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SPN: Sam glowing

SPN RPS fic: Pretty when you're mine

Title: Pretty When You’re Mine
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these people. None of this is real. ALL MADE UP. Just hiding behind these beautiful, wondrous personalities to vent. No money will ever change hands for this.
Pairing: Jensen Ackles / Jared Padalecki, Tom Welling
Rating: NC-17
Summary: 50kinkyways  prompt: Submissive. Jared and Jensen explore their relationship, sexually.
Warnings: m/m slash. References to D/s
A/N: AU/OOC. Deacon Zezza and Ms. Chardonnay are OCs.
Word Count: 4529
Table here. Previous stories in this series: First Cut... | Freedom's just... | Take my heart...


Friday night.

Jensen’s cell phone rang on his way back to the apartment. Singer arranged for chauffeurs for the boys so they didn’t have to drive themselves half-asleep every morning and night. Jensen yawned as he looked at the number then picked it up.


“You comin’ or what?”

Jensen bit back a loaded smile. “Nah. You go ahead.”

“Alright, your loss. Gonna be one hell of a night though!”

Jensen grimaced, feeling guilty for what he was about to do. “You got company this weekend?”

“Aww man, come on! You ditching me for the whole weekend?”

“Dude… if I told you, you’ll understand. But I don’t know if you’ll believe me.”

Pause. “What?”

Jensen smiled, knowing his absolute joy was going to be heard in his voice. “I’m taking him out today.”

Longer pause. “Wow. That’s… awesome man.”

Jensen practically giggled, stopping before his driver noticed it. “Ain’t it? I cannot believe this is really happenin’.”

There was laughter at the other end. “Watch it you’re Dixie drawlin’ dude.”

“Fuuuuuuuckkk!” And Jensen stretched that out too.

He’d had to work on his diction when he moved to LA but with his new co-star for constant company these days, seemed like the Texan in him was returning with a vengeance. Ah hell, he couldn’t care less right now.

“He umm… he know about your… eclectic tastes?”

“He knows and guess what, I think he might even be on board with it.”

Jensen was so totally psyched he completely missed the deathly silence on the other end of the line. “But we’re gonna take it slow, for now. I don’t wanna freak this kid out. Man, I don’t think I wanna let him go, like, ever!”

Jensen sighed deeply as made his sappy little confession. He and Jared were going to have dinner and then maybe go to his place, or Jared’s… that could be decided later. But they’d talked about it and… yeah.

Tonight was totally the night.

“That’s… wow, that’s great. I guess… I’ll see you when I see you then.”

Jensen laughed. “Dude, don’t be like that. Still on for golf Monday night?”

A dramatic sigh followed. “I don’t know, you tell me.”

“Stop it! Go eat Rosie’s head and I’ll catch up with you for lunch or somethin’. And you can tell me all about what happened at the club, alright?”

The voice snorted. “And give you your dirty talk jollies? I don’t think so.”

Jensen snorted back. “Look just don’t drink too much and take Deacon with you so he can drive you back home. Alright?”

“Yes mom. Now go ahead. You kids have fun.”

“You too buddy, see ya.”



Tom Welling hung up on his good friend Jensen Ackles, and continued to stare at a focal point in the center of his coffee table for the next ten minutes. The memories of a singular evening three years ago came rushing back to him, and he allowed himself the luxury to revel in them one more time.

Jared Padalecki.

Ever since Jensen joined Smallville he’d become one of his closest friends. Hell they’d even tried to give it a go as fuck buddies, except they couldn’t decide who would bottom. No, seriously. Thomas and Jensen were both pig-headed individuals and they both preferred to top. Sex at any given instance of time wasn’t mutually satisfying for them both so eventually they just gave it up. Their friendship came back to the fore and became stronger than ever.

Especially since Jamie left him.

It’d been four months. Tom was a broken man when she decided to go back to L.A and Jensen was the one who’d been there to pick up the pieces. Michael Rosenbaum was also a really good friend who even tried mediating between the feuding couple because clearly there was a lot of love there, still. But nothing worked. Only two things managed to distract Thomas long enough to get over his heartbreak. The first one was Ackles. Tom found Jensen’s presence hugely comfortable and soothing, despite his long silences or maybe because of them. And second was of course, the club.


