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X-Men fic: Sins of Men

Title: Sins of Men
Character/Pairing: Scott Summers
’Verse: X-Men Movie mostly, canon + fanon
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language, cursing in church and implied pre-slash
Theme: Alpha#19 Priest
Word Count: 2170
Summary: Another snapshot from Scott's life. Sometime between X1 and X2. Scott's in a mood to confess.
Author Notes: Part of my snapshots!verse - rest can be read here. I don't intend to hurt anyone's religious sentiments, this is just a hypothetical situation, purely for fun. Written for x_men100   , and once again, unable to restrict the word count! *shakes head*


“Forgive, I pray thee now, the trespass of thy brethren, and their sin; for they did unto thee evil: and now, we pray thee, forgive the trespass of the servants of the God of thy father.”


It’s been two days and two nights. An angry storm continues to rage around us, pelting the land with sleet and hail and heavy torrents of season-defying rain.

How did that song go again? The one about the preacher who likes the cold because he knows people will stay? Well, that’s precisely how I feel right now. Here at the church of Our Lady of Sorrows, we’ve surely had more footfalls in the last two days than we had in months. I thank the Lord for allowing me such a wondrous opportunity to save these people, and not just from the cold rain.

My elation is short-lived unfortunately, once I see him. The man who’s just walked in is tall and dark, carries himself with a stoical, dangerous confidence. He is dressed in a black leather duster clasped tightly at his slim waist, flowing downward where it practically sweeps the floor. Despite the dim candlelights of the chapel, I can see the sheen of raindrops on his auburn hair, and the blood red lenses fitted in a strange contraption around his eyes.

There is no doubt. He’s one of them.

I end my small talk with Mrs. Cameron politely, unclasp my hands and walk toward the outsider in our midst. I manage a tight smile, and in return, the man’s severe features melt into a wide all-knowing grin.

“Good evening, Father…”

I nod. “O’Malley. How can I help you today, son?”

I don’t ask him for his name, have no need for it. He smirks.

“I came to confess Father. It’s been awhile.”

Try as I might, I cannot see through the dark glasses that hide his eyes. Makes me wary, but then of course… their kind must always be treated with a suitable degree of wariness, and caution. I nod again, stiffly, and turn towards the confessional. I gesture with an open hand for him to follow, which he does.

Once we’re seated in our respective booths, I let loose a sigh of relief. The wooden panel couldn’t possibly be defense enough, I know. But the illusion of distance and protection (for now) will allow me to function long enough to get through this.

“Go ahead son.”

“Well, you see Father… there is so much to confess. So many sins. I don’t know where to start.”

“My son, our Lord Jesus Christ came into this world to save sinners…”

“…among whom I am foremost of all.”

I jump a little, did not take him for a reader of scriptures.

“Let’s start with what is on your mind, son. What brings you here tonight?”

He exhales loud enough for me to hear. “Gluttony.”

Pause. “Gluttony?”

“That’s one of the deadly sins right? I suppose since I’m confessin’ and all, might as well go for the long haul. Thought I’d start with the smaller ones first.”

My eyebrows rise of their own accord. Apparently, this was going to take sufficiently long all by itself.

“See I did a lot of coke when I was young. And other stuff too – hash and weed and smack, bit of meth here and there. I just couldn’t get enough of it you know? I was a bad boy, Father. A very bad boy.”

“Well, as long as you do not indulge in such depravities any more…”

“Well no, I don’t. Work’s tough. Can’t afford to be off my game by a millimeter now. Unless, I run into these old buddies of mine. You know how it goes right? A little smokin’ up never hurt nobody.”

New York City. Born and bred on the streets most likely. I recognize the accent, the disrespectful, ‘couldn’t care less’ manner of speaking. I wonder what he refers to as work, which pays for that expensive leather attire of his.

“It’s a sign of weakness to give into temptation, my son.”

“But it was for old times’ sake, Father. You know, me and my buddy Victor go way back, like nine years. We used to hustle together.”


Did he just say…?

“You know, streetwalkers? Rent boys? Whores?”


“In lower Manhattan. Brooklyn after that ‘cause we got so damn sick of the turf wars. Oops, sorry Father. Didn’t mean to curse.”

I exhale, draw out the little handset from my jacket and start punching.

“There is no shame in an honest day’s work, my son.”

He snorts. “And there’s no money either. Working the streets? Now that was easy money dude… sorry, Father.”

I could hear a sarcastic smirk in his tone. I have never spoken with him before, but I imagine that’s what it’d sound like, the way he says ‘Father’. I sigh and ask the Lord to grant me patience, knowing justice will be served very soon.

“Guess you’d call it Greed then?”

I don’t bother. Complete the text message and hit send.

“Still with me there?”

“I’m listening, carry on.”

