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The Untold Love Story of Inanimate Objects: Masterpost

Title: The Untold Love Story of Inanimate Objects
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word count:: ~33,000
Summary: It’s the end of Supernatural. And after years of being together, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki prepare to part ways with one final getaway. But when Jared meets with a 'freak accident', saying goodbye becomes harder than it already is. Jared needs help healing, lots of it. And Jensen may have the best intentions at heart but he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Like, not at all.
Warnings/Spoilers: AU. Sex, language, violence, exaggerated fangirl behavior, religion-bashing. Other pairings briefly implied: Jared/OMC, Jensen/Danneel, Tom/Jamie, Michael/OFC, Christian/OFC. A non-CW real person-based character included.

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four
Artwork - 1
Artwork - 2
Artwork - 3
Podfic (audio)

This is a work of fiction. None of the events described in this story actually happened. All characters included are based on real people but they’re NOT the same people because this is entirely fictional. No attempt has been made to stay true to any real person’s character because this story is, of course, complete fiction.

Author Notes: Written for spn_j2_bigbang 2009. Thank you so much to astrangerfate, riveryklown, and shalooney for the fantastic and much-needed beta! All mistakes are most assuredly mine. Thanks also to ekaanta and bitterbird for the lovely and very, very last minute artwork. Finally, thank you wendy, highwaywoman and audrarose for organizing this year’s bigbang. It’s been nerve-wracking and fun! Thanks also to josieb1 who bid for and won riverbella (cybel) at the Sweet Charity Auction and got a podfic done for this story. I'm so stunned and amazed that these girls would even want to! :) Link above for your listening pleasure, hopefully :)

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Yay!! I've been waiting for to read.

(Deleted comment)
Did you like? *bites nails*

(Deleted comment)
My prayers have been heard! xD

Off to read!

Hey sweetie! I've been refreshing Part four for your review for a while now ;) Do let me know what you thought even if you didn't like it okay?

OMGSH!!!!! *squeals* YOU WROTE A BIG BANG!!!! I'm so friggin excited, you have no idea!!! XD *Must click on links NOW!*

:D I hope you like it!!! *bites nails*

. . . kdlfbajsfdgba.
Dear God I love you. Seriously. You're like the candy to my Jared.
That being said, why did you post this right before I have a final?!
I have to be up in five hours and now I won't be able to sleep due to lovely amounts of gay Texans.

. . . You'd better be taking responsiblity for my passing out during the exam.

:) Thank you and Sorry and All the very best for your exam!!!! :) *hugs*

Guh, this fic was totally worth the lack of sleep.
I absolutely love your stories; it's like I'm reading a novel and not a fanfiction. :D

Jared is so adorably heart-breaking and Jensen's desperation of help him is just jarring. I can't wait to finish reading this!

Oh! I thought you'd read it to the end :) What part are you on? Alright then, I hope you do/did well in your exam (timezones bore me sorry :P) and I'll be waiting to hear what you think at the end of Part four! :)

I am so looking forward to this. So goddamn am. I miss your work, your literature, and I am sure this one here will make my heart go faster, as any of your work managed for me. For my heart.

Hey sweetie!!! Been such a long time, I hope you're alright? How is college and how is the writing coming along? :) I hope you like this one hon.. will wait to hear from you even if you don't. I would love to know your thoughts. I miss our conversations hon. *hugs*

I SO will write you feedback; maybe you still remember the one I handed you last year :) Guess I'll have the time on Saturday; I quit my eveing plannings for getting through this piece of love ♥

Besides - college is not going the way it's supposed to; I plan to change university and main subject with the beginning of next semester - but writing at least goes fine, still makes my heart bleeding and is all in all morw work than fun, but that's just the way it's meant to be.

Thank you - thank you for still caring and still being with me :)

Hey I just saw your new post and responded to it. I am excited and feel positive for the change in your life! Hope you do too!! :)

Oh and of course I'm waiting for your feedback like last time! I'll be refreshing Part Four constantly until I see your comment on it ;P

cheers hon *hugs*

*saves the story*

A good thing I check bigbang site today. Otherwise I would have to wait another day to read your story. :D
Oh, can't wait to read it.