A highly exclusive, extremely elite and top-secret club of bdsm-ers from all over USA and Canada, that had an upscale franchise right here, in the heart of Vancouver. A non-listed place for the perilously famous where everyone had a secret to protect, and so they protected each other’s. It was a place for gays and straights, doms and subs, blacks and whites and everything in between. Rich and, well… richer.

Tom and Jensen had made it a ritual to go down there once a fortnight, to let the sounds and visuals and the erotic feel of tight bare butts beneath their stinging hands drown all their real-life worries away.

Tonight was supposed to be a big night at the club. Some… silly theme-based thing that Tom was no longer excited about because not only was he alone because Jensen had ditched him… but Jensen had ditched him for the boy.

For Jared.

He never told Jensen about him and Jared, that one evening three years ago. What was to tell? But Jensen had been talking about the boy ever since he’d laid eyes on him at the Supernatural auditions back in LA. Tom was happy for his friend, knowing that he’d been pining away after Jared for over a month (and who wouldn’t?) and now things finally seemed to be working out for them. He just couldn’t understand the sharp pangs of loss and jealousy he felt every time the boy’s name was mentioned.

It was supposed to be just a one night stand damn it!

Tom breathed hard, closed his eyes to calm himself down. Then got up and went to find his bodyguard, Deacon Zezza.


Jared was nervous, and he was doing an absolutely shoddy job of hiding it. Jensen bit his lip as he drove them back to his apartment, having ditched their drivers for the weekend. The kid insisted on a place away from his dogs because Sadie and Harley weren’t used to anyone except Sandy sleeping over and well… he didn’t want anything or anyone to ruin tonight. One overgrown, overenthusiastic clumsy oaf was bad enough; three would spell incomprehensible disaster.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to your place?” Jensen asked again. The boy was fidgeting so much maybe his own place would be more familiar and hence comfortable.

“No, no! Your place is fine. Really.”

Ackles watched amusedly from the corner of his eye as Jared fiddled with the radio stations refusing to stop at any one. Tapping his fingers on the window, his feet nervously bouncing up and down the car floor. At last he put a hand on the slender knee making Jared nearly jump out of his skin.

“You’re thinking way too much.”

“I don’t mean to, it’s just…”


He swallowed and stopped fidgeting. Turned toward Jensen because there was something in Jensen’s voice he’d never heard before. His usually quiet, introverted friend sounded… sounded…

“Sit on your hands.”

Jared scoffed and frowned at his friend. “What??”

Jensen kept staring straight ahead at the road and spoke slowly, like talking to a six year old. “Put your hands on your seat under your butt, one on each side. And keep them there.”

Jared couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His knee-jerk reaction of course was to tell Jensen to fuck off, but then he realized what he was hearing in the older man’s voice. It was a direct order. Plain and simple. One that was expected to be followed.

Jared gulped, hard. He couldn’t find enough breath to voice the protest lodged in his throat and instead, every muscle in his body was already gearing and shifting into obedience.

“Do it.” A test. This was a test.

Jared swallowed again, his brain finally catching up with the rest of his body and slowly but surely, he lifted his ass up, just enough to let his hands slide under it. Then he sat back down, feeling his own bony knuckles digging into the two sole spots of baby fat on his long, lean body. He sighed, the realization slowly sinking in, of what he had just gotten himself into.

“Good boy.”

And Jensen smiled, really, honest to goodness smiled, the usual softness back in his voice. A sharp giddiness rose up Jared’s spine until every inch of him tingled with happiness. But he tried not to show it, turning away quickly to look out his window. Praying he wasn’t visibly blushing, even though he knew he was. Actors were, after all, always aware of how they looked in all possible situations, heck their livelihood depended on it.

// Happy and yet scared. Happily scared? Scarily happy? Oh God. //

As Jared hid another wince behind the long hair curtaining his face, Jensen bit back another chuckle and concentrated on the road. The kid was too cute for words but if he allowed himself to get distracted now, they’d end up in a hospital or in jail instead of where he really, really wanted to be. With Jared.

In Jared.


Even Jensen hadn’t expected that their little road adventure would get Jared so massively horny. Soon as the elevator doors closed, the younger man pounced, craving for Jensen’s lips like his life depended on them. They molded their mouths to each other just as hands found the gaps to slip under jackets and shirts and undershirts…

“Fuck how many layers are you wearing Jarhead?”