“Awesome. Two down, four to go!”


“Oh! Right. I suck at religion. And math.” He snorts again. “Aren’t you supposed to tell me stuff like it’s alright and you forgive me?”

“You must seek forgiveness but not from me, son.”

“Yeah… you’re right. But see here’s the thing. I don’t think your God likes me too much.”

I’m tempted to roll my eyes, of course He doesn’t. You anomalies of nature. You ignorant freaks.

“God loves all his children equally. God does not discriminate.”

He is quiet for several moments. When he speaks, his tone has lost some of the earlier frivolity.

“Do you really mean that, Father?”

Of course I do. Except your kind was not created by God. It was created by the Devil himself.

“I do, my son.”

He takes a moment, then sighs deeply.

“I believe ya. You have a way with people, Father. You’re good. You’re really good!”

“Thank you. Was there more you wanted to discuss?”

“Oh yeah, Hell yeah. Sorry Father. See this cursing thing, I really can’t seem to shake it. Any suggestions? But don’t ask me to like join any ‘Cursers Anonymous’ alright? I’m too lazy for shit like that. Sloth yeah?”

I pointedly ignore the absurd logic, suddenly not so sure the storm that forced this… thing to take shelter in my church was such a good idea.

“If you work hard and sincerely, and you fulfill all responsibilities toward your loved ones and toward society, you are in the clear.”

“Loved ones.” His tone drops a bit. “But what if the loved ones don’t care anymore? What if, what if they wanna leave you for someone else?”

I get acknowledgement for my text message. Satisfied, I close the phone and conceal it once more.

“You must try and work things out, son. Find out what the problem is first.”

“Hell, I know what the problem is. It’s this new guy. And my fiancé, she can’t seem to look away from him anymore.”


“I’m so jealous man. The thought of them together, it’s tearing me apart inside.”

“Envy is the sin with the worst excuse, son. You must not let it distance you from God.”

“What can I do? I mean… what the hell’s wrong with me? I’m smart, I can be funny, sometimes. And don’t you think I’m hot, Father?”

I sputter.

“Sure I’m not like, rugged and mucho macho like that two ton asshole… and I probably hit the shower way too often. But I got my own strengths. Pretty is sexy too, ain’t it Father?”

I swallow. Now that my deed is done, I wish he would leave already.

“Va-Vanity, is the original and most serious of all sins, my child. You must not…”

“I thought lust was the biggest?”

I sigh. “It is considered to be just as bad. Lust of the flesh is the source of all our sorrows and leads us into every impurity of life.”

He snorts again. “Don’t I know it. See my fiancé? She ain’t Miss Perfect after all. Ever since this guy came along, she’s freakin’ coveting him like a bitch in heat. So she’s sinned too right?”

“Uhh… right?”

I sense him drawing closer to the partition between us; his voice low and conspiratorial and I find myself curious.

“But see the thing is, Father… this lusting? For the new guy?” He breathes again. Deeply. “She ain’t the only one doing it.”

The silence lasted longer this time.

“I… don’t know what to say…”

He laughs, mocking me. “Oh come on, Father! If you don’t who does? Hell you’re supposed to have all the answers.”

He isn’t bothering to apologize about the cursing any more. I look at my watch; it’s been ten minutes. That ought to be enough.

“I’m sorry son, I must insist we continue this talk another time.”

“No no no, we’re just getting to the good part, Father.”


He knocks. “Now now, don’t ditch me Father O’Malley. See I heard about you, I came all the way just for you. I knew I’d find what I’ve been looking for here. In your church.”

“Wh-What’s that?”

His accent shifts when he speaks next. Sophisticated, mature, upstate New York. 

“The mole in the system, of course! The traitor to his own cause. The sinner, in the disguise of a saint.”

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Really? Let’s double-check that.”

I’m not prepared for it. The mutant punches through the partition, ripping it apart until we’re both in plain sight. I see Wrath in his face, and wonder if he sees fear in mine. I run out of the booth, planning to start screaming for help but to my shock and dismay, the church that’d housed about ten people minutes ago is now completely deserted.

My voice is struck dead within my throat as the abomination chases me down the chapel to the giant oak doors. His hands grab me before I can escape, turns me around and flings me hard against the southern wall. I tremble and start to pray. He scowls furiously.

“You really think praying will help a murderous fanatic like you?”

“This is outrageous! I… I am a man of c-cloth…”

“You have blood on your hands, you psycho bastard. People tell you they’re mutants in confidence, and you set the fucking Friends of Humanity after them!”

“P-please, don’t hurt me!”

“Remember Artie Maddicks? He’s just a little kid. And they almost skinned him alive, you sonofabitch!”

