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Fictional fuck meme

I got tagged by jadeadore  :D So here goes...

Name 15 fictional characters I'd have sex with (yeah, I'm a slut... aren't we all? LOL) and then tag 5 people to do the same

Random order.. kind of. Actually, random but After the first two, wait after first three. Ehhh.. yeah after the first four :p

Scott Summers (X-Men - First love)
Dean Winchester (Supernatural - *fans self*)
Jason Bourne (Bourne Trilogy)
Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins. I'd do Christian Bale as anything really.)
Angel (Buffy/Angel - esp. when he's Angelus heh)
Lestat deLioncourt (Vampire Chronicles, books only.)
Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates - he'd be a riot in the sack)
Captain Steven Hiller (Independence Day. Fell in love with Will Smith after this. Who didn't? ;d)
Aragorn (LOTR)
Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill - Mostly undiscovered still but, he's so bloody hot!!)
Clark Kent (Smallville - He's so big and broad and hot now :p Didn't like him so much before S4)
Sidney Bristow (Alias. Yes I am aware she is a *coughs* she :D That is one hot woman people. Her and Geena Davis, whew!)
Aureliano José (One hundred years of solitude. Brief but torrid love affair. I used to fantasize I was Amaranta ;p)
The Man (John Hartnett in Sin City.. Fantasy sex with a stranger who happens to be a murderer? Yep, that's me)
Henry VIII (The Tudors. Oh cmon! I'm a Londoner, am entitled to one royal fucking fantasy at least :p)

And tagging EVERYONE!! :) Please post your dirty fantasy lists so I can reassure myself I'm not the only perv round here? Pretty please? :D:D

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Bourne's my number one!

Of course! I knew you're a major Matt Damon fan. He is so smart and adorable! The smarts make him a whole lot more sexy to me really :)

Sam Winchester
Sodapop Curtis
Little Joe Cartwright
Mr. Spock
Daniel Jackson
Hannibal Heyes
Phineas Bogg
Jack O'Neil
Raji ( Maya the elephant tv show )
Dick Grayson ( Nightwing not Robin )
A.J. Simon

Haha.. never would have expected Mr Spock :p OMG I forgot Daniel Jackson. *facepalm* I love him too :)

No, not stalking at I? ;-PPP

Dean Winchester (duh?)
Sam Winchester (double duh?) (and I'm surprised he's not on your list btw!)
Geoffrey/Fraser (as in Paul Gross, I'd probably choose Geoffrey though)
Dexter (and that is seriously fucked up, cause I shouldn't fancy the pants of a serial killer...)
Daniel Jackson
Vala/Aerynn (cause Claudia Black is one hot lady)
Lestat (one great big love for him myself)
Draco Malfoy (of course in an older version)
The Doctor (because guh, no matter whether as Chris or David, even Sylvester McCoy was cute...)
Rose Tyler/Belle de Jour (cause I really fancy Billie Piper)
Brian Kinney (I know he's gay, but maybe in Leda style with a strap on? *pervs*)
Vincent Tyler (because QAFUK was better than the US version anyways...)
Michael Scofield (yes the show sucked, but Wentworth is damn hot)
Ray Kowalski (or Callum in general)
and last but definitely not least
Captain Jack Harkness (or just John Barrowman in the flesh)

This was damn difficult to actually put together...too many to choose from.

Sam Winchester (double duh?) (and I'm surprised he's not on your list btw!)
Frankly I'm surprised myself :) But its the truth. I fantasize about doin it with Dean, like a LOT. *blushes* But not Sam. I think its bcos Sam belongs to Dean! Sammy only wants to be fucked by Dean ;) *giggles*

Draco Malfoy (of course in an older version)
Cool! You know its the same wierd logic I have here.. I've imagined Tom Welling as an older Harry Potter and I LOVE him! But again, the older Draco (acc. to me, that's Eric Johnson) only wants to be with Harry and not with me hehe. You're thinking I'm nutters aren't ya? ;) Do tell if any of this is making any sense at all? :D

This was damn difficult to actually put together...too many to choose from.
Tell me about it!! :D And I still forgot Daniel Jackson and Michael Scofield :D Wentworth Miller is absolutely the most gorgeous man I have ever seen.


