine my relief when I found out everything turned out alright closer to the end. :D Wonderful work! :)

Thank you so very much hon! Yeah I just got told off by someone else too about how evil I am for putting in that time gap after the gun went off hehe ;) I'm really glad you enjoyed this, cheers! :)

Edited at 2010-08-17 01:47 pm (UTC)

Reading this was like watching a really, really good movie!

I enjoyed it, thanks for sharing!

Wow, that's quite a review, thank you so much hon!! SO glad you liked this :)

I really liked this and I would love to see more. :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon! :) I'll try to post a timestamp soon.

I really enjoyed reading this. It was so emotionally complex. And it went it a direction I didn't think it would, because the first part totally reminded me of As Good As It Gets. :) Anyway, I'm glad I got to read this! Wanna see what they're up to in Paris!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie :) Yep the first part is inspired by that movie, then it takes off where I guess my J2 muse wanted it to be hehe.. couple of timestamps in the works. Hopefully that will take us to Paris ;) Thanks again, so glad you enjoyed this!

Nicely done. I adored the ending. The line about a dumb southerner -- perfection. Nothing works better for me than using everything given within a story. This tied it all up so wonderfully and organically. It had romance and great suspense. Perfect Big Bang. Thanks so much.

Oh. And little dialogue throwbacks to SPN -- much love for those. 'Crash and burn' indeed.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) I have a thing for stories coming around full circle too! And I'm so glad someone caught the "crash and burn" thing, yayyy :D:D

Wow, this was an intense ride with a satisfying payoff.

Although you were kind of evil to end part 4 with the gun going off and start part 5 with a time gap...

Thank you so much!! :) And sorry about the time gap *winks*.. that was sure fun to write hehe.

Wow. That was absolutely stunning, and I adore it! I would be thrilled beyond belief to read more in this 'verse should your muse choose to lead you in that direction.
Thank you so much for putting so much effort into creating this, and for sharing it!

Thank you so so much for your kind words!! :) So glad you enjoyed reading this hon, and yes I do have a couple of timestamps planned. Hopefully I'll post them soon. cheers! :)

I love this!

It's a little bit like the beginning of the movie with Jack Nicholson (As good as it gets) and when I saw that movie I was thinking of something like this. It's crazy I know!
But it was like I wanted to know what the reason behind everything is and I know that wasn't the plot of the movie so I'm very happy that you gave me a reason and a story and everything nicely wrapped up in hot J2.

Thank you!

(oh, and the thing with the weapon at the end? Was getting me worried!)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) Yes the Prologue is similar to As Good As it Gets and I guess it must have stuck in my head somehow and I wanted to continue that story too :) So glad you enjoyed this fic, thanks again! :)

This was amazing. I do wonder who pulled the strings in the background for Jared though, maybe someday you will tell us?

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :) The strings in the background were pulled by his stepfather - the corrupt DA Winslow. Remember the file Jensen had Sam make on him and then the call he made? He basically blackmailed the guy into helping Jared, the gay stepson he despised so much hehe.

This was such an easy read; I just couldn't take my eyes away from the words and everything just flowed so smoothly. Definitely a 'page turner'. The relationship between Jensen and Jared was fascinating too but for me - I never quite relaxed about Jared, couldn't quite accept his seeming change of heart/manner. Something in the way you wrote him kept me guessing. So kudos for that. I do like a happy ending though and this one was pefect. And if you wanted to fill in the blanks and write more I will happily consume.
Thanks for posting and congrats on another fine piece of work.

Thanks so much sweetheart! :) I'm so glad you liked this one. Yep... that's Jensen's dilemma - something inside him is telling him he can trust Jared while everyone and everything else points to the contrary. And finally he just goes with what his heart is telling him and he's right. Thank you again sweetie, what would I do without your lovely reviews? :) *hugs* I do plan a couple of timestamps - hopefully I'll get the time to post them soon.

Oh I really enjoyed this!! And I hope there is more coming our way!!! :-)))

Thank you so much sweetie! I am planning a couple of timestamps, just waiting to find some free time heh. cheers!! :)

This is a WONDERFUL story! Off to read more from you. :o)

Thank you so much!! :) I hope you find something else to your liking too..