He is growling furiously, almost as loud as the thunderstorm outside. Lifts me up by the lapels to throw me hard against the wall once more. The back of my head collides and hurts painfully, think I see actual stars, and somehow I always thought that was just a silly idiom.

“This is for Artie’s mom, who died trying to protect her son.”

He slams me against the wall again. This time I feel the blood start to trickle into my collar.

“This is for all the other mutants who were tortured and killed because of you. Because they trusted you!!”

He nearly strangles me, and I can’t breathe. My mouth falls open, and eyes start to roll up in my head.

“Scott… Scott stop. Cyclops!”

I am suddenly let go, dropping to the floor like a ragdoll and I can’t stop coughing and gasping. There is a tall white-haired woman holding on to the mutant’s arm, keeping him away from me, for now.

“He’s not worth it, Scott! The authorities are coming for him. His parish also knows by now. No one will trust him again, ever. It’s over Scott, forget him. We have a job to finish… come on…”

Job to finish? I figure it out at last… I called the FOH just as he’d somehow known I would. They must be waiting for the man in the black duster and red glasses right outside the abbey, unaware that it’s a trap. I am still coughing, tears of loathing sting my eyes when I realize the man is standing right over me.

“Thanks for all your help, Father. Couldn’t have done without you.”

That atrocious smirk again. I pray to God they get him, hope his death is as painful and merciless as our Lord Christ himself. But I have a feeling the Lord is not on my side this time.


It’s just a hiss, but it carries, enough to make the two departing figures halt at the door and turn back toward me.

“Damned devil’s abominations, both of you…”

The man’s face is terrifyingly blank, but the woman… the woman smiles. Her voice, low and dangerous, sends cold shivers up my spine.

“Bless you, Father. For you have sinned.”


Jeremiah 15:15
"O LORD, thou knowest: remember me, and visit me, and revenge me of my persecutors; take me not away in thy long suffering: know that for thy sake I have suffered rebuke"

** END **

A/N: To the best of my knowledge, Artie Maddicks is the kid with the snake tongue, as seen in X2. 
So, do let me know what you think?

I really love, even the thought behind this, and I love the emotions that you captured while he was talking to the priest. Nice job.

Thank you sweetie! :) I was worried the emotions (which are genuine) may get lost in Scott's snarkiness during that conversation. Thanks for reading and reviewing hon *hugs*

Whoa! Talk about powerful! I really enjoyed this.

I admit Cyclops didn't sound quite like I expected (maybe a tad young?) but that didn't detract from this story at all. Wow, the tension and the sense of something ominous looming outside the confessional was palpable. I was riveted to every word.

Great story!

*sighs in relief* Thanks hon. It's always so great to hear from you! :)

Cyclops is kind of pretending really, in the beginning. But everything he confesses to is true. Thank you for the feedback hon, think I should make it a bit more obvious that he's just playing the priest, scandalizing the hell out of him lol ;-) But with the ultimate goal to get to the FOH.

cheers again hon :)

Scott in this story really sent a shiver down my spine, cold-and-furious Cyclops is way more dangerous then Wolverine imo.

Thanks for giving us another wonderfully-done piece of snapshot from Scott's life, and the pre-slash!:D

Almost forgot to mention, May that hypocritical bastard priest rot in Hell.

Thank you so much for reviewing sweetie :)

Yeah, a pissed off Cyclops can be really intimidating. And I wanted to write something that not only displayed that dangerous side, but also showed a mischievous side of him.. how he plays the priest and tries to scandalize him with the truths of his life.. :D

Almost forgot to mention, May that hypocritical bastard priest rot in Hell.

LOL. Amen :) cheers once again hon!

Holy Crap, this was excellent. Even though I knew it was Cyclops in the confessional booth, he was just so much like Logan, it was eerie. *grin* It must've been because of the personal coaching that Logan gave to him beforehand, right? *wink*

And I like how this story shows that not all men of God are Godly men.

Thank you so much sweetie! :)

It must've been because of the personal coaching that Logan gave to him beforehand, right? *wink*

LOL sure! :) Seriously speaking, this is post X1 so Scott may have observed Logan enough to be inspired by him heh ;-P Mostly, he's just playing the part of a promiscuous guy to freak the priest out. And he knows all the moves anyway, he was a streetwalker once after all, as per fanon :D

Once again, thank you very much for your lovely feedback hon:)

terrific! and oh, the pain in Scott's confession! Even if it was a stall tactic, there was an awful lot that was sincere in it.

Thank you very much! :) You're right... that's the irony. The priest is lying through his teeth and the alleged sinner is confessing truth after truths. Maybe because Scott's needed to get things off his chest? Maybe he thought - what the hell, who will this priest tell about his lusting for Logan anyway? :)
Right, I'm rambling sorry! cheers again for your feedback hon :)

Oh this was wonderful. Storm at the end was just scary. And Scott, oh Scott.