Well it does make sense, since of course I'm phantasizing about Dean and Sam and Draco and Harry together (that's an awful lot of ands in that sentence...*shudder*), but I'd still like to get into their pants...Sammy, because he's that stubborn and angsty character and Draco, cause he's so damn cocky and insuffarabely spoilt.
But no, I don't think you're nutters, cause it does make sense. Hey you're talking to a rabid fangirl after all! ;-P

Well I couldn't forget Daniel, even though he totally belongs to Jack anyways...well Jack mostly, but a bit of action with Mitchell sure wouldn't hurt! ;-)
And yep, Wentworth is damn he's got such a goofy, totally British name! *ggg*

*huggles back*

Henry VIII (The Tudors. Oh cmon! I'm a Londoner, am entitled to one royal fucking fantasy at least :p)

That's it. You win for fucking ever.

Yeah, I kind of adore you for that one. Also love your reasoning behind Jack Sparrow.

Only where is Sam, woman? :P

And sorry you're hungover, lol! Hope it was worth it!

:D Yep.. the hangover was very much worth it ;) Goa is always worth it. I kind of got no time to nurse the hangover at all this morning - got out of bed and straight into a meeting that lasted till 4pm. So it was only afterwards that it kind of caught up with me. Do i have a kickass work ethic or what? LOL ;)

Why is Sam not on the list? :D:D I was just talking to Akasha about it. Its the weirdest thing! Me and Dean.. OH my Fucking GOD!! *shudders from the spine tingling* ;) But me and Sam? Not really. I've just never been able to picture him without Dean, like ever! :D He just won't go anywhere without Dean and he's kinda shy so he tends to hide behind Dean and he just wouldn't let me touch him :D *shrugs* :D

And where is your list darling? :) *hugs*

That's fabulous! I was up till almost two am because I had one of those ideas that seems brilliant at midnight but the next morning is shit? And so I almost slept through my alarm, because when it went off I was *completely* convinced it was Saturday. Some morning! :/

Awww! Sam+Dean 4EVA!!! :P

Haha, ohhh, my list? Honey, do you really want me to make a list? You know it'll mostly be completely insane choices. And besides, aren't they usually supposed to be guys in this? ::frown:: I think mine are mostly girls. Except for Tim Bisley, who is my nerdy loser God. I'll def. give it some thought though! (It'll be a welcome distraction for the archaeology paper!)

And besides, aren't they usually supposed to be guys in this? ::frown:: I think mine are mostly girls. Except for Tim Bisley, who is my nerdy loser God. I'll def. give it some thought though! (It'll be a welcome distraction for the archaeology paper!)

haha.. there are usually guys because there are usually het women filling this up. No other reason! :D I'd love to see your list!!! Find out what your type is? ;)

Archaeology? Baby what are you majoring in again? I'm not sure if I've ever asked you this question so if you don't mind sharing.. :)

Lol, okay, darl, for you I will make a list. :)

Haha, I'm majoring in anthropology. In the US archaeology is considered a branch of anthropology rather than its own separate discipline, so I'm required to take several archaeology courses although my interests lie in the socio-cultural realm. I'm in two this semester--prehistoric, and ancient greece and rome.

Woah. Sounds like some seriously heavy reading hon ;)

Oh, I have no idea why I'm doing it to myself! It's apparently one of the toughest majors at the university. (But fortunately both my archaeology classes this semester are the type where if you show up to lecture, the reading isn't really necessary--you get the highlights and then cram like hell before the exams! Which has been my week in a nutshell, lol.) I just kind of like different cultures, you know? And I get to take several folklore and human rights courses that count towards my major and minor! (Observe: me being a ginormous geek.)

Observe: me being a ginormous geek

Uhh see darling I already knew that :P:D Archaelogy and the other big A..logy actually makes you sound like a more interesting geek haha ;) *huggles*

PS: Hon would you have time to look at the Hot showers epilogue this weekend? :) Totally okay if its not possible!

So I was a boring geek before, huh? :P ::hugs:: Parts of it are pretty interesting, because I'm such a geek. I love the mortuary patterning.

And I totally have time! (And if I didn't, I'd make time, you know that!) But seriously, my life goes according to the law of extremes: after the craziest week in months, I have nothing to do this weekend except buy my roommate pancakes. I can't wait to see it! Like, seriously can't wait. :) Send it send it send it! :P

Sidney Bristow! How could I forget about her? *headdesk*

That woman is sex on legs.

:D:D I know!!! Jennifer Garner is my idea of the perfect ideal woman. She's just ... God.. she's awesome :)

Totally. *inserts Alias in the dvd-player and is happy*

After I made the list, I've come up with at least 15 more fuckworthy (is that a word?lol)
yummies, and that officially proves that I'm a pervert or on some kind of sexual overdrive or both, but dude, it's so hard to be single! I mean I love being single and it's my own choice, but I must admit I miss some natural benefits of a relationship...

