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10 reasons why gay marriage is wrong..

Snagged from giantlovetingle :

1) Being gay is not natural.
And real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning, tattoos, piercings and silicon breasts...

2) Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay.
In the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall.

3) Legalizing gay marriage will open the door to all kinds of crazy behav​ior.
People may even wish to marry their pets because a dog has legal standing and can sign a marriage contract. Lamps are next.

4) Straight marriage has been around a long time and hasn't changed at all.
Hence why women are still property, blacks still can't marry whites, and divorce is still illegal.

5) Straight marriage will be less meaningful if gay marriage were allowed.
And we can't let the sanctity of Britney Spears' 55-hour just-for-fun marriage be destroyed.

6) Straight marriages are valid because they produce children.
So therefore, gay couples, infertile couples, and old people shouldn't be allowed to marry because our population isn't out of control, our orphanages aren't full yet, and the world needs more children.

7) Obviously gay parents will raise gay children.
Since, of course, straight parents only raise straight child​ren.

8) Gay marriage is not supported by religion.
In a theocracy like ours, the values of one religion are imposed on the entire country. That's why we have only one religion in America.

9) Children can never succeed without a male and a female role model at home.
Which is exactly why we as a society expressly forbid single parents to raise children.

10) Gay marriage will change the foundation of society; we could never adapt to new social norms.
Just like we haven't adapted to cars, the service-sector economy, or longer life spans.

Re-post this if you believe love makes a marriage.
American nationals - vote NO on Prop 8.

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Your answers are full of LOL, but seriously, whoever comes up with the ten reasons of why gay-marriage is wrong are way too insecure about their 'straight' life. They should have put their energy on more important things, like global warming and human trafficking, not demanding other people to live their way or no way.

:D Not my answers hon.. but hats off to the snarkiness and Accurateness of whoever did think up these answers.

They should have put their energy on more important things, like global warming and human trafficking, not demanding other people to live their way or no way.

So true! The only reason why anyone would do this is if they're extremely prejudiced people full of hate and frustration in their own lives.

Wow, but that's cutting it to the quick. Allow me to enlightened you in the real reasons people are against gay marriage. This whole issue, amazingly is not about Gay Marriage, it's about the legal issues. It's about the government of the US telling a religion what it can and cannot do. It's about the government suppressing the rights of its people. Its about the fact that this would be the first step for the government to restrict religious freedom in the US. The first amendment guarantees the freedom of religion and the separation between church and state. Here the government if interfering with the church. That's what this is really about.

My brother's gay and my uncle was gay and I don't care what they do and who their with as long as they are happy. Most Christians, real Christians not those "people" who use God as an excuse to hate and hurt others don't care either. I wouldn't care about this issue, in fact, I would support it wholeheartedly if it didn't mean that I was giving up on my freedoms. I don't care what people do, it's their life, and as far as I'm concern, we need to respect other people. Respect their opinions, their religious beliefs, their sexual preferences, and it means that you don't get to use that to insult them, to hurt them. Many Christians believe this, but we are not going to sit on our hands and wait to see what else the government can take away from us.

This would force us to go against our beliefs and it would force Churches to marry gay couples. I believe that it should be the decision of every pastor, priest, minister, and any religious leader. It should be a private matter, and the government is already trampling our rights with the Patriot Act, imprisoning people just because they are Muslims, you guys have no idea what's going on or what our "dear" president has been doing. Somewhere we need to put our foot down, we didn't do it with the Iraqi war and look at where it's gotten us.

So for me at least, it has nothing to do with prejudice, hate or frustration in my own life, and I would ask you to read up on the issues and not take what the media says to heart, they are wrong and don't give people all the facts. And whether you do or do not agree with me (and feel free to give me the finger on any of this) but I'm tired of people judging us (Americans or Christians) when they don't know what's really going on. And as you have the right to say what you think, I have the right to believe what I do without having people insult me just because they disagree with me. I don't mean to sound confrontational, but I thought you should know the real issues.

Let me explain one thing real quick. I know NO gay couple who would WANT a church wedding if their pastor didn't agree to it on their own. So that argument goes out the window because I certainly wouldn't want someone to marry me and my husband if they didn't want to, it'd put a damper on the whole day.

The point of Prop 8 is to stop it from being LEGAL for them to do it even in a private ceremony. And that, as a bisexual woman, best friend to a gay man, and sister to a gay brother is what I take issue with.

I also have a gay brother and a gay uncle, I have friends that are gay, but I refuse to let the government dictate what I have a right to believe. That's my reason why I'm against gay marriage. I love my brother and I want him more than anything to be happy, whether it be with a man or a women, I don't care. But I will not let the government put restrictions on my beliefs. Am I for gay rights, yes, do I want the government to tell me what I can do as part of my first amendment rights to religious freedom, no. For me, it's that simple.