Thanks so much for reviewing hon :) Storm was provoked, and yeah she can be scary when she's pissed!
And Scott, oh Scott.
*sighs* Yeah.

Damn! That was good! I loved Scott's rage at what had been done to Artie and the other mutants and I especially liked how you had him confessing his feelings to that maggot of a priest, knowing that anything he said would never go any further than the confessional.

:D Thank you so much for your lovely feedback hon! You're absolutely right.. one had to dig deep into his words to realize it's not all true, but it's not all false either.
cheers again hon :)

Loved it, as usual : )

My favorite part was where Scott was in the confessional asking the Father if he was hot, loved the tension there, and then the coveting him like a bitch in heat line, that was great too. So was the confession of him lusting after Logan, right along with Jean, and the way he got the response he seemed to be looking for there.

Really great stuff honey!

Thank you so very much hon! :) Glad it all worked for you. And yeah, the part where Scott asks the priest if he finds him hot is my favorite too hehe, if i may say so myself.
cheers once again for your lovely feedback :)

I love it!! Love your powerful and not going by the book Scott! Knew he was bluffing all along ;) loved how cool he remained during his ironic, bitter-sweet personal confession... Agnosticism indeed :)

:) Thank you sweetheart!! Yeah it's a different Scott here from the stories we usually write nay? :D I'm pleased you liked it.

Agnosticism indeed :)
Oh totally!! And in hindsight, I think the fic was born out of my current state of mind - you know just wanting to rebel against all things religious and God-related I guess. (case in point: my new header and layout hehe)

cheers once again hon! *hugs* :)

(Deleted comment)
Wow, you had me fooled for a good while. I was sure this was a weird crackfic until the end

hee, that's a... good thing I guess? ;-)

Very powerful, I wish there was more stuff like this in the comics.

Oh hon. That's an awesome compliment, thank you so so very much! I'm really pleased you liked it :) cheers.

Oooh I like dark and dangerous Cyclops, it's really hot haha. I like how you captured all the emotions and thoughts of the priest and especially Scott! Though I do miss Logan... ;) lol. I really missed your writing too! Lookin forward to another one! :D

Thanks very much sweetheart :) Cyclops has a dangerous side that we tend to forget in fanfiction and I think that's because Jimmy Marsden is simply too cute for words hehe ;-) And Logan will surely be back in the next installment, 'cause I miss him too :D cheers again hon!

Love this dark and deadly, Scott. And what a harrowing psychological, fic. Cannot wait for more -- and the possible return of Logan. What would Logan think of this Scott, I wonder?

Thank you so much sweetie! And yeah Logan is always around... he'll never leave, not from my Scott-verses lol ;-)

What would Logan think? I think once he gets to know Scott, his history and the things he's been through, Logan wouldnt be surprised to know Scott has a dark side. It wouldnt stop him from being protective of Scott tho :) 'cause ahem, that's how I like to write him hehe ;-)

cheers again hon :)

Never read anything so masterful before. This is such a Dark!Cyclops. I love it!

Thanks for reading and for the awesome compliment! :) Yeah I just wanted to explore what Scott could be like if he was really furious. We know he can be bitingly sarcastic when he wants to heh.

Excellent, you will make me to like "just Scott"- stories if you keep this up. This is side of Scott people don't write about often, but it is Scott.

Heh.. we need more Scott!fans :) Thanks for reading hon.

I'm absolutely sure I sound like a broken record when I constantly say just how much I love your work. But I really can't be bothered to find other synonyms and I don't think anything else truly establishes the epic-ness of just how much of a clever and witty writer you are. D:

I really love the irony of the entire fiction. The fact that the priest was the one sinning, while Scott was really the one telling the truth. It truly sent a shiver down my spine to just even imagine what he had to go through while he was young, and to see it on adult!Scott just invokes more awe in the difference of how he acted as well as his personality back then, and at the present time.

When I first read the beginning of the fiction, I was thinking "Oh no Scott! That doesn't sound like you!" but as the paragraphs went on, I felt less compassionate for the priest, and I detested his cowardice and double standards. The last part where Storm tells the priest to Bless himself... ELL OH ELL! It reminded me of Sister Act... but I won't jabber on about that. I suddenly feel so defensive of Artie now. I now pay extra attention to him during X-2... :( This is truly one of those darker missions the X-Men have to face. And their vastly different missions never cease to fascinate me.

Thank you thank you thank you! :) There we're both sounding like broken records now hehe..

I'm glad the story is able to take you by surprise hon - and that you can see the negative turn to positive and the saint revealed as the sinner that he is by the end.

There is something about Logan being protective of kids isn't there? And all 4 movies have used that protective/paternal side of him to great advantage I think :)


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