Thank heavens for slashy porn, it's a really good substitude for real-life action. Wait, it can't be a substitude since I've been single for 2 years and I'm still alive, but I swear I would lay down and die if someone took my porn away.

Oh Lord, I shut up NOW.

haha! Slashy porn is a good but temporary substitute hon. Sooner or later we all need to put the computer away and step out of the house and live the real life hehe ;)

(Deleted comment)
I'm amazed - John Winchester but not the boys? :) That's cute!! :) oh and Lucius Malfoy is not weird at all.. he's HOT! Esp. after reading the way some fanfic authors have been writing him.. he's something alright :)

Gah i could go on forever with this list, so there ya go definitely not the only perv around :)

I know right? 15 is too small a number heh :D:D cheers hon!

Crud, now I have to do this one too. *grin*

Scott Summers
Clive Owen (from King Arthur OR Sin City) *drool*
Lestat and Louis (can't have one without the other)
Angel and Spike
Lindsey (man, he's hot)
Jim and Blair (sorry, but I want both at the same time!)
Russell Crowe (from Gladiator)
Bruce Wayne (amen to that about Christian Bale)
Lara Croft
Nathaniel and Asher (from Anita Blake series)

My brain hurts...that's all I can come up with now. *grin*

Yay you! :D I could have guessed the first two obviously. Lindsey from Angel? OMG HE IS HOT!! :) Chris Kane is like the quintessential bad boy.. and esp. with that smirk OMG :D

Great choices. But, no "Mutant X" guys?

Uhhh.... well... *winces* honestly I forgot!! And even if I remembered them, I don't think I'd include them in my top 15 now. Of course 4 years ago was a different story altogether.. guess things change. *shrugs*

And you were hungover when you created your list?!...
Let's see, who do I think is doable:
1. Scott Summers (Cyclops) either the comics version or the movies.
2. Dean Winchester - need I explain? Eyes, mouth, voice... Yum.
3. Dick Grayson (Nightwing) better than Batman, plus European heritage.
4. Roy Harper (Red Arrow) hot, built, needy, single parent of gorgeous little girl.
5. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) almost my generation, tortured hero type.
6. Dr. Daniel Jackson (Stargate TV series) glasses, intellectual, nice hands.
7. Boromire (Sean Bean) from the LOTR films. Have always liked a bad boy.
8. Spike (Angel era more so than Buffy). Have no idea why - just adore him.
9. John Crichton (Farscape) lost in the big bad universe & needs a home.
10. Dream (Sandman comics) romance, power, with a weird family (I relate)
11. Henry Fitzroy (vampire from the Tanya Huff "Blood" series) short but sexy!
12. Snape (as played by Alan Rickman) actually anyone he's played - love his voice.
13. Oberon (Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's etc") gotta love a faery!
14. Captain James Kirk - my first love. He's a little dusty now but loyalty counts.
15. Hector (played by Eric Bana in the movie "Troy") drool! Just add oil and hang on!

There ya go. Sort of in order but let's be realistic, if any of these guys knocked on my door I'd welcome them with a big smile (and handcuffs).

Eric Bana is hot! :) And OMG Snape!!! *facepalm* I totally forgot about him.. that guy is sex on legs :D

HEE! Why am I not surprised to find Scott and Dean at the top of your list? I recognized most of the other hotties, but I had to look up Henry VIII. And, yeah...just yeah.

Rock on!

:D Of course Scott and Dean!! And Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an old flame of mine :D The Tudors is a very interesting series.. you should watch it hon :)

I've never heard of it before. I'll have to look it up! I just saw it on a TV Guide poll, so it must be on somewhere.


Cpl. Dwayne Hicks of Aliens 2 - renegging on my vow never to do anything 'that way' with a guy called 'Dwayne', but Michael Biehn totally made this movie.
Ronan Dex of Stargate Atlantis. - totally Jason Mamoa's islander heritage

sighs. so happy. we -plus thousands of other people in melbourne- lost power the other day due to a freak storm. Finally came back on in our house after 45 hours plus!!!!! had to throw everything in the fridge out. But finally found a use for my candle collection.

45 hours wtf!! Glad to see you made an adventure out of it heh :)

Very nice list. I know most of the characters on your list and agree with you on most of the ones I do know. I had to laugh at your comment about Angel when he's Angelus. :) I agree.

Thanks hon! Angelus was so yummy :D So let's have your list now, c'mon girl :)

henry VIII? lol he's the more violent one of them all now wasnt he?

*giggles* Dude Jonathan Rhys Meyers can play a serial killer and I'd still wanna do him ;) Never said I was the sane one did I hehe :D

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