Jared just laughed and gave chase until he had Jensen’s tongue once again locked in on his own. The fact that they made it up to sixteenth floor and inside Jensen’s apartment was nothing short of a miracle. The long journey to his bedroom was even more torturous… clothes strewn behind them like breadcrumbs as Hansel, er… Jensen stripped his young friend naked. By the time he was shoved down to the bed on his back, Jared’s jeans were tangled around his ankles and his last undershirt was hanging off his left arm.

“Get rid of that.”

Jared did as he was told, throwing the shirt to the floor as Jensen kneeled at the foot of the bed to pull off his shoes and socks. Their heavy breathing was the only noise in the room apart from the rustling of the bed sheets as Jared slithered upwards. Jensen pulled off his own shoes and socks and tee shirt until he was left in his jeans, and looked down at Jared’s long, pliant body. He came up on the bed leaning over Jared and slowly… teasingly, slid the white Ralph Lauren boxers off, leaving Jared completely, breathtakingly, naked.

“Woah… well done Mr. and Mrs. Padalecki!”


Jared rewarded him with a quick smack on his chest and a full-body blush and, God, was that a sight to behold. Jensen laughed and stood up, crossing his arms content to just… look for now. Jared had propped himself up on his elbows as his head fell back to look back into Jensen’s eyes now towering over him. His heart raced and his mouth fell open struggling to take in more air.

The boy was flawless. His cock was completely aroused, swollen and purple and resting back on his tight abs, and his balls were pulled up tight. His legs were slightly ajar, bent at the knees at a soft, clumsy angle that looked so fucking hot, it made Jensen want to just keel over and die.

A little mewl escaped Jared’s lips even as he tried to bite it back which started Jensen and made him look up into his face. How long had he stood there, staring at the beautiful man laid out in his bed? It didn’t matter. Jared looked anxious, desperate, ready to explode and Jensen couldn’t hide his smirk. He’d always thought the boy’s best look was his helpless vulnerability, and he was right.

“Are you going to stand there and just… watch me all night?”

“If it keeps you squirming like that? Maybe…”

He licked his lips, a mischievous smile curling them up as Jared slanted his eyes and smiled ever so shyly. Then he made Jensen gasp by spreading his legs in a clear sign of invitation, the sharp bony angles of his knees even more prominent than before.

“C’mon Ackles…” he rasped, “Time’s a wasting…”

Jensen couldn’t have agreed more. Usually he’d play with his mates a good long while and get them all hot and bothered until they were literally begging for Jensen’s cock up their ass. But with Jared… the teasing seemed to be getting to him just as much and just as fast. Damn this boy.

“Ah. Fuck it.” So Jensen kissed Jared again, and he poured all his passion and relentless hunger into it. No more foreplay, this was absolutely the real deal. Jared lost all sense of time and space around them. All that he was conscious of, were Jensen’s mouth on his, Jensen’s denim covered thighs wedged between his legs keeping them pushed impossibly apart, and a wriggling, wet finger that was tickling his perineum and slowly inching towards the tiny red orifice between his cheeks.

Jared gasped, struggled to catch his breath as Jensen pushed him until he was flat on his back, the older man leaning over him. He took Jared’s right leg and folded it by the knee, pressing it against the boy’s tight chest. “Hold it there.”

The creepy, dominating tone was back despite Jensen’s ragged breaths. And Jared quickly complied, ignoring his head shrieking at him to stop being a fucking pushover. He wrapped both arms around his knee and realized the position left him completely and utterly exposed… Jensen could do to him whatever the hell he wished.

The finger disappeared for awhile, apparently to dip into a jar of lubricant somewhere on the floor only Jensen could see and reach. And Jared shivered.

“Shh… do you trust me?”


“Then relax. I’ll take care of you Jared. Promise…”

Jared gasped, louder than ever before as the finger breached him at last. He hadn’t been with a guy in so long. Ever since… since…

“Ahh!!! Jen… what’re you doin’ to me?”

Jensen smirked, pushing in a second finger into the too-tight hole and rubbing the quaking belly with his other hand.

“So freakin’ tight. You have done this before haven’t you?”

Yeah. Once. Three years ago.

“You know it’s perfectly okay if you haven’t.”

Jared gasped as the fingers brushed against something sensitive inside him. “I have. Been a… a long time since… ah!!!”