Hey hon, I do understand your position. Especially what's going on with the Patriots Act is absolutely horrifying.

But with Prop 8, I have to agree with Kat because the way I read and interpreted the proposition, it is not trying to force the church or religions into doing anything. From what Obama said on the Ellen show, I don't think the Democrats have any intention to mix religion with state affairs either.

Sorry if my information is incorrect, but in any case, I still believe it to be a good step in the right direction because it helps change mindset and allows homosexual couples to enjoy the same legal rights that heterosexual couples do.

Honestly tho hon, this meme is meant to focus mostly on the homophobic arguments and to create awareness among those who're opposed to gay rights per se.

I'm sorry, but isn't prop 8 against gay marriage and seeks out to define legally marriage as one man one woman by over turning the Supreme Court's decision on same sex marriages?

And I have no problem with the meme, I found myself rolling my eyes because yeah, a lot of clueless people use these weak arguments against gay marriage. My problem wasn't with that, but with several comments made about people that don't support gay marriage, as though we were some kind of insecure about about our sexuality, "extremely prejudiced people full of hate and frustration in their own lives" and I do take exemption to these comments, because I and a lot of people that don't support gay marriage are not either. We have the right to our own personal beliefs without being called these things. I don't think people need to insult other people's personal beliefs to state or make their point.

Okay. Agreed. But again, the comments were directed only at people who oppose gay rights because they're prejudiced. You really don't need to take offense hon because these are not even meant for you. You're supportive, right?

This meme is only about these 10 reasons stated in bold, its not an argument on legalities or religion either for that matter. All comments posted here are opinions that are shared mutually by all of us, nobody expects a homophobic person on my LJ of all places, right? So clearly the intent is not to insult because who HERE could we possibly be insulting? :)

It is my personal opinion that people should vote no on Prop 8, that's all. You're free to exercise your vote as you please.

Hey, we're cool, just wanted to point out two things, one, that people who oppose gay marriage don't necessarily do so because they are prejudiced and two, that there's no reason to insult people to get your point across.

And yes, I have a gay brother that I love dearly and I'm hoping he'll dump his current guy whose a total jerk to him and threats him like dirt and go out with this nice doctor who we met and we all liked. He was nice and attentive to my brother and I feel he deserves to have somebody threat him like he deserves.

And believe me, I live with a constant fear that someone would hurt my brother because he's gay, in fact, his doctor friend's last boyfriend was bashed and put in a coma because he was gay. So yeah, I'm all against prejudice.

Hah! I particularly like the first one. This kind of reasoning is unfortunately not an american priviledge...

It's cute isn't it? :) Europe is relatively more accepting and understanding of course, but the message is still relevant to everyone everywhere.

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I'm not American, but I loved it too much to *not* post it xD Masterpiece, really xD

Heh.. I'm not American either sweetie. But the message is Universal so post away!! :)

Yeah, you know it's just the mare idea of gay marriages being legal in Poland is still... ridiculous xD I mean, this country is still so untolerant that it hurts :)
But I posted. With your answers (I noted that's all is yours, of course, I didn't mean to plagiarize or somehting), I just couldn't thought up anything celever after reading those xD
Maybe later I'll make version about Poland xD

Reposting this one ASAP!

Some very good points here lol. Humorous, but oh so true. I was going to say it's nice to hear some comedy in the middle of all the angst about an election, but comedy seems to be one thing this particular election is not short on. I'm in Canada so I'm not involved directly with the process, but I'm still anxious to see how it all turns out. Good luck down there!

Hon actually I'm not American either :) But American politics has a funny way of influencing the rest of the world as well. Besides its a universal issue, and if one country takes a step in the right direction it sets a good example for the others to follow, right?
Good luck for sure! :)

It's really sad that so many people should be this way; it's like history has taught them nothing about the ways one should, and shouldn't treat other people's rights. And the foolish morons writting this kind of stuff are not always the worst, either, if you think of all the closet homophobics going around everywhere just waiting to go off at some point, and, for example, VOTE against gay rights just because. Thank God (and you, as a mediator ;) for the funny sidecomments; I might have puked if I came across this list elsewhere.
Now, I'm off to hang out with tall people... That might actually work; it is sound reasoning, after all! XD

:D Sweetie I'm not the one who came up with these funny comments but I'm totally with ya!! Without these funny interjections, the actual list of reasons is so disgusting and unbelievably offending. Do they really think we're all stupid? That we won't know bullshit when we see some? *shakes head* I just hope the Americans vote for the right thing and the right person this time heh ;)