Hey you! Hope you like this story hon... *is nervous* But either way, I will be looking forward to your thoughts at the end of part four! :)

Has just read all story... in second time and also has stolen on my ebook ;) Really great fic and boys was so real, lively and ... i lost my words! I'm in love with your boys! Hugs

Thank you!! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed the story hon. With all the good bigbang stuff out there, I was really unsure of this one..

This was lovely - hot, tension-filled, loving, romantic - extremely well-rounded story that I was sad to see end.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Gracious, how do you this? I'm reading part two and I'm hooked already, avidly reading, unable to stop. But I just had to stop for a second to just write a first reaction. I love your shrink, she's good, even if a fangirl! =)
Oh and cynical Jensen? *fans self* I love your portrayal of Jensen, because usually he's rather the emo bottom in most of the stories in this fandom. But I just love your Jensen!!! And I don't like smokers, but he makes it look sexy! ;-)
Oh and Sam? You're getting worse and worse with the angst. I love it of course!
*dashes off to read some more*

amazing job

Okay, I have yet to get an LJ account, sorry :( I tried setting the account but its saying something about my emial already registered. blah blah blah.

I am just happy i can still leave a comment regarding the story. I have to say, last year your story blew me away. This year, it had me speechless, gasping, you blew me away, AGAIN!!

Your style of writing is amazing, i really love the way that you describe the characters and the situations they are in, through the characters eyes, mind, and thoughts.

My only complaint would be, that you dont write enough. We need more, you are so talented and have this amazing plots. I hope we dont have to wait till next years big bang to get to read more stories from you. :)
I give you a standing ovation with this story ( insert me standing and claping) clap clap clap :P.

I wonder if anyone out there (like me) is dying to read some more bunny plots from last years big bag story, shipwrecked by the laughter of gods. ;). What can I say am I die hard fan ( not a stalker though so dont worry :P ).

Here is to crossing fingers that I one day get an LJ account.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie. I am so glad you enjoyed my bigbangs - both last year's and this one! :) And I'll hope you get an LJ account so we can talk on a regular basis and I know who I am talking to :)

OMG! Thank you so so much sweetie!! :) *smishes*
I was also.. um, hoping to hear from you about this one - whatever you thought - good or bad, I'll take it :)

omg - are you kidding? I loved it! I love that the characters were flawed - not perfect people. That Chris showed is roots by not being okay with a gay best friend (I live in Oklahoma and just how Bible-belted it is, dude!). I love that Jared wasn't the perfect smiling person that is always understanding and trying to make people happy - the guy was traumatized and physically tortured. He has the right to act petty and difficult. It's normal! I love that Jensen, while amazing, is a bit of a jerk. I think he's probably used his looks to get away with murder his whole life, like knowing the Doc isn't really going to make him stop smoking! (Like those super cute boys in school that would grin at the middle-aged teacher and she would huff and hide a grin and then not punish them for something anyone else would have been punished for - yeah, I can see Jensen as one of those boys! LOL).

Anyway, the point is I thought the characterizations were great and that is what made the story so much fun to read!

Thank you so much for the kind words sweetie. It's not the best bigbang of course but I'm glad its readable heh. cheers.

(Deleted comment)
Awww, thank YOU so very much for the lovely feedback hon! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this story :)

I'm starting the big bang a bit late. I can't wait to read this!

Yayy! :) I hope you like it..

im reading it

He flinches, and once again Kyra wonders if Jared Padalecki might actually be the saner one in this couple.

made me lol - even though it was durin' srs discussion :P

Thank you so much hon!! I hope you like the rest of it too :)

It was amazing! And i loved it how you told the story of the incident
very smart and suspenseful - it was AWESOME!!!!!!

Yayyy thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed it :D *hugs*

Oh MY GAWD I can't believe I missed this!!! Thank you so very very much hon :) Going to download and listen now :D:D OMG my first podfic yayyyy!!! :D


For artwork_1 it keeps saying that it was purged/deleted maybe it's the link?

Anyway all the other artworks looks amazings can't wait to read the story now.

Hi! Thanks for letting me know about this link hon. I didn't know agt_bush had deleted her journal, will try to track down the artwork if she's still willing to share. Thanks :)

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