Jensen shushed him again and decided to have the one-on-one later. He totally needed to be in his lover, like yesterday! But he couldn’t without preparing him thoroughly. So he kept on with the finger-fucking rhythmically pushing and pulling two fingers in and out of Jared’s anus. Jared threw his head back and tried his best to bite back his moans, only to have Jensen bend down and kiss him again, setting the sounds of his pleasure free.

“Jensen… please… just, please…”

Elegant long fingers un-clutched from around his knee and groped around to reach Jensen, touch the bare expanse of his chest anywhere and everywhere.

“Shh…” Jensen captured Jared’s mouth with his again, taking the shaking hands and pressing them down to the sides of his head on the bed. Held him there, held him captive. And the fact that this beautiful, strong man who happened to be taller than Jensen, was willingly letting him do so… was a bigger turn-on that he’d ever experienced his whole damn life.

Jared calmly complied, happy to be rid of the responsibility, happy to do nothing except what he was told. He threw his head back into the plush pillow and closed his eyes allowing himself to just… feel.

When Jensen started to push in, at first Jared felt nothing but pain. His eyes flew open as he gasped and instinctively tried to flinch away.

“Shh… I know, you’re awful tight baby… just hang in there okay? Promise it’ll be good. So good Jared, c’mon baby…”

With words and endearments, sweet caresses to his belly and thighs and softer kisses to his neck and lips… Jensen gradually slid in all the way until his balls rested on the crest of Jared’s ass. He was amazed at how much he was able to accommodate, feeling stuffed and content all at the same time. Flashbacks from the last time he did this lingered at the periphery of his mind but he blinked all images of Tom Welling away. He was with Jensen now. Jensen Ackles.

Now, and forever, if he could help it.

Jensen started to move. To his surprise he moaned almost as loudly as Jared and not for the first time that night, stopped to wonder what it was about this boy that was making him lose control over his well-trained reflexes. The boy was hot and tight and smooth as silk inside, squeezing the very life out of his engorged cock on every thrust.

“Oh God! Jen… move faster please…”

Jensen was happy to comply. Slow, long thrusts gradually turned into fast and short ones and he made sure to hit the prostate with every single stroke. Jared whimpered and writhed and arched up against the thrusts, and in his lustful abandon, his hands came off the bed to reach out for Jensen’s biceps.

Jensen stopped moving. “Put them back, kid.”


“Back over your head, you can hold on to the headboard if you want.”

Sweat was dripping off the older man’s face and neck onto Jared and it was clearly evident how humongous an effort it took for Jensen to hold back like that. Jared bit his lip, testing his boundaries. He knew he’d signed up for this the moment he confessed to Ackles that he was a submissive in bed. But how far was Jensen willing to cajole his little kink? And at what cost?

“Or what?”

Jensen smirked, heartened to see his lover’s fighting spirit because that would just make things so much more fun in the future…

“What if I don’t, Ackles? You won’t fuck me? Walk away, leave me high and dry? Huh?”

If Jared could just see his own eyes… there was about as much sparkling mischief in there as heart-wrenching panic. Jensen thought he’d never seen anything more exquisite in his life. He chuckled shaking his head softly, took Jared’s wrists and pressed them down into the bed.

“Got a pair of handcuffs that says you ain’t walking nowhere tonight sweetheart.”

Jared’s breath hitched in his throat. As if the threat alone wasn’t insanely hot enough, Jensen threw in his sexy Texan drawl in it too.

“See, denial of pleasure? That comes later, much, much later. For now, you’re gonna know what it’s like to be overloaded with pleasure. So much that you couldn’t possibly handle without passing out. And when you wake up, I’d still be here… waiting to fuck you again… push you over the edge…”

Jared’s eyes widened with every word that left the mesmerizing mouth leaning over him. Close to his own furiously gasping one.

“…over and over and over again. Until your spine is turned to jelly, until your legs are so boneless they refuse to close up, ‘cause your body will forget what it was like to not have something jammed up your sweet, tight ass…”

Jared whimpered, clenching tight around Jensen’s cock, getting restless from the lack of movement inside him.

“… Until you’re begging and screaming… and pleading for mercy.”

Jared closed his eyes and bit his lip, trying to suppress the scream already bubbling up his lungs. He panted, his chest heaving up and down writhing under the weight of this gorgeous man surrounding him. And then Ackles hit home run.

“You’re mine, Padalecki. I didn’t know it yesterday but I do tonight. So you see, I ain’t going nowhere. You’re mine now…”

“… and forever?”