Now, I'm off to hang out with tall people... That might actually work; it is sound reasoning, after all! XD

*giggles* Yeah I think I'd choose Jared Padalecki to do that with! Taller the better yeah? :D:D

Oh yeah, absolutely the taller the better! You know, I have to admit I had never really checked to see HOW tall Jared really was... But oh my, he's as tall as The Rock! *faints a bit*
I'm such a bitch for height… I’ve actually dated not one, but two different 6’5’’ guys, and just the one guy under 6’… my current boyfriend. Everyone is always looking at him oddly, like, “what the hell happened here?” *laughs so hard it hurts*
So I’m off to hang out with The Rock—what can I say, I’m a big wrestling fan—and Jare—who is such a cute, not-so-little thing he just makes me want to pinch his cheeks for a bit, and then hug him real tight and never let go *giggles*

Good grief, whoever actually believes these reasons should have their head examined. I grew up in a conservative Christian home, but I don't even believe this shit. My parents would probably kill me if they knew that I support gay marriage, but I do.

Prejudice against the gay community is no different to me than racial prejudice. I've always been overweight, so I know what it's like to be looked at differently. This strikes too close to home with me. Thank you for sharing this with us. *hugs*

My parents would probably kill me if they knew that I support gay marriage, but I do.

Good for you sweetheart!! :) I'm sure your parents will understand tho that times are changing. We need tolerance today more than anything else in this world.

Prejudice against the gay community is no different to me than racial prejudice. I've always been overweight, so I know what it's like to be looked at differently. This strikes too close to home with me.

You're so right sweetheart. Prejudice of any kind is absolutely ridiculous. I can't believe how hateful and mean people can be. I'm partly of Indian origin living in Great Britain and there are some people who look at me differently too. Snobbish bastards, I say to hell with them!! :)


I sign under your answers with both of my hands. In Poland we have the same intolerance problem and the same stupid reasons people give against gay marriages and gay people in general. I'm straight but it annoys me like hell when I hear crap like that they are not normal or immoral or perverted etc. I mean - look at yourself people, are you all that saint?!

You know I have a Polish friend in real life who is also pretty conservative in his thinking so I know exactly what you mean.

I mean - look at yourself people, are you all that saint?!

Exactly! Who gives them the right to judge other people? It's so frustrating really.

why people can’ leave the gay people
alone? they are a human just like
us for god sake
so what if they were different? whats the big
problem if they got marrid?

ok now after i am done
how are you cyndrarae ? ^_^

I liked how you burst out like that :) We need more people to speak up you know, around the world! And I'm good sweetheart, how are you? :)

Yeah, some of the ideas of why folks are against gay marriage are ridiculous.

Totally. It's frustrating to see people fall for such bullshit over and over again, they are the ones holding the development of society and culture back.

totally brilliant!
:::ponders #2::: I wonder where Kate Moss is these days; I need to catch skinny...

Haha... good choice! Personally I'm happy to have another good reason to stalk Jared Padalecki hehe ;)

#3, if put a different way, actually is somewhat true. There are at least as many, if not more people in the US that would like to enter into official polygamous marriages as gay ones (are you aware of just how many FLDS there are in the US, not to mention other polygamist groups, and the countless independent polygamists who don't belong to any group at all?). Do you support that as well? All forms of polymarriage? By trying to change the definition to ignore gender, what is there preventing it from changing number? Granted, bestiality is taking it a bit too far, but that was kind of the point of the list above; they weren't trying to be realistic about it. I think advocates for gay marriage should be aware of this--and come to grips with it. If they're going to support gay marriage, I think by their arguments it's hypocritical not to support polymarriage too.

Personally, I don't believe gay marriage should be legalized, because marriage is, by definition, between a man and a woman. People can live with whoever they please without calling it marriage, and marriage isn't even discriminatory. A gay man can marry a woman if they so choose (barring that neither one is mentally incompetent or whatever other specific condition which precludes marriage), and a lesbian can marry a man if she so chooses. No discrimination there. I'm far more likely to be OK with a state allowing civil unions so long as they don't try to call it marriage, because it isn't. For all the conditions and laws surrounding marriage, that essential definition has always been the same.

I'm not going to go around preaching to everyone about it, however; it's not worth that sort of energy. I hope that you don't think of me as extremely prejudiced and hateful for voicing that view. I don't hate gay people, I just have good reasons for not supporting changing the definition of marriage.

:D Thanks! I didn't write it tho.. but whoever did - its pretty bang on.

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