Great. Jared had somehow managed to get the last word in, again. Damn this boy! Jensen smiled, relieved immensely to hear the confirmation of what he’d suspected Jared felt, in his own words. But he still needed to be sure.

“Forever is a really long time, Jared.”

Jared swallowed and bit his lip. He was naked, pinned beneath this man with Jensen’s cock up his ass. How much more honest could he be? His eyes welled up before he could remind himself to stop being a fucking wuss.

“Then why does it seem like not enough?”

Jensen couldn’t hold out any longer and descended with breakneck speed to close his mouth over Jared’s. They kissed like they hadn’t seen each other in years… like they’d suddenly found each other after an era of searching, looking when they didn’t even know what they were looking for. Jensen let the boy have his last word after all, and started to fuck him again.

They came at about the same time, Jared painting their bellies with his come and Jensen ejaculating in the condom inside Jared. He quickly got rid of it and collapsed onto the bed beside Jared, legs and arms tangled up and mouths melded together so it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. Jensen watched his young lover drift off as he gently stroked his hair, the soft skin behind his right ear.

They never did get to the handcuffs. Which was fine, since Jensen didn’t actually have any at his place yet. And no, they couldn’t swipe the ones off their set; Tretter would know immediately that it was Padalecki. He’d have to get Welling to arrange some. An even dozen would probably be a good number to start with.

This was a happy boy, he mused. A boy with no emotional baggage (none that Jensen could see, at least), no sins of the past he was looking to purge through a painful one-night stand. No. This boy truly wished to learn and explore. Jared was both physically strong and emotionally mature enough to submit. And he’d chosen Jensen to do it.

Tonight, Jensen felt like the luckiest sonofabitch on the planet.


Tom stood at the edge of the mezzanine, took another swig of his Heineken and turned away from the scene unfolding on the floor below. Girl on girl action was great and all, but nothing seemed to be working for him tonight.

He was stopped in his tracks at the sight of the tall, magnificent woman standing in the doorway. Ms. Chardonnay. She was dressed in a wine red leather corset that flattered her strong neck and shoulders and revealed more than half of her cleavage, and a black satin skirt that swept the floor with a tail that was being carried around by that favorite boy toy of hers… what was his name again? Milo?

“My Lady. You look… well tonight.”

Her hands clasped behind her back, she stood like she owned the fucking place. And in a way she did. Lady Chardonnay had a thirty percent stake in the franchise. She knew each one of her patrons personally. They trusted her with their deepest, darkest secrets; hell they had no choice but to. Welling never did like her much.

Hoping the greeting would be enough he started to stalk off when she responded. “How is your wife, Tom?”

Tom sighed, gritted his teeth but didn’t turn around to look at the dominatrix. “Very good, thanks.”

She slithered up to his side and casually slipped her arm around his. Looked up into his deep blue eyes and smiled. “I can’t, in good conscience, say that I was sorry to hear about the separation, Tom. You know I’ve always wanted you…”

“And you know I don’t submit to anyone but Jamie, Chardonnay. Give it up already will you?”

He was tired of her advances. Casually flicked open his phone and hit speed dial. Deacon would know to bring the car up front when he saw the call. But Chardonnay still hadn’t let go of his arm.

“I don’t see her around, do you? Come on, Thomas. She left you… she gave you up. I don’t think she’d care what you do anymore. Who you slept with… who you serviced…”

The words hurt almost as much as they grated on his nerves. And despite Ackles’ warnings to always make nice with Lady Chardonnay, Tom wasn’t interested in sucking up to her anymore. He shrugged his arm away and turned to her.

“She’s coming back and I don’t think she’s going to be too happy to know you’ve been at it again, Chardonnay. You know what happens when she’s pissed don’t you?”

He smirked but she just smirked back. “Oh yeah, the Welling household’s little domestic arrangement… she owns you. But occasionally she lets you play with a pretty little boy or two. Guys she is okay with, it’s the thought of another woman that gets her panties in a twist. Isn’t it?”

Tom huffed, biting back his anger. So yeah, crudely, that was the way it was. What was the bitch’s point anyway? Chardonnay’s eyes narrowed, a wicked smile playing on her lips.

“Oh Thomas… is that why she left? You had a little tryst with another woman, didn’t you?”

Tom closed his eyes, the memories washing over him like the ocean’s waves, leaving behind salt in his still open wounds.

// Three years? Three fucking years, Thomas? //
// There was nothing to tell! It was a one-night deal that’s all! //
// No it wasn’t. You would’ve told me if it was. I… I just don’t know if I can trust you anymore. //
// No. Jamie, don’t say that… please! //

Tom jerked his head to escape the voices. “None of your fucking business.”

Chardonnay scoffed. “Ah the infamous Thomas Welling. Aka Clark Kent. Aka Superman. So many secret identities to protect.”

It was Tom’s turn to narrow his eyes. “You must really be desperate to resort to empty threats like that. You know as well as I do that if you betray our confidentiality agreement, all your clients will defect. I’m flattered really. You’d choose me over your twenty fucking billion dollar business? That’s awesome!!”

Chardonnay looked positively miffed this time. Of course it was an empty threat. There was nothing she could do, and God how she ached to have this beautiful man in her bed… even if it meant…

Tom was walking away already.

“You know I haven’t let a guy control me in twelve years.”

The man paused.

“But I’d do it for you.”

Tom sighed, and turned around. Looked straight into the woman’s eyes. No fooling around, no flirtations this time… nothing but sympathy.

“Chardonnay. I’m sorry… there is place for only one woman in my life. And it will never be you.”

Tom turned and exited the club’s high security doors. Milo looked on as his mistress stood frozen under the dim purple lights of her club.


A/N: Pls let me know what you think?

It's tricky isn't it. Trying to gauge how far you can *push* your audience/readers.

I understand because I wrote a similar fic for another fandom aptly titled The Brothel.

I was pleased with my fic and I'm liking yours too...I look forward to reading your next chapter.

Thanks for reading and reviewing hon :) You know I've always been part of the minority in every fandom.. the one with a taste for the kinkier, darker stuff so I'm kinda used to going my own way and writing my own things by now :P Frankly hon, I don't try to assess my audience/readers at all. I just write. If they like it, hey great! I LOVE feedback especially when its positive :D But if they don't like it I understand that too and it doesn't matter to me.
Cheers again hon. *saunters over to your LJ to check out The Brothel* ;)

Whoo hoo! i loved that kind of exploration. You always described the sex in the way i like to read.
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Thanks Jasmine :) I'm so glad you liked the story! *hugs* And Happy Halloween to you as well!

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Thank you so much Tori! Had been struggling to get this out for two weeks haha ;) Glad you enjoyed it *hugs*

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Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Sarah :) The sappiness kinda crept in unnoticed and I didn't have the heart (read: energy) to push it back out haha!

Feel a little bad for Tom!
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I loved your sweet and nervous Jared (who was also a little seductive in his shy and innocent way). The description of him on the bed was a perfect picture of beautiful temptation that no one could deny or resist!

And Jensen, My God! he was in his essence!! He was made to woo and make Jared his because the way he was talking, Jared had no chance!. Especially the part about "overloaded with pleasure", I really thought it should be illegal cause no one should be able to put a person on the very edge of pleasure just by talking! And this line: “Got a pair of handcuffs that says you ain’t walking nowhere tonight sweetheart.” *drops dead*

The "forever doesn't seem like long enough" moment however was probably the most memorable scene because it seemed like a confession of each other's feelings.

I wanted to say more but I've already talked enough so I"ll run off now but I just wanted to say thank you for this story and please say there'll be more to come! *crosses fingers*.

Re: Much Anticipated Third Installment :D

Hello again! I just realised that this story is the "Fourth Installment"!! So I should have wrote "Much Anticipated Fourth Installment"! My apologies for the mistake!

Thank you so much sweetheart. Glad you liked it :)

totally hot! I absolutely love top!Jensen and bottom!Jared which is sometimes hard to find, so this was perfect. excellent style, too! I totally want to see more of this, or something like it ;) and poor Tom, but who can blame him for being jealous of Jensen getting Jared? the boy's so very sexy. *g* brillant fic! ;D

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! :)

I absolutely love top!Jensen and bottom!Jared which is sometimes hard to find, so this was perfect
Ahh, tell me about it hon. I started writing RPS in the first place 'cause I couldn't find enough toppy!Jensen fics out there and I love him like that so so much!! :) So glad you enjoyed this :)

and poor Tom, but who can blame him for being jealous of Jensen getting Jared?
Haha, glad to finally see Tom get some lovin'. Readers weren't too happy with him after the first story :P

cheers again hon!

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:D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Hope to finish and post the next installment soon..

"Tonight, Jensen felt like the luckiest sonofabitch on the planet."

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:D Thank you so much sweetie! I knew you would like to read this, was actually looking forward to hearing from you :) Have a Happy Halloween! *hugs*

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i'm not really into all that bdsm stuff, but this verse... there's just something about it that makes me want to read.

Really? Wow, thank you so much hon.. that's an amazing compliment. I hope you continue to test your boundaries because this series will eventually get REALLY bdsm-y :D

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Happy Halloween, hun!

:D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetheart! Haha yeah, a dozen. One for every room in his apartment, and every room in Jensen's place and his car and Jared's car and.. :D:D You get the drift right? ;)

And you made Tom all sympathetic, but I don't want him coming between the boys. He's an outsider. ::insert slight glower:: Of course, I do feel sorry for him, unable to forget Jared...

Umm, he won't come in between the boys, not exactly.. *bites lip* Oh okay.. one of the 50kinkyways prompt is Moresome and i couldn't think of anyone else but Welling. *pouts*
Please just read will ya? :)

And the plot's gonna hit the fan when Jensen finds out!!! Eeeeeeeeeeek!
Yep, most assuredly so! Happy Halloween sweetie *hugs* :)

Very hawt Jensen and Jared action! I like dom Jen and sub Jared - yum. You portrayed the nervousness well and also the passion - wow!

I feel bad for Tom in a way - feeling lonely and left out - but I also don't want him coming between my boys either. Hands off the J2, Welling! ;P I can only imagine if Jensen found out about the little tryst 3 years ago...oooh....

Great read and hope to see more of this from you!

Thank you for reading and reviewing sweetheart :) I'm so glad you like the dom!Jen in this story, there are so few stories out there for this genre.

Hands off the J2, Welling! ;P I can only imagine if Jensen found out about the little tryst 3 years ago...oooh..

:D Well, like I was just telling Cam, he has a part to play in the plot of course. And his little thing with Jared 3 years ago has actually had a deeper effect on him and his present life than he himself realizes. So yeah.. I hope you keep reading to find out hon :) cheers!

Oh hunny, ::hugs you!:: this was awesome!!

I love that it's getting more interesting, Tom's fling with Jared being a bigger deal than it seems, the club, his relationship with his wife. Delicious plot!

The sexen...well it didn't induce a panty change so much as a full bedsheet change LOL

Good God, you capture emotion so well it makes my heart ache for this kind of love:
They kissed like they hadn’t seen each other in years… like they’d suddenly found each other after an era of searching, looking when they didn’t even know what they were looking for.

But what absolutely got to ME, oh had to be Jensen telling Jared to sit on his hands (makes me want to re-watch The Secretary) The dominance coming through and Jared making himself vulnerable, the fact that Jensen isn't telling him to do anything sexual but it has all these connotations implied, it just makes me squirm and my tummy tingle.

Utterly wonderful, I want more! :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing sweetie :) The plot is going to be slightly unconventional but I hope you keep reading :D
The sexen...well it didn't induce a panty change so much as a full bedsheet change LOL

*giggles* You sure know how to pay a compliment sweetheart! :
And yeah, the prompt was "submissive" - and submissive can also just a lifestyle instead of being restricted to sex. I just wanted to see the boys do a little of that ;)
cheers again hon *hugs back*

OH GOD THAT WAS HOT. MORE NOW! :passes out from hot:

The sexy between Jensen and Jared was amazing. That whole scene was...I have no words to describe the awesomeness.

...For now, you’re gonna know what it’s like to be overloaded with pleasure. So much that you couldn’t possibly handle without passing out. And when you wake up, I’d still be here… waiting to fuck you again… push you over the edge…”

“…over and over and over again. Until your spine is turned to jelly, until your legs are so boneless they refuse to close up, ‘cause your body will forget what it was like to not have something jammed up your sweet, tight ass…”

“… Until you’re begging and screaming… and pleading for mercy.”

That was my favorite part. omg (i can't even capslock anymore, it was that good). Dom! unspeakably hot. I do hope Jen keeps his promise, and you write allll about it. :)

Nrrrgh. I need to go lie down now.

:D Thank you so so much for reading sweetie. I'm happy those sentences didn't come out as corny as they sounded in my head LOL! :D And yeah, Dom!Jensen is TOTALLY HOT!! :) More soon, do keep reading! :)


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